The Long Family meets the Stephens-Fowler clan on Wife Swap

The Long Family meets the Stephens-Fowler clan on Wife Swap


wifeswapLong/Stephens-Fowler” A mid-western family whose lives revolve around the “American Way” of fast food, 4X4s and paintball, swaps lives with a big city family focused on education, the environment and keeping their bodies healthy and trim, on “Wife Swap,” TONIGHT (8:00-9:00 p.m., ET) on  ABC .

The Longs from Missouri are a patriotic, all-American family who live for paint ball. Wife Gayla (37) is just one of the boys on the paint ball field, but at home she is happy to take care of all the household chores, which husband Alan has deemed “skirt work.” When Alan (38) is not wreaking havoc with his four wild and crazy boys — Cody (15), Coltan (10), Clayton (8) and Cameron (4) — he serves as the mayor of their 55-person town. The Longs are proud of their Midwestern roots and consider their lifestyle the “American way.” Corn dogs and fast food are staples in their home, and their exercise comes from riding ATVs. Alan and Gayla want their kids to have fun; education and the environment can take a backseat.

Meanwhile, the Stephens-Fowler family from Northern California consider themselves “citizens of the world.” They strive for excellence in both mind and body. Life coach and certified weight-loss hypnotherapist Rene (43) and British-born environmental entrepreneur Stephen (49) raise their children, Juliette (11) and James (8), to be both health and environmentally conscious. With a diet of strictly organic food and weekends spent doing “family fitness activities,” the kids admit they can’t remember the last time they had a French fry. Domestics are taken care of by a housekeeper, as that is regarded as a necessity in the Stephens-Fowler set. In order to ensure acceptance to an Ivy League school, they push their kids to excel in highbrow activities such as music, fencing and speaking foreign languages. Both children attend a bilingual school and have already visited over 12 countries.

In the first week, Gayla Long leaves the heartland behind for life in the city. As a mom who works nights to spend her days with her boys, she is surprised Rene would spend her time on the treadmill while Stephen gets the kids off to school. With so much focus on education and hours of homework every night, she questions whether Juliette and James have any time for fun. Meanwhile, in the Long home, Rene attempts to use the washing machine, but fails to live up to Alan’s expectations of “skirt work.” She grows worried that the family’s lack of exercise, combined with their “meat and potatoes” diet, are having a negative effect on the family’s health.

In the second week of the swap, when the wives change the rules and turn the tables, Gayla attempts to bring some family-friendly excitement into the Stephens-Fowler home by introducing them to paintball and go-karts. Gayla’s rule changes lead to a dramatic standoff between her and Stephen. In the meantime, Rene strives to teach the Longs about cutting down on fossil fuels and calories. She locks up the ATVs and exposes the family to hiking and healthier food options. After two weeks in another home, can Gayla Long convince the Stephens-Fowlers that there is more to life than school and work and help them bond as a family? And can Rene Stephens-Fowler show the Longs the importance of taking care of their bodies and expanding their horizons?

Since this was posted,  Stephen Fowler has threatened to sue Reality Roll Call. Click here to read what he wrote:

Stephen Fowler Threatens to Sue

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  1. British Dad needs to be punched in the face. Does anyone have his email address or contact info? Oh and Im not some redneck, I actually graduated from an ivy league university and I still think you’re a disrespectful piece of shit.

    I hope they deport your ass.

  2. If that guy ever visits the midwest someone please kick his ass. Oh by the way, have you ever seen the engineering on a british car or bike. Please send your kids to a good school so they don’t grow up to produce this shit again.

  3. Giant douche doesn’t even begin to describe this British IDIOT!!! How dare that pathetic excuse for a human being insult anyone in America. If you don’t like all means LEAVE!! and take that excuse for a wife with you. Take your stupidity and stick it where the sun don’t shine. I hope I never run into you on the street because you wouldn’t be able to handle what I have to give you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111111

  4. This episode angers me so much! Steven, i hope you realize that your appearance on this show will DESTROY your reputation and any credibility you have in your line of work. I give that wife credit for putting up with your nonsense because I would have beaten the tar out of you and then smack my framed diploma over your head.

  5. Stephen has an emotional IQ of zero. There is something seriously unbalanced about this man. I am well educated and from San Francisco, but I find his behavior unacceptable. I am embarassed for his wife and children.

    If he’s so above almost everything, why is he even on this show? He has some issues that are clearly unresolved. It’s obvious when he giggles awkwardly. No one who is secure with themselves acts the way he does. In addition to being unbalanced, the man is mean spirited. If Renee does care at all about her kids, she needs to make them understand that this is no way to behave. I think Renee needs to find someone in her field (psychology) to help him before it’s too late for her children. Oth

  6. This man, Stephen is such a disgrace to those who are educated. What a disservice he did toward his family and community! I was appalled and frankly, embarrassed for his wife and children! He was a real ass and has absolutely no manners!!! Disgusting!!!

  7. OMG…. Both the husbands are idiots! But I truly pity the british fool, where on earth will he hide from this brutal self inflicted humiliation? If anyone knows him, please punch him in the face for me. Renee you are a rock-star, what are you doing married to that imbecile?

  8. I’m a Brit. Americans get over it! Yes I am well educated. Of course I was educated in Britain. Engineering on British cars and bikes is far superior to American built. By the way John, British has a capital B……

  9. (Excuse me for the language) That british motherfucker should go fuck himself. Im from Iowa which is close enough to Mossuri and we aren’t no fucking hicks just because were from the midwest and there a lot farms here. Most people don’t live on farms, were normal, we have educations and he’s the one with the fucking screwed up image of america. And he has no right to call the lady stupid, a redneck, and anything offensive.

    So to the british motherfucker you can go fuck ur self and ur fucking 99% percentile college test score and come to the midwest and find out how redneck we really are when we knock the motherfucking shit out of u.

    And to the Longs, the pretty normal family i wish i had ATVs and went paintballing whenever, but i do find that education is important to a degree.
    Cause that british piece of shit took it way to far with his snotty ass fucking british education and insults.

    So fuck you british piece of shit.

  10. Stephen Fowler Info: Terranova Bioenergy

    +(1) 415 648 4811

    Stephen Fowler has more than twenty years of experience in a variety of sectors including private equity, strategy consulting and energy development.

    Previously Fowler was the founder of BoardSeat, a San Francisco-based strategy consulting firm. Before this, Fowler was a General Partner with Aspen Ventures, an early-stage venture capital fund based in Silicon Valley and before that a Senior Vice President with Berkeley International Capital, a later-stage venture fund based in San Francisco. Previously, Fowler was CEO of Chubb Parsi, an engineering firm based in Barcelona, Spain.

    He has served on a number of corporate boards and currently serves as Chairman of ForestEthics, a San Francisco-based nonprofit environmental group, and Treasurer and Secretary of Pacific Environment, an international nonprofit environmental group.

    Fowler holds graduate degrees from Cambridge University and London Business School. He is married with two children and resides in San Francisco. He speaks fluent Spanish and passable French.

  11. I hated that British guy. What a horrible, horrible, HORRIBLE man and what kind of a wife would put up with that??? It’s just horrible. He was one of the worst people ever. I can’t say enough about how disgusting his horrible attitude was and his nasty little self.

  12. I don’t think he behaves the way he does because he’s a Brit. I’ve known many people from the U.K. who are great, polite, intelligent, and considerate. There is something wrong with him. He is so insecure with himself, but he uses his heritage as though it’s some evidence of his superiority. He does this because he can’t find things that he likes about himself as a person.

    what a dreadful individual. I hope everyone he knows sees this & realizes what kind of a person he is.

  13. How dare that British man come to America and disgrade it like that. Somebody needs to kick his butt all the back the Britian. That is the type of person that needs a good butt whipping. If I was that Mrs. Long husband and he talked to my wife like that I would have came over that table and gave him an old fashion redneck butt kicking. God Bless The USA and what we stand for as Americans.

  14. Hopefully Stephen will see what a jerk he was and decide to change his ways. I suspect he was unaware what an asshole he is. He thinks he’s hot shit; hopefully this takes him down a few pegs.

  15. Stephen Fowler, wow. I am highly educated and also well-traveled. I’ve been to Missouri and I would never dream of treating people in any part of this country like they were less or better than me. Nor would I do that to my kids. Stephen Fowler demanded respect but absolutely disrespected Gayla from day one. He can’t be teaching his children any good values. I hope his wife wakes up and divorces him before he does serious damage to his children. He clearly has some sort of personality disorder.

    Finally, for a highly educated family, isn’t it fitting that his family was so close-minded they learned nothing from Gayla’s? Hats off to Gayla for handling Stephen with class.

  16. Where do I start – first off, let me just say that I have many friends from the United Kingdom and have never met such an abhorant asshole like that man! As for his IQ of 158, my son’s is over 180! Even with that high IQ, I would never tell him his ‘number’ (he’s 25 now) as I have always felt that it’s not the number that makes you a kind, decent, respectable person, but rather a balance of work, play and community. Those poor children are doomed to a future of emotionally instability as they enter their adult years with these attitudes and arrogance poured into them
    As for British engineering, we have owned several Land Rovers and they were all fluff and nice on the outside, but utter crap under the hood!

  17. Are you crazy? Stephen and his wife needs to get out of America they don’t deserve to be here. I hope all her clients leave her and their business goes down the tubes. I feel so bad that woman who traded had to deal with such a small minded loser. I feel even worse for their children that those two people are their parents. Wow, what a jerk and I have never been so mad at a wife swap partner ever than I am right now. He must be lacking somewhere we can’t mention.

  18. Can anyone say WANKER!

    Educated people and citizens of the world should know how to treat all people with respect until they prove that they don’t deserve it and this guy doesn’t deserve any.

  19. What a pric!!! Who cares how educated you are when you act like that!!! Pleas go back to Britain!! How could you treat someone like that when they honestly didn’t do anything wrong or disrespectful!! How can you talk about balance when you are obviously lacking in the balance of education/smarts and being frickin human!! He’s never been in a situation where someone can reach out and touch him. If that was my wife there would have been some extra footage on that clown 😉

  20. If Stephen treated my wife the way he did Gayla I would have beat the living shit out of him and not let him walk away without a limp! I can’t believe that Gayla’s husband could sit through that.

  21. If stephen is so great and everything, why is he in America? He doesn’t have to be here. us midwesterners should be deporting that fucker back to Britian. But then again they probably dont want him back. He’ll have to go live under some bridge to get the respect he deserves. Fuck him. God Bless America.

  22. What Stephen has is an acute inferiority complex, which is a genuine medical disability. It is actually shameful for the producers of this show to use such a gross dysfunction to make money. This condition is often due to poor parenting: disapproving negative evaluations of behavior emphasizing mistakes and shortcomings of the child before the age of six. Sadly, he is nearly certain to pass this on to his children. We should feel sorry for them, not angry with him.

  23. Everyone needs to email this jerk (thanks for the info lara) or call the small minded bastard and let the AMERICAN people deport his ass!!! Along with the small minded bitch of a wife he has. If she’s not proud to be an american, she deserves someone as stupid as the British Jerk!!! Go to hell Stephen Fowler and Rene Stephens-Fowler!! We don’t want British Jerks and women who love those jerks in the country. I imagine you got kicked out of your own country for being such an ignorant bastard!!!

  24. If you want to see some real hypocracy, consider that Rene Stephens is a life coach and weight loss therapist. I hope any potential clients have the chance to hear the statements made by her or her husband before giving her one nickel – if she can have a partner that talks that way to someone who is mildly overweight, imagine the conversations they have with each other behind closed doors!

  25. I will never watch ABC again. ABC let Steven Fowler abuse ( yes abuse) that young lady. Mrs Long handled herself with integrity and patience. Mr Fowler does not know what respect or integrity means. Surprising with his IQ. Mr Fowler how much money you earn is not how we judge people in the United States. We also do not knock people from different backgrounds. I think Steven Fowler is a very unhappy, bitter and might I add ugly man. I also think his wife is hung up on the money and status. The Fowler children should be removed from their home and raised in a respectful decent midwest home! That would make Steven Fowler’s day!

  26. Sue, go fuck yourself. My language says, “I’m an Ivy-League Graduate, Peace Corps Member, Soon to be Corporate Lawyer, Rubbing it in your British Face, SO go FUCK Yourself”

    I rep the USA! And I would never treat anyone like that unless they’re a pompous prick. Sue, you sound like a housewife. I’m sure MRS Degree did you well.

  27. Note regarding his GRE score, the highest official level of granularity given about the scores is on a 1% basis on the basic GRE. E.g., you might be told you were in the 80th percentile, or 90th percentile, etc. Basically they do not release “99.999999999999” percentile as he claimed.

    Furthermore, on the GRE math section for example, the highest you can get is typically an 85 or 90 percentile. Why? Because a huge number of people who take it receive a perfect score on that section.

    Anyway, it was really amusing to me from that point onward in the show since I knew he was just flat-out lying.

    Note however that I think you can get down to the tenths of a percent on specific GRE tests, such as GRE Biology. But he claimed it was the general GRE.

    The funny part is, why is this fool taking the GRE in 2004, if he already completed an MBA years ago? What a blatant bluffer.

  28. I agree with the emotionally retarded comment. He is an excellent example of snooty, upper-crust arrogance!Why does he live in the United States? Wouldn’t his unappreciative, American self and wife be happier elsewhere?

  29. To:

    Anonymous says:
    January 30, 2009 at 8:24 pm

    To get laid you need to have a penis/pecker/dick and obviously he doesn’t. No man would talk anyone like that, especially a nice lady like that.

  30. Wow….I don’t understand how anyone could be a such a hurtful person. Stephen is mean and I think it was a blessing that all of America was able to see how truely uneducated he really is. Did he forget to take socialization and communication classes?
    Rene~wake up…before your kids end up the same way! What do you think your clients are going to think about the ugly person that you married?
    By the way the phone number posted in the comments: 415-648-0808. Really is his! I called and commended how intelligent he looked on TV :)

  31. I am a Canadian university grad from Toronto and just watched this show. I have to say I was so incensed after watching this that I had to find a forum to vent. The british man’s behaviour is absolutely digusting! It just proves that being educated and having class are very distinct qualities – and you can tell this man may have fancy degrees but ZERO class! Mrs. Long on the other hand handled herself very well! She should pat herself on the back for even being able to put up with this monster for two whole weeks!

    You can write to Mr. Stephen-Fowler’s company directly at this address – – and let the rest of his colleagues know what a piece of scum he is – if they don’t know already.

    And as a Canadian – I am VERY PROUD to be Canadian, proud to live in North America and proud to have the U.S. as our neighbours. As well, if I was American, I would be proud of my country too (the Fowlers should be sent to live in any Communist country or any Middle Eastern country or even many European countries and I think they will change their non-patriotic attitude pretty quickly).

  32. Stephen Fowler can Now consider himself a well educated,vehemently hated man who lives in a world where millions have seen his picture and know what kind of classless slime ball he is. It is such a shame that his wife has such low self esteem she settled for someone like him and tarnished her life by association with that awful ugly little man.

  33. I’m a brit living in America and I’m totally disgusted by this guys attitude. Exactly, if you have nothing good to say about America or Americans then get the hell out. He does not deserve to be an American citizen (laughable) and simply has no right to be here with that arrogant and immature attitude that he has. An Intellectual? Very amusing. If he’d have had any sense he would not have appeared on television.

    Please do not judge all brits by this idiot.


  34. Better sleep with one eye open Mr Fowler you ticked off just about everyone in this country . And by the way if you dont like this country go back to England but i doubt they would take you back. And as for your ugly wife she should be tried for treasin and i hope every one of her clients watches the show and they all find another life coach, you need to get a life. The sad thing is they are raising there kids to be arrogant snobs just like them.

  35. I hope everyone lets him and his wife know how much we thought about how he treated his wife swap partner. I have never seen and heard such two hateful people in my life. She is just as bad as he is due to the fact she thought it was so funny too. I hope all her clients cancel and he goes back to where he belongs and that is anywhere but here in America.

  36. To Sue: How dare you begin to speak ill of this country especially when the people that Stephen mocked are protecting both of you – which may I say you DON’T deserve…here’s a great idea, why don’t you stand where the twiin towers were when it got hit because you don’t love this country enough to deserve the protection we provide you…you make me sick, you sit and complain and mock this country while feeding off of the generosity of our nation like a maggot on trash! I have traveled throughout the world…19 countries and have never once met such ignorant, self-absorbed and obviously lonely human beings as the two of you. So my suggestion, stop embarrasing the wonderful people of the United Kingdom and the United States and find a new home – you are no longer welcome!

  37. Wow! Mrs. Fowler should be ashamed of herself if she did anything to help this pathetic human being become an American. Further, she should be ashamed of the way she is bringing up her children; teaching them to ignore and disrespect those with differing views, does not seem to fit their self proclaimed enlightened sense of self.

  38. Look up yellow pages, Renee Stephens ,weight loss,and you find:Renee Stephens 25th St and Castro, San Franciso CA 94110 415-206-1638. She’s on facebook too. When are we Americans going to stop apologizing for who we are and letting these unappreciative foreigners get rich off of us and take advantage of us. For one I am so tired of it! Stop buying foreign and letting foreigners into our society and get ahead. Tighten up America, protect ourselves,and promote the love and support we have for each other. They are raising another generation that despises America and our children. Does anyone know of a forum on line that promotes American values and would allow us to connect and finally rally together? I may not have made education and ego my god but Jesus Christ and Truth and American freedom are my God and worth fighting for. Wake up America before it is too late!

  39. I would never judge all brits from Stephen’s unacceptable behavior. That would make me ugly just like him! Good point Darren.
    I live in Iowa and I can’t stand that everyone assumes that Midwestern’s are uneducated.

  40. Mr Fowler,

    All of my family and I were born in West Virginia. We love West Virginia! My Father is a Physician and one of the leading Neurologists in the world. My sister and I both have graduate level degrees from two of the most prestigious Universities in Boston, MA. All of my family identifies with the lifestyle of the lower middle class – we understand it and cherish it because it is at the root of who we are. I was taught to never judge people based on their social class and will teach my children and grandchildren the same. Regardless of your perceived aloofness, your treatment of Mrs. Long truly exemplifies the worst characteristics of human Bigotry.

    Mr. Stephen Fowler is the biggest, pompous piece of shit that I have ever seen in my life and I know because I work with PhDs from MIT and Harvard all day long! I have met egotistical and social assholes but you, Fowler, take the cake. I hope your AMERICAN children see this TV show some day and that you live long enough to see their reaction when they realize what a total jerk-off their father is. Being a reasonably well-educated and cultured individual I can honestly say that you are a TOTAL FUCKING ASSHOLE. But, in reflection, I guess I should have expected as much from a British cock-stain with silver spoon up his ass and a truly evident problem with achieving and maintaining and erection!

    I wonder what Freud would have said of you………………….

  41. www [dot] fulcrumfund [dot] com/manage/

    Here’s another fund he’s assoc with

    Unfort he’s a Partner here, so emailing won’t do much good

    But, note the irony: the main page of the fund (www[dot]fulcrumfund[dot]com) keeps talking about helping others through investing and being socially responsible.


  42. Steven Fowler is abusive to women. I want to know since when ABC endorsed the abuse of women? This show was beyond the pale. I had to explain to my children that Fowler’s behavior was intolerable. I had to explain that abusive, rude behavior is never condoned. I had to explain that children should never be rude to adults. And this man has a degree? He has no manners. A college degree nor a high IQ gives you the right to demean and abuse another human Being. I am incensed. Boycott any business Renee and her snooty husband have. Enough is enough, then we wonder why our children have no manners when they see this behavior in prime TV? No way!!

    My hats off to Mrs. Long. She was a role model of taste and class. I would NOT have put up with this kind of behavior or abuse. The first time he had a temper tantrum or called me a degrading name, he would have gotten at least slapped…

  43. As an educated individual, I am appalled by the behavior of Stephen. Intelligence would imply that he has the capability of being open minded, not pre-judging. I fear most for his children. They will not understand the meaning of respect which is what he demands, but does not give. It was clear that his young daughter was not allowed to think for herself about what the other family brought, (which would be what an educated parent would allow to happen) but was taught to spit out his demeaning and uneducated view of Gayla. If he had such disgust, why be on a reality show?


    San Francisco Department of Human Services (Child Protective Services) – Family & Children’s Services

    P.O. Box 7988, 94120 (mailing address)
    170 Otis St., 94120-7988
    800-856-5553 or 415-558-2650 (CPS Hotline)
    415-558-2211 (FAX)

    24 Hours Daily
    Social Workers assess concerns about San Francisco children at risk for abuse, neglect or exploitation by their families, Services are provided to families to address their concerns and to keep families together. Children may be removed from their home when safety requires and placed with a relative or in foster care; petitions may be filed with the Juvenile Court when necessary for the protection of a child. Services are provided to reunify families. When reunification is not possible, a permanent plan is developed for the child. Encompasses all City programs for child welfare including CalWORKs/TANF, and the function known as Child Protective Services (CPS). SFHSA Family and Children’s Services Division provides: Emergency Response, Child Protection Center, Family Preservation, Court dependency, Family Maintenance, Family Reunification, Adoption, Legal Guardianship, Long Term Placement, Sexual Trauma, Therapeutic Homes/Baby Moms, Specialized Teen Unit, Visiting Program, Foster Home Licensing, Ombudsman Services.

    You can make an anonymous report of suspected child abuse or neglect.

  45. I believe that Stephen and Gayla deserve to hear from all of by both phone and email…let them understand what happens when you speak ill of our friends. I will be sure to call him if he hasn’t already disconnected his phone!

  46. Renée is an inspiring motivational speaker, seminar leader, and coach whose focus is on creating positive and lasting change, from the boardroom to the beach. She can be contacted at or at 206-350-5333.

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    To Renée, weight loss is not about dropping a few pounds for swimsuit season, it’s about getting out of our own way, stopping the self criticism, and falling in love with our lives and our bodies. It’s not about self-control; it’s about self-expression.

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    Renée has developed her Inside Out Weight Loss program over the last six years and has run seminars and programs for companies including GAP, Oracle, NEC, General Dynamics, Western Athletic Clubs and Whole Foods Markets.

    As a behavioral weight loss expert, Renee has consulted with Weight Watchers International on the development of their Program. In addition, Renee has advised Weight Watchers on enhancements to their leader training and Program materials for members.

    Renée holds an MBA from the London Business School, and BA with Distinction from the University of Virginia. She is a Certified Hypnotherapist, Certified Master Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming, Certified Life Coach and Certified Destination Coach.

    Prior to dedicating her life to Inside Out Weight Loss, Renée had a successful career in Marketing and International Business, working for companies including IBM, Sun Microsystems, and the former Price Waterhouse. She speaks fluent Spanish, and reasonable French and Portuguese, especially after a little practice!

    She is a fitness enthusiast and especially enjoys skiing, hiking, running and weight lifting.

  47. I do not watch much television, but it was the second Wife Swap I saw and regardless of anything nothing excuses Stephen’s behaviour. An intelligent person is able to learn as an adult, recognize their faults and grow. Stephen has an Emotional IQ of a child and a behaviour of a primitive animal not a human being and I agree that he must have some deep issues inside of him that he has never addressed and resolved, but it doesn’t give him the right to be soooo cruel. He has proved that apart from having a good education he acts like a cruel, bullying person and to me it was on a border of being a criminally abusive and I am serious when I say this. I have not witnesses such a horrible example of emotional abuse in a long time.
    Gayla and her husband chose to put aside their negative experiences and all the shit and get the best out of this whole thing. And this is very intelligent for people to do, they chose to grow as human beings. I don’t think many children have the play time with their parents. I thought it was wonderful to see. Also Gayla’s husband concern for her health after all she took upon herself was heart warming to me. I think nothing is as important as being a human being and having love and peace in one’s heart.

    And how old is Stephen? Old enough to admit to what he has become and if he can’t I think he should seek a professional help to teach him how to raise his self-esteem in ways different than putting down other people and disrespecting them. I still can’t believe his behaviour was real and not just acting. An intellegent person would never act like this. Compassion for other in my eyes is a sign of intelligence as we are all one global family and we truly are interdependent. That doesn’t mean that we need to be close to everyone, but we should respect other people and help them grow if they wish to do so. It is very very dummy of Stephen to refuse to grow as a person and as our PhD expert stated it is such an obvious sign of deep emotional issues he has, but like I said he is educated enough and old enough to recognize it and start working on becoming a better, more loving, respectful and mature person. A lot of spiritual leaders agree on one thing: we should look at other people through the potential for change and growth they have and this is why I am able to forgive Stephen, although it was heartbreaking for me to watch that specific episode. I send love and big hug to Gayla for staying peaceful and civil througth all the hell Stephen has created for her.
    Kind Regards,

  48. I just finished watching the Wife Swap episode with that ridiculous Stephens-Fowler man. I am LIVID! He needs to priss his pompous ass back to Britain. I am an educated woman and instilled in my children that education was very important in life, but not as important as treating others with kindness. No matter how rich, poor, educated, or uneducated. I have a feeling after American’s see this episode, there will be backlash. Why on earth did the wife of that idiot allow the family to be on t.v. in the first place? Her business will surely suffer as a result. Karma is a bitch like that.

  49. San Francisco Department of Human Services (Child Protective Services) – Family & Children’s Services

    P.O. Box 7988, 94120 (mailing address)
    170 Otis St., 94120-7988
    800-856-5553 or 415-558-2650 (CPS Hotline)
    415-558-2211 (FAX)

    24 Hours Daily
    Social Workers assess concerns about San Francisco children at risk for abuse, neglect or exploitation by their families, Services are provided to families to address their concerns and to keep families together. Children may be removed from their home when safety requires and placed with a relative or in foster care; petitions may be filed with the Juvenile Court when necessary for the protection of a child. Services are provided to reunify families. When reunification is not possible, a permanent plan is developed for the child. Encompasses all City programs for child welfare including CalWORKs/TANF, and the function known as Child Protective Services (CPS). SFHSA Family and Children’s Services Division provides: Emergency Response, Child Protection Center, Family Preservation, Court dependency, Family Maintenance, Family Reunification, Adoption, Legal Guardianship, Long Term Placement, Sexual Trauma, Therapeutic Homes/Baby Moms, Specialized Teen Unit, Visiting Program, Foster Home Licensing, Ombudsman Services.

    You can make an anonymous report of suspected child abuse or neglect.

  50. I encourage all of you to write letters to all of the companies Fowler is associated and show your displeasure as Americans – I personally will be making phone call to Silicon Valley, Monday morning 😉

  51. WOW. It really bothered me to see such an ignorant, horrible, and closed minded human being. I’ve never seen someone so hateful and petty. For the sake of his children, I will be praying for Mr. Stephen Fowler. He doesn’t deserve it, but may God help him.

  52. Sorry about the mistake…meant to say contact Stephen and Rene. I was amazed at how calm Gayla was able stay during his attacks. She and her family should hold their heads high because she was able to endure what most of us could not. I can’t promise that I would not have left the show with that kind of treatment. And the fact that Gayla’s husband Alan remained calm when he found out what his wife went through…if they are “rednecks” I am would be proud to be called the same – of course I am Irish so we would just choose to beat the crap out of Stephen then go drink a beer!

  53. I, too, am an educated man who is both green-conscious and pro-education. I, too, hate the kind of ignorance that I saw embodied by the Longs. But, that being said, I was absolutely sickened by Stephen Fowler. He’s a disgusting bully and a despicable man. It was his house, those were his children, and he was trained in oratory. He was the one with the power in that situation, and he egregiously abused it. He didn’t just insult Mrs. Long; he deliberately and maliciously shredded her dignity. She didn’t deserve the abuse that she received from that pathetic excuse of a half-man. Mrs. Long say that she’s okay, but I don’t believe her. Stephen Fowler scarred her. He knows this, and he’s proud of himself. I’m willing to bet that people in England would be just as outraged as we are at Fowler and ashamed that he speaks with an English accent. I’m also willing to bet that Mr. Long had not seen the video tape of Fowler abusing his wife before they had their meeting, because he would have broken Fowler in half if he had.

  54. Wow. Just wow. I actually am going to email his firm. Their website seems to be down, big surprise, but from what I found it seems they are small and in the middle of funding. I think that it would be in their best interest to terminate Fowler immediately.
    The only small concession for the inhumane way he behaved is that it will not soon be forgotten. I never gave much thought to shunning, but I would support it in his case.

  55. I think it’s funny how his ‘equality with his wife’ means his name is ‘Stephen Stephens-Fowler.’ What a douche.

    From Terranova Bio’s site:

    Chances are high that in his circles, they more than likely commend that kind of behavior. Emailing his colleagues probably wouldn’t work – but his investors and clients? That’s the way to go.

  56. uh tbo…What exactly is your point? Sounds like an advertisement for this woman, Renee’s business. I could care less what her credentials are. I have no respect for anyone that would put up with that repulsive little excuse for a man husband of hers. And, yes I am educated. No, I am not from the Mid-West. Makes no difference. Anyone can be kind. This man is socially challenged and has serious issues.

  57. Unbelievable! Proof that money doesn’t buy class…I thought it was terrible the way that Stephen treated Gayla…why did he agree to come on the show if he didn’t want to accept another person’s rule changes…disgraceful that he wouldn’t sing the National Anthem…he should go home!!!

  58. FULCRUM FUNDS is his other firm

    he is a Partner there, so I doubt they’d ever terminate him
    (as a Partner, he essentially owns the firm in part at least)

    But here it is!

    There is one guy there clearly senior to him named Kennedy


  59. It’s amazing that some wanker can come to America, live here, and raise his kids here but yet make fun of America so much. Stephen you ugly, old Brit – LEAVE! It’s not like anyone is wanting you to stay!!! Your wife is a lunatic, your kid’s will grow up to be weird unsociable serial killers. Get the hell out of America! Oh and next time you decide to go on TV, why don’t you change your shirt. You made fun of that caring family from Missouri but at least we saw them in different clothes and saw them cleaning them. GO BACK TO ENGLANDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  60. k says:
    January 30, 2009 at 8:51 pm

    He went on the show to try and promote eco-friendly behavior by wearing those stupid t-shirts…..I bet he is regretting that decision now…LOLOL

    That is a sign of his prowess and intelligence, his T-shirt idea, great role model…cruel and cannot see past the end of his nose. Friend to planet, not to anyone who would not relish in his point of view. Seems to me that he has many inner demons at work. Kudos to the Long family for taking the high road.

  61. tbo above gave us a rundown on how wonderful Renee is as a weight loss coach and motivational speaker. She is not much in my book as she did not stand up to her pathetic excuse for a husband and make him apolgize on national t.v. Don’t worry. With all the negativity in the Fowler home there will be an emotional breakdown of one of them-probably a kid! I am in mental health and that home is an environment that eats itself alive. I have treated big name people who live like them and they all crash one way or another. The Soul can’t handle such evil forever.Gayla and family may not be educated but she shines as a human being. God love her and her boys!

  62. I can only HOPE that this really is staged and scripted, or are we watching a spin off of Jerry Springer?? Not that the Brits would know anything about Jerry Springer, they’re too good.
    If people want to be stuck up snobs from Cali that throw their money around, that’s their problem, but DON’T Pretend that you are doing it in the name of saving the world and helping society. This woman, Rene probably has to charge these poor chums a fortune to provide them with her “expert” advice and “coaching”. Instead of spending their time and energy mocking and putting American’s down, the Fowler’s could be putting that time, energy and MONEY that they waste into REALLY helping others. They claim that they have SUCH an abundance of knowledge, why don’t they put it to use. Try making the world around you BETTER instead of insulting others, or just leave!!!
    What the Fowler’s and their children really need is Jesus, I can only pray for them.
    A True American

  63. Simon Cowell at least has a heart and doesn’t throw his head back laughing like a two year old when he’s made fun of someone. I think Simon even feels bad every once in awhile. I believe that Stephen attacks because he’s lacking in self-confidence as a man. I guess degrading others helps you feel stronger – I wonder how both Stephen and Rene will feel when they are no longer part of the Elite Social Group because they are unemployed! Bon Voyage assholes!

  64. Seriously, that’s a little messed up to contact the San Francisco’s Chil Services. At first, I was quick to cast the first stone, but this mob mentality benefits no one. Although he made some ignorant comments, we don’t know if careful editing made him appear to be a bigger douche than he really is.

    Yes, we all are offended, but who really would benefit if his consulting company suffers? Surely, not the countries/communities he has dedicated his life to helping.

    So, Please people, don’t mess with his work. Hes not a CEO to a bank, hes a partner to a firm dedicated to spreading the greater good.

  65. Stephen Fowler’s sensible wife was clearly disturbed and embarrassed by her husband’s remarks at the end of the show. It’s ironic that this rude, unpleasant, self-satisfied man should be an environmentalist when he himself is toxic. Rene, if your children are to grow up to be decent human beings, they need to be brought up far from your ghastly husband and his foul personality.

  66. I cannot believe ABC put this man on national television. This fella perhaps was the cruelest person I have ever seen. I smell some serious litigation. What was ABC thinking? Poor kids are ruined.

  67. Alicja, I appreciate your positive outlook but there is a time and place that you stand up for what it right or wrong. That means not only do you treat people with respect but you also stand your ground. I do believe that if Rene’s living is based on “positive mental health and living a better life” than she needs to evaluate her self-imploding world. How can you preach to others about what you don’t have? Do you ever watch “what would you do?”…I promise I would be the person standing up to any bully for Gayla, so would my family, husband, everyone I know because you don’t allow people like Stephen to tear others down. I think people should absolutely contact their businesses and voice their outrage at someone who is attacking both a fellow-american and our country…and Stephen your “change” for this country is not what we need!

  68. Stephen Fowler is also on the Board of Directors for Pacific Environment, a non-profit organization dedicated to protecting the environment of the Pacific Rim. Despite its noble mission, I would never support an organization that is publicly associated with someone as shameful as Fowler. Having a person like Fowler guiding their organization clearly indicates that the organization does not exercise good judgment. It’s clear that Fowler is a successful businessman, but NGOs like Pacific Environment should take into account someone’s character when appointing them to the Board, not just their ability to raise funds. People (and organizations) should be judged by the company that they keep.

    Lastly, Pacific Environment and other organizations associated with Fowler should take into account that Fowler behaved the way he did while FULLY aware that his actions would be aired on national television. I would not want someone with such poor judgment making decisions about the direction of my organization.

    I encourage people on this forum to send respectful emails to Pacific Environment to pressure them to remove Fowler from their Board. The email address is

  69. Great point Francesca…I agree the freedom of posting here is different than the emails that should be sent to them. Respectful emails will make them seriously consider the impact this man will have on their future. Welcome to the beauty of America!

  70. I agree that Children’s services is to far. However, he went on the show partly to advertise his businesses… he is responsible for his actions and should, as an educated grown up, now have to deal with the repercussions. How much good can he spread to those who do not think like he does… shouldn’t they be reaching out to all… that would be business savvy don’t you think.

    To: Seriously, that’s a little messed up to contact the San Francisco’s Chil Services. At first, I was quick to cast the first stone, but this mob mentality benefits no one. Although he made some ignorant comments, we don’t know if careful editing made him appear to be a bigger douche than he really is.

    Yes, we all are offended, but who really would benefit if his consulting company suffers? Surely, not the countries/communities he has dedicated his life to helping.

    So, Please people, don’t mess with his work. Hes not a CEO to a bank, hes a partner to a firm dedicated to spreading the greater good.

  71. Lara,

    I am a consultant, technology and change management. I have also worked with tech firms in round 1 and 2 of funding. In my humble opinion, lest I come across like him, smaller projects like his, Fulcrum and Terranova, are extremely vulnerable to bad press.
    Putting himself out there as he has, puts in risk the confidence those supporting him have in what he can contribute. And by extension all the people who are working with him are vulnerable with his name tied to their work.
    I am shocked he would take the kind of chance he did going on national television. I can only imagine he did it because he needed money. In that case, his business is probably already in flux.
    I just don’t think he should be rewarded for his bad behavior. And approaching investors and customers like John suggested would be in the best interest of those around him. He needs to go.

  72. Anonymous…I agree that contacting social services is too far but I strongly disagree about your feeling regarding his work. His ego took him to the point that he was willing to go on National TV and allow the world to see who he really is…the “mob mentality” is not one of attacking his home or children but when he is advertising himself to “benefit” both by ego and wealth, he must be willing to accept the results of his decision. He is not “spreading the greater good” when he believes it is okay to hurt others with no regards…this was not editing, he made his children ignore her and then laughed…you can’t edit that! Don’t be naive!

  73. Isabella,

    I actually agree with you and I would be the first one to act on his behaviour. What I meant by forgiveness was removing the negative emotions and trying to do something about. I think this is what we all feel and this is why we all wrote a few sentences here. Forgiving doesn’t mean not acting, but like someone here said, you need to investigate everything before making your judgement. It is the democracy that gives everyone who is accused of something the right to defend himself, right, so what I meant do not throw stones before you know it ALL.

    I presently live in Canada and I want to believe in a just society. I would personally suggest that Stephen faces a lawsuit for his criminally abusive behaviour unless he agrees to psychiatric evaluation. I am still not convinced it was real. I just can’t believe it was. Maybe it was made so provocative on purpose.

  74. Looks like he was hastily removed from PacificEnvironment!

    Check the page:

    www [dot] pacificenvironment [dot] org/article.php?id=104

    HAHAH.. look between the first and 2nd person’s bios
    Notice the text error, “

    Looks like they just hastily cut out his pic/bio from the page…

  75. Unbelievable! I have never been so outraged when watching a television show. I am so glad to see that not just people from the Midwest were angered by this behavior. We all should be proud Americans it should NOT matter what part of the country you are from. Personally I don’t understand why one person would want to stay in this country if they despise it so much. Stephen and his wife both stated numerous times their disgust for this country and how superior the British are, then why the hell doesn’t he take his family back to his country. We don’t need you here nor do we want anyone in this country who doesn’t want to be here. If your country is so much better than ours then why do you choose to educate your children in the USA? What sense does that make? Why not pack it up get the hell off our American soil? There is no sense in staying if all you are going to do is bash it and the caring American families that live here! Also what a disgusting a-hole to degrade a woman on national TV for her weight! Not to mention what a complete piece of shit he is to make negative comments about our military, those men are 10 times the men that he will EVER amount to! Poor Renee has her head shoved so far up that bastard’s ass that she is allowing her children to be brainwashed by his ignorance! Good luck Stephens-Fowler children and I pray that this horrible man doesn’t influence the way you treat other human beings, what a despicable human being your father is!

  76. be the better person…. bullshit. This man just pissed on this woman and he deserves to suffer.
    Editing how much could you honestly edit. He was a prick the whole show from the beginning to the end. People should pay him a visit and email him and call him…. he is a punk bitch!!!!

    I love how on the website posted above Renee says “hopefully it’s good for a laugh” WOW

  77. Stephens wife still has her facebook page up which surprises me it’s under renee-stephens she should be ashamed of her husband and herself for thinking that was funny.. i hope everyone write them both… grrrr

  78. I have been a big fan of Wife Swap for quite a while. However, I often cannot understand WHY people volunteer to be on this show and then become so disagreeable and immutable come time for the “rules change”. OF COURSE there are going be situations, activities and people with whom they are going to be uncomfortable with. It is tiresome to see people who refuse to participate. The appalling Stephen Fowler demonstrated the epitome of this phenomenon on this week’s episode. And furthermore, I cannot imagine why any human being would act in such a callous manner, especially knowing his disgusting behavior was going to viewed by millions. What could be the reason behind this? Probably not mental illness, although his does resemble behavior seen when patients “go off their meds”. Possibly his spouse (assuming they are still married) coerced him to appearing on the show and this was the only pathetic way he could fight it? Or perhaps, as I really suspect it is just one major case of MICROPENIS. (**And I hope he and ABC receive THOUSANDS upon THOUSANDS of letters since he saw fit to BELITTLE and INSULT any and every man and woman who has, or is currently serving in the US military forces. They are going to receive mine and I would encourage anyone who agrees to write and voice their opinion also)

  79. ^ nice find tbo
    Immediately after the show I knew this was going to happen. Bet he’s having an interesting night.

    ….wait I’m from the midwest, “shucks pa, he sure is gonna be like a hog in heat tomArrow with his BUSnuszzz”

  80. tbo: that is quite interesting! He is still listed under “board of directors”…but they must be scrambling – maybe he’ll think twice about his choice of words and attitude next time.

  81. Just watched this episode. I am British by birth , an American Citizen now. I cant beleive this guy was for real !!! He should be totally ashamed of himself, but if he is that arrogant and pompous I guess he never will be. You would think his wife might have felt ashamed? what kind of life coach is she?, I would want nothing to do with someone like her who condones his behaviour. He gives Brits a bad name. What a despicable and totally ignorant (yes Stephen, you are ignorant) human being.

  82. Yes, this is really funny.

    The main point here is that it was Gayla that was insulted and went through this hell and you guys were not. She really set an example.

    Again, find out if that was all real and investigate all first before making your judgements. I think I have about enough.

    Good Night everyone, was nice meeting you all-:) Just take it easy, peace of mind is a real virtue

  83. I am a Cornell graduate, have lived abroad twice and traveled extensively throughout Europe and the US. Education, recycling, eating right and exercise are all very important to me, but not more so than the respect each human deserves. After watching what my fellow “educated people” had to offer to those different than they, I was sickened. I have never come across a more insolent waste of flesh than Stephen Fowler. Renee Stephens-Fowler was one step behind her loathsome husband; uninterested in correcting his ostentatious display of pretension and degradation. Both he and his wife are abhorrent souls — foul and putrid. I hope someday the get their come-uppance, but I fear for their children. I hope they do not turn into the rats their parents have become.

  84. Amy I agree with you, I don’t understand how can you hate a country that you choose to live in? Of course, if everyone like Stephen would leave, Washington D.C. would be a ghost town…and that is a whole different thread 😉 I love people who bitch about this wonderful country then mooch off of the freedom and benefits like a 35-year old man still attached to his umbilical cord – I say get the golden scissors!

  85. Anon, do you mean that Rene removed her profile? I can’t imagine what she must feel but I have a hard time feeling sorry for her. I thought she would have changed after her look of embarassment at the meeting, but then “two weeks later” she allowed him to be disgusting again. There is no shame. I think we would have all felt different if he would have show some remorse, but I believe it made him feel better.

    I do hope that the organizations get rid of him so they don’t suffer (and their good causes) his backlash! Remember it is Stephen and Rene that did this!

  86. I have never in my life wanted someone to suffer, the way I want Stephen Fowler to suffer. Serial killers have more compasion. I have watched this show for a long time, and I have seen what I would have thought was the worst – but even those people managed to learn something. Rene – I know it’s nice to have a someone clean your house – so maybe you stay with this asshole for the money. But my God. Have some self respect – did you not watch the show??? Did you not see that you are married to the most racist, most horrible person in the whole entire world?!?!? I only hope someday your kids can watch a re-run of this show, so they can see what a horrible man their father is and was. But by then, hopefully he is in his grave, and his soul will be no where near Heaven, because there is no way God would want any part of someone that cruel. My only prayer is for the kids, that they do not grow up to be anything like him.

  87. I’m sorry to read that people were left with a bad impression of Renee. I think that she did a solid job and brought a lot to the Long family. Her concerns about Cody’s weight was from the heart and she got him to admit (in front of his father) that he wanted help with his situation.

    Bottom line – Renee left on good terms with Alan. If Alan doesn’t have a problem with Renee, then she must have done something right. Her only wrong move was returning home to Stephen.

    In terms of editing and comments taken out of context, I still find it very difficult to imagine what Gayla could have been saying to Stephen that would warrant his reaction. I’ve watched a lot of Wife Swaps and ABC does a good job of presenting both sides of the story.

  88. In a strange way… Steven just proved his own ignorance and lack of “global perspective.” I suppose it was his mission to promote his family as forward-minded, tolerant, intelligent people. He did exactly the opposite. I guess we can thank him for the laugh. Makes me happy that I don’t flaunt my educational background in order to torment others.

    I may not agree with the Long family, but I have a lot of respect for the way they handled this situation. Sorry Steven, your family lost this one. Big time.

    Just an opinion from an well-educated, green-living, forward-thinking Southerner.

    (On a petty note, how stupid is his wife to put up with him? Must be the type who gravitates towards abuse. Shame that she puts her children in this terrible situation, too. I pity them.)

  89. Mr Fowler shows more ignorance than any of the people at which he snubs his stuck-up nose. The justice in all of this is that his lasting legacy will forever be “that asshole” from that one show. Every web search for his name will show what a tremendous prick he is, rather than point to his accomplishments in life.

    I may disagree with many small-town conservatives, but I would at least sit down and talk to them and hear their point of view. What Mr Fowler demonstrates is a extreme bias that runs parallel to how a racist would treat a minority.

    Mr Fowler, I can only hope that your 15 minutes of fame brings your demise. If your wife has any sense, she will take the kids and half of everything and get the HELL away from you so you can live your sad, stuck up, pathetic life in quiet misery. You are a disgrace to your community, your country, your industry and the human race.

  90. I am going to bed but I encourage all of your to contact the companies associated with this asshole and tell them how you feel – I will as soon as I do my taxes tomorrow – that should help my mind set.

    God Bless the “Real” United States of America and, God, please watch over the Stephens-Fowler’s children – honestly feel they are in danger from their parents!

  91. RE: Wifeswap Program 1/30/09

    I was deeply disturbed by the total lack of human decency displayed by the “intelligent” “cultured” and “sophisticated” Stephen Fowler on your recent “Wifeswap” episode. I do have an education: a bachelor’s degree, a law degree, and I have been a Family Court judge for over 11 years. Even in the realm of divorce, I have rarely seen the extreme cruelty and self absorption displayed by Stephen Fowler. Gayla deserves a medal of honor for tolerating such perfect ignorance. All of the intelligence in the world is meaningless when it is possessed by someone who has no basic, minimum level of respect for other human beings. The Nazis proved that. Having observed up close, the deterioration of countless marriages, and having spent thousands of hours researching and pondering the causes, there is one thing I can predict with certainty. Stephen Fowler does not have the mental or emotional capacity to maintain a healthy, permanent, interpersonal relationship with anyone, regardless of their education or social standing. Regrettably, the days of his marriage are certainly numbered. His children, educated at the finest schools, will be permanently psychologically, and emotionally deficient. I fear that the techniques we saw him utilize when he alienated his children against Gayla, will be just as effective in his own divorce proceedings, which will, inevitably come. Mr. Fowler is a disgrace to Britain, and to the human species. Mrs. Stephens-Fowler, I derive no joy from bringing you such a dark prediction, but I suggest you prepare yourself for the worst.

    James Jeffrey Culpepper
    Morgantown, WV

  92. Francesca…we would not be upset with Rene had she not cozied up to her joke of a husband AFTER learning about the way he treated Gayla and was still loathing in his own ego during the two week interview. Of course she is going to receive backlash, she stood by not once, but twice and allowed her husband to degrade another human being. That is not even taking into consideration that she is supposed to be a sucessful life coach! She should be ashamed for standing by and not standing up for herself and Gayla.

  93. WOW. Today was the day when I decided to watch Wife Swap for just some fun curiosity. And watching it pissed me off SO BAD. I’m 14 years old, and a Canadian citizen. Yes I know my grammar needs some work, but that’s not the case right now. Stephen Stephens-Fowler is a down right obnoxious man who is going to get a smack in the face with bad karma. Usually these shows and PEOPLE, hurt those intended to be hurt; obese, Midwestern, paint balling, ATV-driving people, adults for the most part. But no, I was very much insulted, TOO INSULTED by watching this episode. Stephen is such a bad example for his kids, especially on television whereas so many people will be, AND ALREADY did watch him. I rushed straight to the computer to see if anyone felt the same way about his behavior and his wife’s! Did you notice when both couples met face to face the embarrassment Rene felt once Gayla told her the mean and nasty things Stephen has said. Alan looked like he was about to kick his ass right after they filmed. And I couldn’t believe how Rene was so downright OKAY with the fact that her husband had treated a woman, a perfectly nice woman, who loved herself her family, like total bullshit. That kind of behavior shouldn’t be tolerated and shouldn’t even be watched by his kids. Right now, I am in total favor of getting the snotty person out of work.

  94. Here is what I wrote that SOB:

    Subj: Shame on you!

    Mr. Fowler:

    The way you treated that poor woman is nothing short of shameful. Such a disgraceful display of proper social etiquette has exposed you as the phony you truly are. People who truly are intellectually superior tend to also imbibe themselves with class. Of this, sir, you have none.

    She may be a simple person from rural America, but to treat her as less than a human being, who bleeds the same blood as you, speaks volumes about the empty shell of a life you lead. If you honestly felt she needed an introduction to a better way of life, perhaps following through with a bit of tact would have been at the very least feasible.

    For the record, my IQ has been recorded at 152, just a few points less than yours, and my husband and I run our own successful business. Does that make us better people than those who aspire to fulfilling themselves with mere happiness? No. What it makes us is capable of bettering our community, even if it happens to be in an unconventional manner.

    I trust after seeing the episode air you have realized how pompously you treated that poor woman who only wanted to introduce your children to a different perspective on life. My family has been requested to appear on this program twice, and it is because of arrogant bastards like yourself we have repeatedly, though politely, declined.

    In short, GO F*&K YOURSELF.

  95. Mr. Fowler:
    I am from Missouri. I come from a “po-dunk” town. I have an education (Masters). By the way. . .my intelligence quotient is 45 points higher than yours. I guess I’m proud to be from the Midwest. Proud to be an American. Oh, and proud to be a smart redneck!

  96. Clearly, a sad testament to mankind is Mr. Fowler.

    He is still on the pacific environment website, and is the treasurer of the organization. They list his actual employment as the co-founder and CEO of zooq dot com, which has absolutely nothing to do with sustainability at all. Zooq lists him as the COO. Fulcrum lists him as a “venture partner” which could mean anything. Zooq seems to be his real interest, and again, is not about sustainability. He seems to be a farce in many ways.

    In any event, I assure you all, as someone who works the VC world, that it is NOT behavior that is acceptable, tolerated, or looked upon kindly by pretty much everyone in the community. I assure you, he has sealed his fate, and it is not a pretty one. This has nothing to do with education, income, social standing, et cetera. This is as simple as class & respect.

    His wife was clearly embarrassed at the hotel meeting, but seemed rather smug 2 weeks later I wonder if tonight was the first night she too, learned of how utterly terrible he acted.

    I can only feel sorry for their two children, who will surely suffer from their father’s actions, and it’s disheartening.

  97. I am from Britain, educated, and eat well. The similarities end there though. Im appauled at this mans behavior. He tells Gayla that she has no class. Is this man for real? Hes on a reality show!! He was rude and arrogant However, I was really angry at the remarks he made about our soldiers. I hope that the media gets wind of how outraged we are. He deserve all he gets. Hes happy to take our money , even braggs about how much, but he dosen’t even like it here!! Im ashamed to call this man a fellow countryman.
    The point of life is to be happy and we each have different ways of achieving that. He didnt come across as being happy so whos right?

  98. All good points! I’m glad I was able to get my frustrations out amoungst my friends and fellow American’s.

    Good-Night to you all! Don’t forget to treat others how you want to be treated! Ahhhh the Golden Rule. They must not teach that at Cambridge University. :)

  99. TO: info [at] pacificenvironment [dot] org

    Dear Sir or Madam:

    Regrettably, it is a sad day for Pacific Environment. One of your Board members, Mr. Stephen Fowler, has blatantly risked the reputation of your entire organization with his deplorable conduct on national television. Although he may have a deep concern for the environment, he clearly needs help developing a basic concern for his fellow human beings. As long as Mr. Fowler remains in a leadership role, your organization’s integrity will be in question. I urge you to act responsibly and remove him from the Board immediately. I also hope that you will assist him in getting the help that he needs.

    I look forward to your response.


  100. From Iowa (fix’d);
    The Midwest’s gift for the West Coast:

    Terranova Bioenergy
    900 Larkspur Landing Circle, #205
    Larkspur. CA 94939

    Stephen Fowler

    Renée is an inspiring motivational speaker, seminar leader, and coach whose focus is on creating positive and lasting change, from the boardroom to the beach. She can be contacted at or at 206.350.5333.

  101. HAHA btw he is on Craigslist selling stuff for $99

    sfbay [dot] craigslist [dot] org/sby/off/1011719089.html


    $99 Medical Office Suites Available on Daily Basis – Bargain (san jose east) Medical offices available on a daily basis. Rents start as low as $99 per day for use of a good sized office.Call Stephen on 415-648-0808 or email for more details.

    HAHAH guess he’s starting his new “career” already

  102. Thanks, Mr. Fowler, for showing the general populace just what people like you with money who think they are above everyone really think about good, decent people. You’re right up there with all those big-bonus CEO’s, GM and bank executives – nothing but contempt for working folks. With all your supposed education and money, you never learned or acquired one iota of class. Putting your name and phone number into a search engine shows you have a chronic personality problem – you can’t even hold a job! After your performance tonight, neither you nor wife will likely have jobs tomorrow. You are so arrogant you insulted her clients! Your poor kids – wanted to have fun, but didn’t dare cross you. Nice example you are setting. I hope you end up as financially bankrupt as you are morally and emotionally. You are a disgrace, and if your wife is smart, she’ll leave you for a real human being.

  103. I hope Gayla and her husband read these posts to hear the incredible support that the are receiving. One of the points of wifeswap is to gain some insight into how we might do things a little different in our own family life by being a part of someone else’s family. Whether one chooses to adopt some of things they have been exposed to is one thing, but for a man to choose to be ignorant, rude, condensending to another family (because Stephen Fowler was slamming that whole entire family) is another. I was pleased to see that Gayla and husband chose to adopt some of the healthier choices for their children because they wanted to (for the good of their family) unlike the Fowlers who cannot get past their pride. As his wife, I would be ashamed of my husband’s actions – for a “so-called” educated man not to have respect for a woman, whether her race, class, weight, income and to be proud of his actions, goes beyond words.

  104. Again, two wrongs don’t make things right! Inquire and find out what the real and the whole picture is first. Don’t make things personal based on a television show please. Do not execute the punishment before listening to the accused! This is not right…

    Good Night!

  105. So he insults, Americans, slightly heavy women (not like his little miss perfect anorexic wife), midwesterners, people from small towns, the entire military. What a tosser and a twit. And his smug, self absorbed wife who doesn’t really like spending time with her children so she keeps them away from her doing a zillion “activities.
    They are both so pathetic, yet such typical west coast liberals.

  106. This Brit is so much like the typical West Coast “Liberal minded” seemingly well-educated individuals who act so ignorant through their closeminded attitude towards anyone who does not think or behave in the same manner as themselves, nor show any respect or compassion for those who are different than them (unless of course the other person is an ethnic minority then they would fawn all over them and ignore their “inferior” difference). I bet this guy wouldn’t talk to a foreigner, Asian, Latino or Black the way he spoke to this working class, white woman from the midwest. It’s funny that these type of “progressive/liberal-minded people” fling around the word fascist at others. when in fact they behave in the most fascist way themselves. They expect everyone to live, speak, eat, vote etc the exact same way that they do, and they want to deny others the rights to express their opinions or live their lives their own way. Liberal fascism is rampant on the West Coast, not just from pompous, condescending British tossers like Stephen Fowler. The true character of a person emanates from their heart, not their education or so called “intelligience” and this person is truly lacking in character. I pity his wife and children…

  107. TBO – yes, I imagine there are going to be some incredibly angry and frustrated people tomorrow and Monday morning. I’m NY based, and have already gotten a few calls about this knucklehead. Capital isn’t exactly flowing easily, so if he indeed has any association with Fulcrum, and they are actively trying to raise cash, I’m sure it won’t just be LP’s venting their frustrations.

    I urge people to exercise restraint. Think about the poor children who have to share a roof with this man. This man seems destined for a very quick journey on the karma-train, and those that already know him and saw the episode, will assure this trip. If they didn’t see this episode, I assure you they will hear of it.

  108. tbo – he was giving a $5,000 finders fee to anyone who could find a tenant for the building – now he’s down to $99 a day. What kind of doctor would rent a room for $99 a day?

    I think something very bad is going to come out of all of this…

  109. The brit from san francisco is a total jerk. I live in the sf bay area, and the majority of the people that live here are not like this. I would definitely kick him if I saw him on the street. How shameful is his behavior — he’s teaching his kids that it is acceptable to treat other people as poorly as he treated the midwestern lady. Wow, if everyone was like this person, could you imagine how bad off we would be?

  110. Scott, I am not a VC guy but my friends in alt. asset management are cracking up right now. I also hear from a BB ibank friend that a few bored analysts stuck in the office all night are calling him up! Why do you think he went on TV? I mean, he isn’t a complete moron since he obviously knows a bit about clean technology, got into the small-cap VC field, etc… I mean how could he have thought this would not happen?

    The funny thing is, Housewives of New York aired and one of the women’s boyfriends was a former Morgan banker and currently at a small NY PE firm.
    He didn’t say anything bad on the show and the only episode he was on he was doing a charity fundraiser for his dying sister. But obviously, being on such a stupid show got him fired within a few days.

    So the funniest part is this Stephen Fowler just acted 10000x worse than the PE guy did on the Housewives show, so I can only imagine what’ll happen…

  111. Fowler (Fouler) is horrible. The prize money should be spent on one way tickets to the UK. What an arrogant, low class prod. I have been listening to his wife’s podcast . . . no more. I have not respect for this couple.

  112. OK, so Steven and his wife agreed to participate in the program. Then, he proceeded to insult and abuse and degrade the poor woman who was there as part of that agreement. My husband and I both have doctorates and we earn in the very high 6 figures. We lived for 20 years in Los Angeles. I say all this because Steven Fowler has embarrassed educated, higher-income West Coasters everywhere. What an abusive, insecure twit–why would he be so insulting, even insulting a stranger in front of his own children? Degrading. Why is he so threatened by a woman from a “podunk” town? And I want to see his GRE score report; 99.99 percentile, indeed. That’s when he really went schizo; what’s he hiding? How could his wife live with him and consider herself enlightened and liberated? She and those kids need to escape from that toxic environment. All that said, are there colleges that offer paint scholarships? If not, shouldn’t someone let that poor child know?

  113. alicja, NO one would ever say or do things that were so degrading for the sake of acting. No amount of pressure would make most human beings act the way this man did towards these people.
    I have never commented on one of these shows before but I was outraged by this man’s actions.

  114. Lara – I’m with you. Listing addresses is EXTREMELY stupid and dangerous. Again, there are children that call that their home. Get angry, and do something productive, not stupid.

    Tbo – Yea – hearing the same, I’m on the hedge fund side, friends with lots of VC guys and bankers, it’s amusing, but more sad than anything. The posts in here are almost as bad as the guy. Tell the bored analysts to surf youporn – calling the guy is ridiculous.

    Sadly, I saw the same real ny housewives (my wife makes me watch this crap, and I’m addicted), and agree, he was 100% douchebag free and generally/smartly avoided the camera. This guy is just so f’ed. So very very very f’ed.

  115. CALM DOWN. Deep calming breath.
    Okay now,

    All houses in San Fran look alike people, its a coincidence. Innocent people live there. And if it was theirs, think of the kids first.

    Also, hopefully someone(s) seeing this tonight can help the less fortunate family with setting up a college fund or scholarship.

  116. I’ve been furious watching this whole episode. I just wrote him an email at his address. I would love for him to respond, Im not hopeful though.
    I can’t even believe they way he treated that poor woman. I would’ve used him as my punching bag.

  117. Scott, the Housewives guy still can’t get a job btw

    Also, people are upset about the over-reaction

    But from an efficient markets perspective this is great—people will see he isn’t trustworthy, remove their funds, and avoid getting screwed down the line, because I’m sure a guy like this would lie or obfuscate what was going on if they were drawing down badly. is showing the homes on his street are about a milly… and this guy was acting like he’s the biggest baller


  118. I don’t have much of a problem with Mrs. Fowler. I thought it was very nice how in the end she asked the son if he really wants to go forth at getting himself fit and helped the family in some way. She turned out to be a really nice and understanding woman, but gosh, I wonder what she thought about her husband now after seeing how he has been acting during the entire episode.

    I cant necessarily say anything about this man. Everyone here already pretty much said what I was thinking. Jesus god, im going to have a great time with that phone number tonight.

    The internet delivers.

  119. Just finshing watching this Wife Swap….unreal. Stephen is not a real polite person at all. I moved to SF about 8 months ago, and the only thing that I will mention is that I think even the liberals out here will hate this guy. I feel awful for his wife.

  120. Steven Fowler – MAN up and recognize your incredible arrogance. Is your self-worth seriously tied up in your monetary income? You may have money and live in San Francisco; but you have no class. You should be ashamed that you role modeled such boorish behavior in front of your children and could treat another human so poorly. Hide in your ivory tower – Mr. Fowler, it’s gonna fall down some day. Oh and my daughter is in the Marines – protecting your sorry self; but I guess it’s because she is not capable of achieving anything better right?

    Alan Long – Skirt work? It’s 2009 my friend.

  121. Stephen Fowler’s treatment of Gayla Long was APPAULING. Gayla was a good sport and she has a grace on her life that the Stephens-Fowler family clearly does not have. Fowlers wife, Rene, failed repeatedly to correct or at least oppose this sick mans’s verbal and psychological abuse. Maybe she’s used to it…
    Those poor kids…

  122. wow, there’s an address..
    I guess I know where I’m going to visit for summer vacation

    “And this kiddies is the home of a very bad person, if you ever come across a man Stephen Stephens-Fowler, kick and scream, KICK AND SCREAM, oh then run”



  123. Those poor Fowler children. Did anyone notice that Stephen Fowler was like always drinking? Even when he was helping his kids with their homework. He is a lush. I don’t know how ABC can air this stuff without taking some rap from the Department of Human Services. Seriously? Stephen Fowler and his so-called helpful wife make me sick.

  124. Is ABC crazy for putting this man on tv? Risky real Risky!

    ABC’s episode of Wipeswap tonight was real risky! I can see Fowler filing suit against them for all his upcoming black eyes -phone/mail hate due to his disgusting behavior tonight. But I’m sure he signed a waiver – too bad, so sad – Steve.

    I’m still upset and it is 12am EST.

    GAYLA and Husband LONG, I’m so proud of you! Truly you both showed who really has CLASS and Great Character. Gayla you was so strong dealing with Steve, who was worst than a Jerk, but I’m not sure of the word to use since I’m from the Midwest and uneducated : ) Hold on wait a minute, somehow with my Midwestern college education I was able to look online and found a dictionary with a whatchamacallit that finds similar or opposite meanings for words oh yea-Thesaurus LOL to describe Steve, a DORK for the obvious tiny male part he has, and SCHMO meaning a stupid or obnoxious person.

    Don’t laugh – remember I’m a uneducated R-neck (if she would have been Black I guess he would have been calling her the N-word) Shame Shame Steve! Do you have any dignity? You disrespected another adult human being in front of your children more than once-what kind of human being are you? Educating bad values to your children is not good!

    It is really unbelievable that I protect and serve citizens like the Fowlers, who have no respect for the fist which hits and protects the body. If he is suppose to be the head/brain, his IQ does not fit his character. I guess he just does not have any good-ole-common-sense. (I’m not a rock scientist but I’m pretty sure the whole body is better than a body with missing or broken parts) Steve, you was on TV broadcasting your ugliness across the world. Plumb-dumb I’ll say!

    ABC please don’t do these type of people in the future. Funny/crazy we like, but not this type of distasteful nastiness. We probably should be enlighten of what exist among us, but please don’t do too often.

    STEPHEN-FOWLER family, I sure hope you learn from this show and those who are smart enough to be able to inform you of the error of your ways. I’m taking a stab in the dark, but I’m guessing I now know what a Godless family looks like. It is not pretty! Your money and education means nothing compared to true love, loyalty and respect for others. I feel sorry for your kids and other human beings who will have to deal with two more persons of the likes of you.

    Do America a favor and leave or at the least read and practice Matthew 7:1-2&12 (scriptures can be found in a Bible, the most read book ever – stating what the Most High being-God wanted mankind to know. I thought I would be a smart-butt like you) If you really want to get educated read and do what it says!

    1Don’t condemn others, and God won’t condemn you. 2God will be as hard on you as you are on others! He will treat you exactly as you treat them.
    12Treat others as you want them to treat you. This is what the Law and the Prophets [a] are all about.;&version=46;

    God-Fearing Proud-Educated American living in the Midwest

  125. Can we petition that this arrogant British lump of excrement be returned to whichever island he hails from and on his way back pray for his boat to capsize.
    The world would be a better off without him.

    But seriously hes a bad man. :)

    God Bless Our Troops and God Bless America!!!!!
    Land of the Free and Home of the Brave!

  126. I emailed Stephen and this is what I said:
    I am from the midwest and am apalled at how you can categorize us as uneducated, podunk rednecks. Who do you think teaches at our universities and performs at our hospitals? So what if Gayla was less-educated than you? What makes you so superior to judge her in that way? I feel so bad for your children to have your hatred presented to them. Your wife is probably realizing what the whole country just did. I am a teacher and have a degree in psychology and what I see is a person who behaves the way you did as a person who is not feeling good about themselves. You feel bad about yourself so you are trying to bring down other people. Get some help so your kids can have one of the best things education can give – good character.

  127. Rarely am I so outraged by a person’s behavior that I would post to a website about it, but this Stephen Fowler character takes the cake! My husband wishes he could have ten minutes with him. I wish he could, too! While we do live on the west coast, we have much more in common with the Longs than we do with the Fowlers. Thank God for that!

    I noticed that the website for Fowler’s company has either been taken down or overloaded. My guess is that it’s the former. Also, his Facebook account appears to be gone, but all of these things can still be read by reading the “cached” pages in the search engine. Here’s the Facebook link:

    I will imagine that his so-called friends will suddenly begin disassociating themselves from that pompous ass. I hope he and his company have been hurt severely by the economy and that his un-proud American wife will also be hurt in the pocketbook.

  128. I teach kindergarten and I was saddened by the role model of this parent in the home. To have children ignore a guest who has lived in your home for two weeks is disheartening. When the father was name-calling, they showed the daughter smiling at his comments. What is this teaching the child?
    I only hope that the mother will take a second look at the actions of her husband and act accordingly.

  129. Just drove past his house on 25th and castro… theyre having a viewing party. tons of cars driving past all slow and shooting the finger. There are guys out front acting all tough… hilarious… good luck keeping your wife after the mess he is in with the American public.. tea sucking deuchebag!!!

  130. Hey a dumb person…it is definatly the right house. we just went over there and drove by. they are having some huge “wife swap” party and there are people everywhere! everyone should go overthere and crash the party.

  131. Wow. I’ve watched the show only a few times but am always amused by the end to see how each family can find some middle ground, or just understand a differnt way of life…not necessarily taking on that life style. I’ve never been this angry watching a tv show, the last time being the loss of the 49ers to the Giants in the NFC playoffs. I don’t condone violence but I’m rethinking that thought, I wanted to ring his pretentious neck. I agree with not listing his home address, home # due to his children but I hope karma takes notice of his actions, as well as his wife’s. Thank you for writing so many comments, it’s nice to know all of you are out there.

  132. I’ve been watching wife swap for a while now & love the exhange of the true beauty helping one another but tonights episode w/Stephen Fowler really upset me because of his pompus, holier than thou, sophicated up turned nose made me gag…to the point that I am resorting to blogs and comments which I have never done before…Stephen Fowler is breeding another generation of bigots in our America…shame on him for coming to American from the Brit to shame us further.

    Written by a “Chinese Proud American” with parents that cherish the beauty of all Americans

  133. Wow, what a grade A douche bag this Stephen guy is…trying to come off as worldly, sophisticated, and upper class when he’s a total elitist, devoid of any sophistication, class, or character whatsoever. Don’t allow this LOSER to represent any part of the population (British, West Coast, San Franciscans, the ecologically-conscious) unless it’s the part comprised of idiots and hypocrites. He’s trying to be ecologically friendly to make the world a better place (or at least to make himself feel like he’s doing something decent), yet his negativity and disgusting narcissism are wreaking havoc on his family and community members. He’s not only modeling for his kids how to look down upon others based on their social class and education level, but he’s also giving them a step-by-step guide on how to degrade others to the point where they become sub-human and worthless. It was repulsive when he implied that he was grateful to have people of lower social ranking put their lives on the line rather than people of his “kind”. His misery is so pungent that his wife should be able to detect it and coach him on life (not to mention what bad publicity this must have been on her business!). Stephen’s insecurity is so apparent as he desperately tries to prove everything he’s not and fails so enormously. And I don’t care what people say about editing…there’s no way the producers could’ve made him look as bad as he made himself look. He truly is an ugly person.

    P.S. I agree that posting their family’s address, or work address, is dangerous. Someone should remove that information.

  134. If an American was in a “forign” country and spoke that way about the native people there would be no protecting him or her and they would probably have to leave the country… so why the “F” are we going to have any remorse for someone like that. “you dont like us? Get the F out and dont come back!!!”

  135. I watched this episode tonight and was appalled. I’ve already forwarded emails to my VC contacts and the various angels and LP’s. This guy will be blacklisted before the morning..

    I feel truly sorry for the kids. They deserve a better life.

  136. One look at Fowler and I suspect I know where some of that insecurity comes from. He may have been born in England, but that is not where his ancestors are from. No matter how educated he is or what his accomplishments are or or what British sounding name his family adopted, he will never mingle with British society, so he comes to America where there is more acceptance. However, the feelings of inferiority go very deep in this man – he feels as though he is constantly under attack and is therefore always on the defensive. Very sad for him and his family.

  137. perhaps the man underwent some sort of horrible event at about the age of 12– molestation or the like, one can only imagine– something that stopped him from growing emotionally, because that seems to be about where he came to a standstill– he may very well be intelligent in some strange way, but most ten year olds I have ever known are more highly evolved and mature

  138. I have the one of the Fowler children at Lycee Francais and I am deeply concerned for their well being. I fear for their safety in such a verablly abusive environment. I will be contacting DCFS concerning this incident. This is not in line with our mission statement.

    “We believe that teaching languages in a multicultural environment is the best way to cultivate the individual confidence and abilities of our pupils, so that they can achieve their goals and contribute to society as thoughtful, well-rounded citizens of the world.”

    -This was not what I witnessed tonight.

    Please do not let his actions reflect on our fine institutions.

  139. I want to go to and start a goal for Steven: Become a decent human being, father and husband.

    “Secretary-Treasurer: Stephen Fowler Stephen Fowler is an entrepreneur and executive with a deep commitment to business sustainability. Currently he serves as CEO of ZooQ, a collaborative online innovation portal that helps companies develop new products and solutions. Previously Stephen served as a senior executive with a number of other companies and as a General Partner with a Silicon Valley venture capital firm.

    He has spoken widely on sustainability, entrepreneurship and ethics to a range of business audiences and to students at various Bay Area Universities including Stanford, USF and Santa Clara. He holds graduate degrees in management from Cambridge University and London Business School, and resides in San Francisco with his wife and two children.”

  140. If that’s what the pompous ass really feels about us Americans, I say he should be deported back to where he came from. As far as his take on education, this “barely graduated” redneck has a higher IQ and much better education then he shall ever have the ability to obtain. If his wife has any clue, she’d realize her only value to him was the marriage Visa he obtained so he can stay in this country. I pray that her clients all saw this show and see the light for what she really believes. For the children’s sake, I pray she comes to her senses and sends the bloke packin. For his sake, I pray the battery of his electric car fails outside the Lucky Horseshoe Bar and Grill during happy hour just after the town mill has closed.

  141. Renee,
    You have an interesting business and website –

    Hard to imagine the TV producers could paste so many clips together when every clip showed that you live with an arrogant gent who came across as quite rude and insulting.

    The saddest part for my wife and I was to see that you are teaching intolerance to your children. Did you hypnotise them? Do you be-little everyone you meet when visiting over 12 countries?

    If your husband doesn’t like it here in the States, pack up and move back to London? As a former Officer in the U.S. Military, I was insulted by your and your husband’s aloofness to any person or family who serves or teach their children the value of serving this country in our Armed Forces.

    Not sure what you were thinking when you signed up for this TV show but I think you introduced some grave harm to your reputation and your business. Was it Carrie, your assistants idea? Seems like she has the shovel out and trying to start digging so she still has a job.(Read her blog on

    My wife was interested in your interview on “View from the Bay” but was turned off by the person portrayed next to an insulting husband who did not speak out. Did the producers really take some liberties or are you a scam and trying to take some liberties with all this publicity you are trying to stir up? I think the later and will share our opinion with any of our friends who might even consider seeking your services.

    Boy, you have started to really incite some ill feelings on various website blogs….

  142. Thanks Dana for info. I’m going to email him my earlier statement. I already called and the punk has his friend answering his phone for him. His friend seems normal/human-like so hopefully he’ll help educate him. I agree we as good human beings should not go to his house, nor hit him in front of the kids. Violence really won’t teach him, but our disrespect for him surely will. Especially if his associates express their disdain.

  143. I am a long time San Francisco resident. I would like to apologize to America for Mr. Fowler’s behavior and assure you he does NOT reflect the attitude of the vast majority of San Franciscans. Mr. Fowler is perhaps the most pompous ass I’ve ever seen on television. I hope that he and his wife are shunned by everyone in this city and I can assure you San Franciscans believe in tolerance. Mr Fowler’s abusive behavior toward Mrs. Long and his children is very sad. I hope he moves back to England but he sounds like someone who wears out his welcome pretty fast and I imagine he was regularly beaten as a child.

  144. My wife and I both agree that this episode of WS was ghastly.

    The Long family are undereducated. Eat really poorly. And lack exercise. Fortunately for them these are all things they can change rather easily with simple behavior modification. Notice that the Long family accepted and forgave the Fowlers. They are implementing some change in their lives for the better now too. They’ll grow in the long run haha.

    One side note: In a rumble the Longs would beat the crap out of those San Francisco treats.

    Mr. Fowler was just plain fowl. There’s all kinds of smarts and applications thereof. Poor Stephen seems oblivious. I don’t think he knows how ignorant he is. He really seems to have an underlyig inferiority complex that drives his need to diminish others to a disgustingly low level. I feel sorry for him. He hates himself.

    I love the hypocracy too. He lives in one of the most citified disgusting suburban places in the world. His lifestyle is completely dependent upon systematic overconsumption of natural resources, including people!

    Yet he preaches sustainability, ecological responsibility and preservation, and all that tree hugger rhetoric I subscribe to apply in my life. His pretentious tee shirts. His disgust for his own ugly face. His undoubtedly tiny twinkie. All show through in his personality. Sadly he seems to lack the power of introspective constructive criticism. That retards him in every way.

    In conclusion. Let’s say an earthquake or flood had driven you from your home. Forcing you to actually need help from a neighbor. Would you rather your neighbors be the Fowlers or the Longs?

  145. Residents of the San Francisco Bay Area, can you please deliver a few of these from Chicago. Thank you.

    | |
    | |
    | |
    /’| |/’..
    /~| | | |
    | =[@]= | |
    | | | | |
    | ~ ~ ~ ~ |` )
    | /
    _____ /
    | (( +==)) |

  146. Stephen may be educated, but he’s not too smart. With his wife being a life and weight-loss coach, (one that helps people deal with self-esteem issues), he was mean spirit and down right abusive. As for his wife, birds of a feather, flock together. I ‘m a native San Franciscan, and I’m sorry to say, the bulk of professonial transients are just as arrogant as they are.

  147. My wife and I both agree that this episode of WS was ghastly.

    The Long family are undereducated. Eat really poorly. And lack exercise. Fortunately for them these are all things they can change rather easily with simple behavior modification. Notice that the Long family accepted and forgave the Fowlers. They are implementing some change in their lives for the better now too. They’ll grow in the long run haha.

    One side note: In a rumble the Longs would beat the crap out of those San Francisco treats.

    Mr. Fowler was just plain fowl. There’s all kinds of smarts and applications thereof. Poor Stephen seems oblivious. I don’t think he knows how ignorant he is. He really seems to have an underlyig inferiority complex that drives his need to diminish others to a disgustingly low level. I feel sorry for him. He hates himself.

    I love the hypocracy too. He lives in one of the most citified disgusting suburban places in the world. His lifestyle is completely dependent upon systematic overconsumption of natural resources, including people!

    Yet he preaches sustainability, ecological responsibility and preservation, and all that tree hugger rhetoric I subscribe to apply in my life. His pretentious tee shirts. His disgust for his own ugly face. His undoubtedly tiny twinkie. All show through in his personality. Sadly he seems to lack the power of introspective constructive criticism. That retards him in every way.

    In conclusion. Let’s say an earthquake or flood had driven you from your home. Forcing you to actually need help from a neighbor. Would you rather your neighbors be the Fowlers or the Longs?

  148. The Long family – Down to earth, accepting and loving Americans with minor faults…who doesn’t, cast the first stone.

    Stephen Fowler – FAILURE as a human being

    No need to break out the thesaurus on this guy, just call him what he is. ABC might have edited the tape to hell, but what he said…he said.

  149. Isn’t it a strange, sad irony that Renee makes her living helping people with weight issues, supposedly with sensitivity and empathy? Yet on national television her husband chooses to use attacks on his guest’s weight in order to verbally bully and cow her? What a gem. I certainly would not trust this woman with any personal issues.

  150. I have watched many of these shows and I have never been so upset. What I know is that the laughter the Fowler’s had in the begining of the show and the end is not there anymore. I feel for the children in that home. I hope just the moments that they got with the new mom was something they will remember forever. Not the bad parts of their father but of meeting a wonderful classy lady who showed them how to have fun. I am so impressed by Mrs. Long how she stayed at that home even though she was treated so horribly bad. I wouldn’t have been able to stay there at all. This is the first time I wanted to post something about a family on WS. I have been mad at someone before but never this upset. He just never stopped like most of them do.. most give new wife a hard time in the begining but then they change. On this one he just got worse and never changed. Even the Long family changed in all ways in helping and attitude. I’m so glad so many people have stuck up for the Long family this is one time it needed to happen. I pray the Long family gets to see these posts. Maybe he will go on a program and say he is sorry for what he said and what he did. Probably not though… I’m really amazed about his wife Renee she is a life coach and she is suppose to help people and she thought all this was funny too… amazing…

  151. […] The Long Family meets the Stephens-Fowler clan on Wife Swap … ( – January 30, 2009Steven Fowler is abusive to women. I want to know since when ABC endorsed the abuse of women? This show was beyond the pale. I had to explain to my children that Fowler’s behavior was intolerable. I h… […]

  152. Thing to remember:

    “Oh, ‘agenda’. That’s a very big word for you, considering your two languages are poor English and Redneck.” – Stephen Fowler

    He objected to sing the National Anthem (after entering the show and agreeing to the terms set-forth)
    Bragging about his IQ and display of black shirts
    Telling the children NOT to talk to and ignore Gayla Long towards the end.

  153. Someone mentioned they drove by his house (scary how much personal information about a person can be collected so quickly for general consumption online) and saw that he was having a “wife swap” party – I suppose Renee and Stephen Stephens-Fowler invited friends over to watch the episode…I really feel like they couldn’t have known how they were portrayed or they would have been hiding instead. I am guessing it was one awkward party. Can you imagine? OMG, what would you do if a friend had you over to watch them on TV, and that is what you saw? So uncomfortable. Like The Office times a million. But real life. And not funny.

  154. This was by far my favourite episode of Wife Swap. I think a lot of people missed the fact that guy was just playing up for the camera. It never fails to amaze me that people who have their own business can act like complete jerks in front of 20 million people. However, with people like that, and the circles they mix within, it will probably do their careers no end of good.

    He spends the whole episode putting down America and Americans, yet claims he actually cares for the country. I didn’t see much evidence of that. The guy is full of crap.

    My favourite part was when he told the mid west family that he hopes their children won’t come after him with guns. When the father demanded an explanation, the Brit just says “oh I just wanted to deliver a final insult” before leaving. Hilarious. As a Brit I’m in awe and ashamed at the same time

  155. I was just thinking that this guy is screwed. Maybe he’s thinking he can somehow become a Simon type personality and this was an act, but if that’s the case he’s miscalculated as he lacks charisma. His business information, home address and phone information were on the web and have now been widely broadcast. I can’t feel too sorry for him if things go badly. He’ll need private security if he does not move. His wife is an adult and also deserves what comes, but I do feel sorry for the children. They were shown on TV and I imagine other kids in the area are going to tease them mercilessly. San Francisco really does have all types of people living here and many will be offended. It looks like one poster on this board has already driven past the home and that many others have done so. I think this family is in trouble. It might be wise for them to check into a hotel near the airport.

    I hope people outside of San Francisco realize this fellow and his wife are both transplants and do not represent this city. We get more than our share of odd people from around the country who are drawn here and then expose their worst behavior. San Francisco is a tolerant place and that unfortunately draws some real jerks like Mr. Fowler. Once again we apologize for this behavior. If you come here on vacation don’t expect to meet anyone like that. He a unique jerk.

  156. I hate this guy so much, I can hardly stand it. His actions toward Gayla were absolutly grotesque. His views on the military were beyond disgusting. My son was very upset all through the show, and then when he made the comments on the army, military, my son lost it. You see, his dad, my husband is in Afghanistan proudly serving his country and in danger everyday. I hope this guy loses all his jobs, and his social standing. He is an absolute prick. And, I suspect like others have posted that his wiener is tiny!

  157. First of all, I’m former military and a feminist woman, born and raised in San Francisco. I have to say yay! way to go! us uneducated American cyber stalkers! It only took an hour show to expose a man full of hate. We know where this douche lives, all the companies he’s associated with, his phone numbers and email addresses. In fact we even know who’s at his house right now for the viewing party. What an uneducated and classless move, going on a reality show and putting your family at such risk from the public.

    Being wordly means being open to others’ view of the world and willing to try new things. That means Gayla is more worldly than him. She and her family were open to others’ point of view. By the way, isn’t Missouri part of the world?

    Please keep digging – I can’t wait to see what happens to his “career”. I know I would never donate or do business with a company he’s associated with.

    Just curious, he seems a bit old to have such young kids. Did he have a first wife? other children? I’m sure he has a troubled past.

    Hey Stephen, what does fascistic mean? Take a Poli Sci course. I can see how paintball can be seen as militaristic, but it has nothing to do with Fascism…dumb a**.

    I hope Homeland Security takes away his citizenship. There are poeple who are dying to be American citizens, yet you and your wife don’t see it as anything to be proud of.

    PS. Tree huggers are good people. You’re not! Get another shirt.

  158. For any mid-Westerners that happened to watch this show, let me first and foremost extended my apologies on behalf of all San Franciscians. Please do not condemn and judge us based on Mr. Fowler’s actions.

    I was deeply perturbed by Mr. Fowler’s actions. I can not fathom how a person who is as educated as he, can be so ignorant at the same time. Before living in the Bay Area for 10 years, I originally came from Texas, and a “Podunk” town to boot. However, that does not mean I am a “redneck”, uneducated, illiterate, or any of the other adjectives Mr. Fowler felt the need to say to Mrs. Long. I, for one, would rather be an “ignorant redneck” with little education, then a person who uses vernacular to ridicule and demean a person for the sheer pleasure of it. Mr. Fowler only proved to show that higher education can not teach a person respect and humility. And to think, this man is responsible for the shaping of 2 young minds. I truly hope he does some self-reflection after viewing himself on tv. You, Mr. Fowler, are no better then the bigots in Texas that I came across my entire life that spewed racial and ethic slurs at me.

    With that being said, I do not condone the use of violence towards another human being. However, I hope that my comment, along with others, will prove to be another form of education for Mr. Fowler.

    – Much love, from the Proud, Vietnamese-AMERICAN, San Francisco living, ex-redneck mom

  159. I have never felt so sickened, dispirited and actually “dirty” from viewing a TV show. I have already written to ABC, both the Fowlers, the venture partners and am also going to write to the sponsors who ran ads during the episode. I mean, yeah the guy is an colossal a-hole and not even deserving of the attention, but the emotional abuse towards women and disrespect for the military were just so totally unacceptable. Shame on the producers, shame on ABC.

  160. By far this was the most blatant attempt at getting some on air time. What better way to get a gazillion hits on your website? Sheesh. BTW, did you all ever think about why she chose to be what she is?

  161. Mr. Fowler equates his net worth with his self worth. A high self esteem individual would never treat another person this way. I was shocked and appalled watching this episode. I was watching with my young son, it was a great opportunity to explain how we should people in life if we truly want to be successful. Mr. Fowler may be wealthy, but he obviously has not read the book Emotional Intelligence. I don’t think he was playing up for the camera, most professional people would be aware of the repercussions of this sort of behavior on TV.

    I was also deeply disappointed that Mrs. Fowler just looked down and ignored the way he treated Gayla, right in front of her. She looked like she had obviously seen this type of behavior before.

    I will also be writing to all the boards that he is on asking that he be removed.

    Gayla should feel proud of the way that she handled herself on the show.

  162. Below is what I posted to Renee’s fitness website:

    Sadly it will probably never see the light of day there because every post requires moderator approval.

    Renee, thank you so much for my new diet plan, watching Wife Swap featuring your honest husband Stephen Fowler. After seeing the episode…you know the one where his arrogance grows at an exponential rate…I felt like throwing up and lost my appetite @ dinner. Thank goodness I’m the typical T.V. watching American who has a TiVo; now whenever I feel hungry I can simply replay a scene featuring this witty firecracker. Bravo.

    And when you rush for defense, I don’t care how much editing was done; what was said on the show, was said in real life.

    P.S. Do you buy those black t-shirts in bulk?

  163. I have to agree the Stephen Fowler was a snotty brit. I would have put him in his place real quick. Since he insulted the military, he needs his ass kicked. His is a snobby as Queen Elizabeth.

  164. Let’s consider the basic tenets of civility. Ms Long doesn’t waste time expounding, she lives them.

    Perhaps someone that knows him can reach out to Mr.Fowler to share the principles of civility, and encourage him to send emphatic apologies to our Midwestern communities,
    Small town citizens everywhere, and especially the Long family.

    “ It’s nice to be (self) important, but it is far more important to be nice”.

    How significant is education, sustainability and conservation if the world’s citizens cannot treat each other with basic civil respect ?

  165. Stephen, seriously, contact ABC or a pay for a publicist and apologize. Do something hugely nice for the Long family ( and their community) , and involve your kids and your wife in the effort. You owe it to yourself and your family. You’ll feel so much better about yourself, trust me.

  166. This poor excuse for a British man is NOTHING like the wonderful British people that I’ve met. He truly needs help. I wonder if he has any friends at all because I doubt that anyone can meet his standards. I hope his behavior on television won’t affect his children. He surely didn’t think about that. Shame on you Steven Fowler! I hope this recession brings you down to earth!

  167. I woke up still fuming at that man’s disgraceful behaviour. He is base and cruel. His manipulation of his children was sickening. I think that anyone of merit within his social “set” is going to disassociate themselves from him with due haste. A citizen of the world? He seems to suscribe to an Indian “caste” system and to him a massive section of citizens of the country he “chose” are Untouchables.

    San Francisco is a wonderful and tolerant city- he is a blight upon it.
    He deserves and social or financial repercussions from this.

    gera in Canada

  168. I have never posted about a wife swap show ever. This one was too much for my brain. This person was so mean and rude and I have never been so shocked. I don’t see this as a ABC editing issues at all. What you see is what you get with this guy. When they went back 2 weeks later to see if the family changed they didn’t. And that poor child was filled with thoughts of that woman being stupid. So to me that showed Abc was not trying to make him look bad he did that all himself. His wife is just as bad due to the fact she thought it was funny. She is suppose to be a life coach? Wow, she must do it just for the money because she doesn’t care how people feel. Otherwise, she would have corrected her husband and told him that wasn’t cool.
    I was so amazed Gayla stayed and went back after she went to the Hotel.. she has more class than the Fowler’s will ever have in their lives. She is a strong woman for sure and that is something I couldn’t have dealt with. I would have left that home and stayed at the hotel for a week. She kept her cool and you could see she was doing it for the kids. Hoping she could show them a little fun in their life. She is an amazing woman and I hope she sees these comments to see how real America feels.

  169. This WS episode made me so angry that for the first time ever I had to find a forum to express my outrage from watching a TV show.
    I was so angry watching how absolutely mean and abusive this excuse of a human being was to Gayla just because she has a different lifestyle and view of life. His high academic IQ clearly does not translate to a social IQ, and I think he was so abusive because he feels small and inadequate. He has to find a way to build up his self-esteem. And Gayla was just the picture of tolerance and being able to take punches while smiling. I applaud her and her family….I wish them well. As for Renee, why couldn’t she stop that stupid husband of her when he was berating the Longs as the table meeting. She just hang her head down or changed the topic. Signs of an abused woman??? My husband and I were so disgusted with the prick of a man, TV editing or not, his words were hateful and they definitely do not make this world a better place. His poor kids will grow up thinking IQ and wealth define humanity, but that is so far from the truth. Lastly, if you think Americans are so stupid, pack your sh-t and move back to Britain. This is the kind of mentality that lead to colonialism and slavery…a “I’m a better human being than you”. I hope karma gets you right back and more.

  170. Quite simply, Mr. Fowler was an oxymoron (well, and a regular one too, I suppose…grin). Well-educated people simply do not behave like that. I can only assume that he has other issues and/or agendae with which to grapple. Of course, “Missouri dad” didn’t exactly demonstrate the paradigm of open-mindedness EITHER at the beginning of the show, but by the end at least it was clear that that family was marginally MORE open to other ideas and ways than was Fowler at the very least.

    If universities teach you substantive subject matter WITHOUT coupling it with a strong sense of obligation to society, tolerance of differences and the benefits of trying to understand other ideas and ways of life, they have failed in their responsibility to educate. I doubt Fowler understands this, but that’s why I pity him at the end of the day.

  171. I was appalled at the behavior of Stephen in last nights episode. He is a disgrace to the USA and to people of the world in general. I always thought of the British as very affable people, and for the most part, they are. This is certainly not the case with this tyrant. They should be ashamed for broadcasting to the country that they are not proud to be Americans. The Longs clearly are not educated people, they eat like pigs and are in dire need of exercise. Nonetheless, it was evident to me that they truly love their children. This is not to say that Rene and Stephen don’t love their children, but their kids did not appear happy to me in the least. As a matter of fact, they come across as kids dominated by a control freak. The Fowler children will most definitely be healthier than the Long’s children, but only in the physical sense. As long as they continue to live under the same roof with that homosapien Rene calls a husband, the worse off their emotional health will be. He obvioulsy has Rene under in the grip of his talons as well. Get the man into counselling Rene for the sake of yourself and your children. If he refuses, dump him.

  172. Everyone can post your own comment on Renee’s blog…I suggest everyone go to it now and tell her how you feel! I agree that no harm should come to his children, as for Stephen and Renee…they did this reality show hoping to earn more money and fame out of it – lesson for the day “you reap what you sow!” Now go post to her blog 😉

  173. Grrrrr! I’m shocked by Stephen’s behavior. The British people I know are kind and friendly, nothing like Stephen! Stephen even makes Simon Cowell seem like Santa Claus! I hope his children don’t turn out like him. I liked Renee until the end of the episode, when she didn’t stand up for Gayla. If I were Renee, I would have told Stephen to stop picking on Gayla. If I were Alan, I’d probably be fighting the urge to punch Stephen.

    Anyway, I think that it’s great that Alan and Gayla decided to change their eating habits, continue the French classes, and take more of an interest in their children’s education.

  174. Forewarning…they are deleting the posts entered on Renee’s blog listed above…I have listed two posts and both have been deleted. I bet her “people” are busy today! That is so weak, she and her little man can degrade anyone they like but can’t handle someone’s reaction to their show! And my posts were tasteful, no vulgar language, well written – WOW!

  175. appalling. i have been to england and never met one soul that remotely acted like this idiot. my mother taught me about “lack of breeding”. wow. this guy sure has it. a true lack. with education comes tolerance and understanding. he is NOT educated. he is the most lop-sided person i have seen in ages. what a shame. and the kids look miserable.

    i was afraid the hubby was going to come across that table and punch fowler’s lights out. i think, from the look on his face, he was in shock that someone could speak so badly in public.

    bring back the public stocks and i will throw the first rotten tomato at this poor example for a human being LOL

  176. Unbelievable. This show usually is a good look at family dynamics and how different people are. But my gosh, what a creep. They (the Stephens-Fowler family) didn’t learn a thing from their experience, but we sure learned alot about them.

    I’m certain this will have an impact on Rene’s business, because who could take advice from someone like her after seeing her indifference (although somewhat embarrassed) towards her husbands’ abhorrent behavior.

    Interestingly on Stephen Fowler’s website his bio was ripped out of the main web, but remains on their blog. They couldn’t erase him quick enough. This is going to have a big impact on Pacific Environment.

  177. Seems like Stephen’s mental health is not very good. People don’t usually need to put others down to feel good about themselves. Friendly competition among equals is fine, but since he has so much more than her, why does he need to flaunt it?

    He seems to be blessed with wealth and intelligence, but lacks character. Perhaps he never had friends and picked a wife who was equally friendless.

    He had some weird mannerisms – at the end, why did he need to tie his shoe in front of them and hurl more abuse? When he showed up at the table, he had to fiddle with his watch? I think he was very threatened for some reason, and decided to treat her in an abusive manner.

  178. Stephen needs to take a step back and regroup! He is the most immature 49 year old I have ever had the displeasure of knowing about! He makes me want to move to Missouri and take up paintballing! My apologies to the Long family (Gayla especially) – not all people on the coast are such freakin’ idiots……… Pray for his poor kids!

  179. This is what I wrote in response to Renee’s assistant — that ABC did a poor edit.

    “Nice tap dancing… Sounds like babble to me. You could look in Stephens eyes and know he meant every word he said no matter how they editted it. He should be ashamed, and to treat another HUMAN BEING like that in front of the kids is even more appalling. He probably cares more about being green and the environment than humankind.”

  180. I encourage people on this forum to send respectful emails to Pacific Environment to pressure them to remove Fowler from their Board. The contact is Sarah Kagan or 415/399-8850 x309.

    Despite its noble mission, I would never support an organization that is publicly associated with someone as shameful as Fowler. Having a person like Fowler guiding their organization clearly indicates that the organization does not exercise good judgment. It’s clear that Fowler is a successful businessman, but NGOs like Pacific Environment should take into account someone’s character when appointing them to the Board, not just their ability to raise funds. People (and organizations) should be judged by the company that they keep.

    Pacific Environment and other organizations associated with Fowler should also note that Fowler behaved the way he did while FULLY aware that his actions would be aired on national television. I would not want someone with such poor judgment making decisions about the direction of my organization.

  181. Renee for the sake of your children OPEN YOUR LIFE COACH EYES!!!!! …..maybe everything he dumped on Gayla he has been meaning to say to you…..that man needs some serious life coaching….a disgrace to mankind…and then in one breath he says he “chose to be an American” but doesn’t want to be “degraded” by saying the pledge…..what?! I need to go to Cambridge to understand the contradiction of that statement.
    Renee on the contrary is “born” on American soil but doesn’t “choose” to be a proud American. Why are they both on American soil? Must be for the money? I believe that Steven agreed to do the show because he felt that only “rednecks” would watch it….ha! jokes on you! your equal colleagues will be embarassed to tell anyone they work with you. I feel sorry for your kids, the internet is forever and a vital part of the new generation’s age….they and their friends will someday read all these comments.

  182. Word for you, Stephen- O-S-T-R-A-C-I-Z-E-D.

    Sadly, there are too many out there just like him. Especially in the treehugger set. I wouldn’t be surprised that the pacificenvironment people are similar. Birds of a feather.

    I am thankful that ABC aired this. Should be reminder for us all to pay attention to how we treat each other. It was for me. Sometimes I get so preoccupied with success that I forget the reason why I want to be successful.

    And for you non-paintballers out there. It can be a very athletic sport. Just depends if you hunker down at the bunker or move. And it’s not just for “red-necks”. I hope they do have a scholarship for paintball for their kid.

    Mr. Long must be doing okay. ATVs and Ego’s (1500 paintball guns not shown in the show but can be found elsewhere googling) aren’t cheap.

  183. This episode is proof that I will NEVER watch ABC again. Already the networks are trash, but this was beyond trash. Right up there with some of MTV’s trash. I felt filthy for watching,but couldn’t turn the channel….ugh.

  184. Unfortunately when we join the military we are upholding the rights of everyone that lives in the United States. I agree that this individual should respect the country in which he lives, but part of our rights is to speak our minds without prejudice, and that being said in some way he is not only supporting America’s ideals he is exercising his rights that we as military members step up to protect. If he ever found himself in the middle of a group of military members I have no doubt he would be dealt with, however I don’t think someone that is this stuck on himself it will never happen and he will stay barricaded in his office that no one is allowed to see. Bottom line, as much as other fellow American’s would like to see him deported, he couldn’t go any where else and be able to talk the way he did with out repurcussion. United States of America is the greatest country on earth, and not even this person could deny it, otherwise he wouldn’t live here.

  185. I don’t think there are any other words I can share that describe my take on Mr. Fowler. It would seem to me that Mrs. Fowler has allowed herself to be blinded by her husbands behavior. Could it be becaue of her husbands intense control issues? One could only imagine from his display of aggorant, pouting, and brutal behavior the consessions she may have had to make. Now for whatever reason he is the dictator of her and her babies How does she overcome her situation?

    She reflected her husbands pompous aggorance when she said there was not one thing she agreed to accept from Mrs. Long. I am not educated formally. However I can recognize a smile on a chids face as the Fowler children displayed after paint ball and go carts. And the anger Mr. Fowler showed was obvious he would not admit that he had anything to learn from an “uneducated hillbilly”. It is a shame Mrs. Fowler can recognize the pain of anothers child and not her own.

    Did I miss hear? or did Mrs. Fowler say, when she spends too much time with her children she gets restless and needs to reach out to help others. I was hoping I heard that wrong. I think Mrs Fowler is salvagable if she loves her children enough and reaches out for the right help.
    There is so much disfunction in the Fowler home. It shouted from the screen. . Also I believe the Fowler corrected his father about one of his activities. Can’t help wondering if it brought the child grief.

    Even though Mr. Fowler was obnoxious from the start, he became more intense as he saw his children enjoying activities he did not sanction. The insecure child within him fought for his right to be the person he is. I am not caught up with trying to scuttle the Fowler’s career. I read in a very popular book that we “reap what we sow. I can only hope the Fowler’s have reached their cross roads, and make the right turn.

    I would be interested to see how this family situation developes. And yes ABC also has a black eye. I am thinking that the program directors helped Mrs. Long show true grit in coming back to the show. The Long’s are head and shoulders above the Fowler’s in characther and love and common sense. Their greatest attribute is humility. Humble people are willing to be taught and improve on their views. On the other hand the Fowler’s are way above the Long’s in WRONG-WRONG-WRONG-.

    I ask myself could it be to the family’s advantage that the world saaw Mr. Fowleer as he is. He will not be able to hide what goes on behind closed doors. He has put himself wide open to mankind.

  186. Sure, I’d like to punch this Harry-Potter-pussy-fag. Who wouldn’t? I’m guessing that there’s many Brit’s that would would also. Maybe his parents are French?
    Anyhow, this metro-fem of a man will never know what its like to have a tooth chipped in a fight, or to have blood flow back into his thoat from stuffing toliet paper in his nostrils to stop a bloody nose. So I pitty the fool.

    Mama’s don’t let you babies grow up to be Harry-Potter-Pussy-Fags. Don’t make wear helmets when they ride their bikes….let get ride atv’s… and get into fights.

  187. Gayla Long and her husband have more class than Fowler can ever hope to have. He is an absolute creep, cold, nasty, really, really sick. Anyone who can bring up his children to think less of others who have less is abusing them emotionally.

    I admire how Gayla handled him. I’m afraid he’d have gotten a fist from me and those two snooty brats of his would have been put in their place. Gayla’s husband showed he had an open mind and listened to what Fowler’s wife (Mrs. Stepford?) had to share with him and his children.

    Fowler is the typical Brit who comes to America and reinvents himself. He probably had a very poor upbringing and needs to constantly put others down in order to feel good about himself. Brits like him are consumed with appearances and accents. He has probably been made to suffer in his childhood because he came from a poor, uneducated family, who spoke like the people on Coronation Street.

    Is there a way we can send him back where he came from?

  188. I was so disgusted by him! He claimed that he was so healthy and smart. I thought he looked like a wrinkled up weakling and he obviously wasn’t smart enough to hide what an evil person he truly is! I could not even imagine being in the same room as this monster. To be married to such a tragic excuse for a human being must be absolute torture! I felt nauseous while he abused his new wife. Intelligence and a good diet certainly don’t make up for all that he lacks. He was cruel, humorless and condescending. He completely lacked humility, kindness, and compassion. He is a very small, evil man.

  189. STEPHEN FOWLER makes more in one week than GAYLA and her family make in a year.

    So STEPHEN FOWLER is better than GAYLA.

    MOTHER THERESA probably made less in her entire lifetime than STEPHEN FOWLER makes in one week.


    HITLER probably made more in one week than STEPHEN FOWLER makes in an entire year.

    So HITLER is better than STEPHEN FOWLER.

    Great logic there, you wanker prick.

  190. I was outraged by last nights episode. Can we all agree Stephen is a pompus ass? Just because a person may live a humble exisitence doesn’t mean they are low class. I believe our current President and his wife had meager beginnings,but look at them now (low class? don’t think so). I found his actions to be immature, heartless, and ignorant. He clearly enjoyed offending Gayla. I couldn’t believe Stephen’s wife didn’t comment on the matter. She was clearly embarrassed. I suspect he is verbally abusive to her as well. I just want to say making a lot of money or being highly educated doesn’t make you better than the next man. This mentality is oppressive and leads to intolerance of a person’s race, religion, and/or sexual orientation. All people should be valued and respected. Stephen should be concerned about raising his children to be good people. People who are kind, patient, tolerant, respectful, open-minded, and giving (all the things he obviously is not). To his wife, save yourself and your children. You appear to have a soul, don’t stand by and watch his poor behavior. ACT! Say something, your children are watching. Don’t let them grow up to be like their father.

  191. Mr. Fowler is obviously the by-product of British colonialism (India?). Fowler likely came to the US because there would be nowhere to hide in England where NO amount of money or education would EVER make him socially acceptable, so he comes to the US where race and family background are less important to success. However, his deeply ingrained sense of inferiority (compliments of the British “caste” system) has poisoned his soul as evidenced by every word that came out of his mouth on Wife-Swap and I hate to think of what was edited out. Instead of enjoying the success that his intelligence and education has brought to him here in the United States, he appears to inhabit a very dark and ugly world. What a delight he must be to live with!

  192. I totally encourage anyone and everyone to call, email, and write this jerk and his ‘un-proud’ wife and make them sorry for being here in the great land of America! They deserve to lose their jobs, lose their children (they ARE unfit to be parents with that lousy ignorant attitudes), lose their freedom, lose their friends (would anyone actually claim to be a friend at this point!!) and get kicked out of this country. I don’t believe there’s a country on this planet that would take in such low life scum. Stephen and Rene need to think seriously about what they did and said and remember there’s a lot of PROUD AMERICANS that are more than willing to show we don’t put up with their STUPIDITY!!!!!!!!!!

  193. Man this is the first time I get on a forum for wife swap. This guy really made me angry, i couldn’t believe his behaviour. He is an old bitter monster that has no class.

    A person with class wouldn’t act like that especially in front of his children, what kind of example is he setting for them? I don’t know if I would of been able to handle it as well as Mrs. Long did, I would have, but she showed him who the bigger person was. If he doesn’t like Americans or have any respect for America and its people then what is he doing here? He needs to buy himself a one way ticket back to London where he belongs, nobody is holding him hostage here.

    I am very dissapointed in his wife as well, she says she loves what she does and she feels compassion for her cleints but I don’t believe it one bit. She didn’t defend what she does when Mrs. Long told her how he degraded her for being obese, if I was a client of Mrs. Fowler I definately would stop going after seeing how disgusting her husband is. I feel really bad for those kids, hopefully in the long run they won’t rebel against their parents and become drug addicts.

  194. Lets throw some organic rotten tomatoes at his house. HAHA, he make’s teenagers, such as myself wanna throw up. He’s disgusting and an understatement of a bastard. He’s less then ignorant. And coming from Canada and knowing that over millions of people have already seen this episode, I bid Stephen a great deal of bad karma. He should def. get fired then work at Mcdonalds. Or go back where he came from. Don’t you dare step foot in Canada, because right now we know that we don’t want a dispicable germ, like yourself to abuse other fine ladies like Gayla. Have fun being unemployed!

    The opinion of a 14 year-old.

    P.S You can go hump a tree while you’re at it. I bet it’s going to be the only thing that will love you after this news. And I have deep sympathy for your children, living with bad examples as parents is no way to enjoy life.

  195. I live in the Bay Area and grew up in MO. I was never so embarrassed of either location as I was during last night’s wife swap. Each of the four adult participants would have been the one everyone laughed at or hated on any other reality show. The Longs: their grammer was horrendous and their ignorance was astounding but I can overlook those things if they weren’t actually proud of their ignorance. But they were and tried to make it into some kind of virtue. Their apparant belief that their son would be able to get a paintball scholarship was silly. Paintball is a club sport: the participants PAY to play, not get paid. The Longs’ encouraging their son to believe that he can get a paintball scholorship is harmful to him since if there are any such scholarships, they would be extremely competitive and most of them would be very small (not nearly enough to pay for college as they seem to be planning).

    Alan Long was so horrendously and proudly misogynistic that he should be kept away from all children. He was offensive beyond words. In any other episode, he would easily have been the *ssh*le. But, fortunately for Alan, he was on the same episode as Stephen Fowler. I can’t begin to describe how offensive his behavior was. And, just as the Longs seemed proud of and haughty about their ignorance, Stephen seemed proud of and haughty about his arrogance, shallowness, parochialism, and small-minded attitude toward the Longs (and much of America). I would not want to know either of them but at least Alan was willing to try some new things and change, at least a little. Stephen was not. His treatment of Gayla was absolutely shameful. I feel sorry for his children whom he apparently coerced into acting like complete *sses to Gayla.

    An earlier poster asked which family posters would stay with should an earthquake, flood, or other disaster hit. I wouldn’t stay with either family. I would stay with either wife (but only in the event of something like a disaster). I’d fend for myself before staying with either Alan Long or Stephen Fowler. Both were abusive to women and I would not intentionally expose my children to such behavior, particularly for long periods of time. However, if forced to make a choice, I’d prefer Alan. At least he eventually tried to be civil to Rene.

  196. I couldn’t believe the British father and quit watching the show after he made fun of the Midwestern mother’s reading abilities.

    I’m very intelligent myself. I’ve been in gifted programs, I’m in graduate school, etc. But I don’t feel the need to go through my list of good test scores and achievements to you all. I also have a learning disability, dyslexia, and that has taught me how much people can struggle to learn a particular subject. If you put me on camera reading out loud I’d stumble on words just like the Midwestern mother. If I read this post outlook I’d probably even botch some of the words I just used.

    Though my experience of being highly gifted in areas like mathematics while struggling to keep pace with my peers in reading, I realize that people have different strengths and weaknesses. I realize not everyone has the same capacity to learn and that people have different opportunities in life. I know not to judge someone for their grammar, reasoning ability, their hobbies, or their occupation. I don’t know what their life has been like.

    And that’s why the British father bothered me so much. It’s like he felt that because he was smarter (albeit not emotionally smarter, just academically) he was better. Now, he may have been smarter than that woman, but he’s not smarter than everyone. Each day I work and attend classes with people pursuing graduate degrees and those that already have them. He wouldn’t be a standout among them. And even if he was, he wouldn’t be any better. I’m smarter than many people but I don’t feel like that makes me superior. I don’t choose to socialize only with advanced-degree holders. My husband and many of my friends are blue-collar workers with only a high school education. I certainly never demean any of them for their educational choices.

    Yeah, the British father was very rude and had no social skills. At first, I was pissed off at him for acting this way. But now I can’t help but think there’s a reason he has so few social skills. Perhaps his mind or his upbringing have made him the completely socially inept man that he is.

  197. It pleases me to know that one day Stephen Fowler will be old and slow and in the way, maybe even stupid and confused and forgetful. And thankfully, his children will know just how one should treat a person like that.

  198. An example of irony; Having your house was paintballed in red, white, and blue.

    This and any/all other ILLEGAL actions ARE NOT CONDONED, nor represent by any beliefs I hold. They are a simple fictional imagining of a possible ironic situation.

  199. There’s really no point in calling this sad character names, as that is exactly what he did to poor Gayla for 2 weeks. Let’s just say that it’s obvious he gets his thrills from degrading and demeaning people he sees as his inferiors, as obviously he is nothing more than the fully grown version of a playground bully. I bet he got the stuffing kicked out of him as a kid, now that’s exactly what he’s going to do the moment he can; instead of throwing his physical weight around, he throws his intellectual weight around in order to make himself feel superior. Clearly there’s nothing intelligent or educated at all about his browbeating, bullying and namecalling, it’s really quite pathetic (and very nauseating)in my opinion. I’m so happy the poor “wife” stood up to him even though she must have been utterly miserable the entire time.

    His poor kids having THAT to look up to as an example, but his wife, as far as I’m concerned should have more sense. I think any current or potential clients she may have should run a mile, as she’s a living contradiction to everything she claims to stand for. How can she be married to a person of those values (or lack thereof) and possibly have any true empathy for those in her care, struggling with the very issues her spouse so openly despises?

    I hope he is man enough to feel ashamed of himself when he looks at that footage. How can a person be such a friend to the earth, but so blatanly be an enemy to human beings he considers beneath him? I guess he wants to “save the earth” for the intellectual and beautiful people only! The new mission statement of his company should be “Saving the earth for those with high IQs, perfect bodies and their robotic over-achieving children. Rednecks, hillbillies and those from states other than California should evacuate the earth immediately as you are contaminating our space with your obesity and lack of education. Fun, individuality and differing points of view will absolutely NOT be tolerated!”

  200. I almost wonder if the viewing public has been “punked”.

    That was just SURREAL…how can it be accounted for?

    It’s possible this guy steven has a genuine mental disorder (or perhaps alcohoism, note the ever-present wine) in which ABC has shamefully exploited an already tragic situation.

    I wish there was a way to contact Gayla and commend her on her heroic accomplishment. TRUE CLASS.

  201. Stephen Fowler: I’ve traveled the world. I have a Masters degree and a successful career. My IQ is 160. But I don’t treat people with disrespect – ever. (Never judge another man until you’ve walked a mile in his shoes.)

    You need help. Seriously, PSYCHOLOGICAL HELP. I’ve read most of these posts and agree with almost everything that has been said. You’re a pitiful specimen of a human being. You are pompous, arrogant, abusive, and have hatred in your heart.

    Aren’t you proud of yourself?

    Do us all a favor and pack up your lovely family and move to England. 99.9% of all Americans don’t want you to be here anymore.

    We don’t need English scum like you stinking up our country.

  202. If someone did an investigation we would probably find out that Fowler never graduated from a college. Remember “Catcher in the Rye” the character went to Harvard, he never actually attended and graduated. Fowler is a fraud and ICE should investigate him to find out what he is up to in our country, INTERPOL shoud also be contacted to see if he is a fugitive. As a former investigator I did see markers of possible child abuse, at least enough to open an investigation.

  203. Stephen Fowler is a partner in an environmental company called Terranova Bioenergy and is the CEO of ZooQ. He is on the Board of Directors of Pacific Environment and is Chairman of the Board of Directors of ForestEthics.

    I encourage people to send RESPECTFUL AND POLITE emails to Pacific Environment and ForestEthics to pressure them to remove Fowler from their respective Boards. I also encourage them to contact ZooQ ( and Terranova Bioenergy and POLITELY AND RESPECTFULLY let them know that Stephen’s arrogance, pettiness, and uncivilized treatment of Gayla reflect poorly on their company and that such behavior will harm their business. (Please be respectful. Don’t act like Stephen Fowler did. Acting like as #ss will make your contact much less effective.)

    His page on Terranova Bio has been removed. The google cache of Stephen Fowler on the Terranova Bioenergy page says:
    Stephen Fowler

    “[snip] He has served on a number of corporate boards and currently serves as Chairman of ForestEthics, a San Francisco-based nonprofit environmental group, and Treasurer and Secretary of Pacific Environment, an international nonprofit environmental group.

    Fowler holds graduate degrees from Cambridge University and London Business School. He is married with two children and resides in San Francisco. He speaks fluent Spanish and passable French.”

    The contact info for Terranova is: Terranova Bioenergy
    900 Larkspur Landing Circle, #205
    Larkspur. CA 94939
    Phone #s:415 229-4665, 415 648-4811, 415 461-5820,415 662-6944,415 461-5820

    for ForestEthics: One Haight Street, San Francisco, CA 94102 | 415-863-4563
    601 West Chestnut Street, Building A; Bellingham, WA 98225 | 360-734-2951
    301-163 Hastings Street W., Vancouver, BC V6B 1H5 | 604-331-6201
    215 Spadina Avenue, Suite 417; Toronto, ON M5T 2C7 | 416-597-1904

    for Pacific Environment is: 415/399-8850

    NB: This is not personal information. It is public information about (some of?) the companies that currently employ Stephen Fowler.

  204. First of all, to everyone threatening the despicable Mr. Fowler, please take a deep breath and understand that this behaviour makes you more like him than you may realize. Definitely express your opinions, but do not sink to his level.

    Wife Swap is one of the few reality TV shows that I actually watch. Sure, they pair couples who are diametrically opposite from one another; its a train wreck that you can’t turn away from. But, most of the time, there is a takeaway for each couple. A moment of enlightenment. The realization that life isn’t just “my way or the highway”. The uptight people learn the benefits of breathing room. The loosey goosey ones find out that a bit of structure and making friends with their vacuum cleaner can be good things. Transformation in all of its forms can be a wonderful thing to behold!

    My hopes, while viewing last night’s episode:

    *That Mr. Fowler would learn that people who speak with a country accent aren’t unintelligent.

    *That wearing environmentally concious T-shirts do not make one enlightened.

    *That speaking with a British accent does not make one appear to be intelligent, if all one does is spew vitriol.

    *That emotional intelligence is every bit as valuable as intrinsic intelligence.

    *That education, money, and advantage do not make you a better person.

    I’m so pleased that Mr. Fowler was able to attain an impressive score on a college entrance exam some years back in time. However, I am concerned that he may have shaved a few points off of his IQ by holding his nose up high. He also seems to have been so busy perusing his newspapers and basking in his own brilliant sunshine that he forgot that the journey of life is filled with infinite opportunities for learning. We learn from each other. This realization was not lost on Mr. Long, who did not suffer the disadvantage of a mind locked tightly closed. He opened his mind and took some of Ms. Fowler’s suggestions to heart.

    It is appalling how terribly Mr. Fowler treated Gayla. But, I feel even more sympathy toward the Fowler children. Sad little soldiers. Trained to be uptight, judgemental, narcissitic A-holes. Just like their father. And, apparently, by a mother who condones and supports this behaviour.

    As for Ms. Fowler, good luck in attaining future clients for your life coaching enterprise. You have revealed the truth that resides behind all of the pretty platitudes. How sad for you.

    In the end, I hope that this experience was worthwhile for all involved. And that all of this backlash against the Fowlers will be a learning experience for them and that they might perhaps evolve into caring, compassionate human beings.


  205. I watched this with my wife. Wow. I don’t even know what to say except that I’m glad I don’t know this clown.

    I would have liked to see him arm wrestled Mrs. Long though. It would have been hard for him to keep up the pretence of superiority afterward.

    Some have speculated about his background. If I were a betting man, I’d say Anglo-Indian-East African. That’s a guess. Here’s a fact: he might have an MBA now, but he spent the first twenty years of his life being picked last for rugby, football, cricket, rounders . . . hell, for darts.

  206. Renee’s weight website is “undergoing maintenance”…in otherwords they took it down or DNS attack.

    Also, props to MoeJoeJoe as I re-post his comments:

    Mr Fowler is a Partner at Fulcrum Funds….which is partnered with MagicWheels. MagicWheels markets wheelchairs to disabled vererans.

    Please call MagicWheels and let them know about Fulcrum’s now most infamous partner and how he feels about the US Military.


  207. Apparently the company that Fowler is CEO of is partnered with a wheelchair company that makes millions off of disabled VETS. Apparently he looks down at the military as “fascist and low class” but doesn’t mind making money off their permanent disabilities.

    Heres my note to them at their website

    As the wife of a wounded vet, with a number of friends who are disabled from their service to our country, I speak for them when I say that none of us will ever purchase one of your chairs or recommend them as long as Fulcrum and Stephen Fowler is in any way connected with your company. What a disgusting human being (and I use the term loosely) who thinks nothing of trashing and degrading Americans, women and the entire military.

    A Proud military wife and a proud American

  208. is it me or the ABC Wife Swap message board is down? either way, I have never ever felt ill after watching a show and last night, i was sick about Stephen’s behavior. he is environmentalist with no love for humanity, well, maybe just for himself.

  209. In all honesty, the fella is clearly an alcoholic — the motivated, snobbish, “it’s only wine” kind. Think of Miles in ‘Sideways’: the cravings manifest themselves as a kind of elitist hobby. The sniffing, the bouquet, the French grapes. Every shot of that guy, in the show, involved him molesting his glass. The facebook pics (now gone) showed the same. Hence the mean-spirits, the leathery skin — this is a drunk who’s just about to start coming down the far side of the hill.

  210. Funny, Fulcrum Fund took Fowler off their website, but here it is in the cached version:
    Peter J. Kennedy, Founding Partner

    Stephen Fowler, Venture Partner

    John F. Heller, III, Operating Partner
    Dixon Doll, Advisory Board Member
    David Green, Advisory Board Member
    James P. Hynes, Advisory Board Member
    John Rootenberg, M.D., Advisory Board Member
    David M. Wacksman, Esq., General Counsel & Advisor

    Peter J. Kennedy, Founding Partner. Peter has over 19 years of investing and operating experience. Peter is the founding partner of a Fulcrum, a venture fund that that targets sustainable opportunities focused on the environment and companies that address significant improvements in healthcare for underserved populations. In Fulcrum I, he sourced over 400 new investment opportunities (over $500M in potential investments) and closed ten transactions with over 50% IRR to date. He is a guest speaker and lecturer for social venture investing at Berkeley, Stanford and Columbia.
    Prior to Fulcrum, he led Morgan Stanley’s research efforts in New York and London, evaluating early-stage technology and telecommunications companies. At Morgan Stanley, Peter brought 11 initial public offerings (“IPOs”) to market in the amount of over $1 billion and was a top Institutional Investor ranked equity analyst. Beyond his public market research, he was requested and retained by many large private equity firms to evaluate new investments and restructuring opportunities.
    Peter also has substantial experience evaluating and structuring domestic and international investments. Before entering the financial services sector, Peter managed new business development for NYNEX International and directed over $500 million of investment into new Asian and European businesses. These investments were up over 300% when Peter left NYNEX to join Morgan Stanley in 1994.
    Peter is a member of Social Investor Network, Net Impact and board member of the clean tech investment committee for Keiretsu. He is also a founding member and officer of Renewable Analytics. Renewable Analytics is a research group focused on providing market data on the clean technology industry to financial and corporate clients.

    Stephen Fowler, Venture Partner. Stephen is an international executive with a wide range of experience in investing, finance and general management, and a deep background in sustainability. Currently he is a partner in Terranova Bioenergy, a company focused on developing bioenergy projects in North and South America.

    Previously Stephen was a strategic consultant focused on sustainability and clean tech. and before that, he was the founding partner of BoardSeat, a San Francisco-based strategic consulting firm. Prior to founding BoardSeat, Stephen spent five years as a venture capitalist, firstly as a Senior Vice President with Berkeley International Capital, and later as a General Partner with Aspen Ventures.

    Previously, Stephen was based in Barcelona as the Chief Executive Officer of Chubb Group, Spain. Prior to this, Stephen held a variety of financial and business development roles with UK-based companies, including Virgin Group.

    Stephen has lectured at a number of Bay Area Universities including Stanford, UC Berkeley, Santa Clara and the University of San Francisco on a range of topics including clean technology, sustainability and business ethics.

    Stephen has served on a number of corporate boards and currently serves on the board of two San Francisco-based environmental nonprofit groups, Pacific Environment and ForestEthics. Stephen holds an MPhil Degreee from Cambridge University and an MBA from London Business School. He resides in San Francisco with his wife and two children

  211. Funny, Fulcrum Funds has removed Fowler’s name from their website, but you can still see it in the cached version:

    Peter J. Kennedy, Founding Partner

    Stephen Fowler, Venture Partner

    John F. Heller, III, Operating Partner
    Dixon Doll, Advisory Board Member
    David Green, Advisory Board Member
    James P. Hynes, Advisory Board Member
    John Rootenberg, M.D., Advisory Board Member
    David M. Wacksman, Esq., General Counsel & Advisor

    Peter J. Kennedy, Founding Partner. Peter has over 19 years of investing and operating experience. Peter is the founding partner of a Fulcrum, a venture fund that that targets sustainable opportunities focused on the environment and companies that address significant improvements in healthcare for underserved populations. In Fulcrum I, he sourced over 400 new investment opportunities (over $500M in potential investments) and closed ten transactions with over 50% IRR to date. He is a guest speaker and lecturer for social venture investing at Berkeley, Stanford and Columbia.
    Prior to Fulcrum, he led Morgan Stanley’s research efforts in New York and London, evaluating early-stage technology and telecommunications companies. At Morgan Stanley, Peter brought 11 initial public offerings (“IPOs”) to market in the amount of over $1 billion and was a top Institutional Investor ranked equity analyst. Beyond his public market research, he was requested and retained by many large private equity firms to evaluate new investments and restructuring opportunities.
    Peter also has substantial experience evaluating and structuring domestic and international investments. Before entering the financial services sector, Peter managed new business development for NYNEX International and directed over $500 million of investment into new Asian and European businesses. These investments were up over 300% when Peter left NYNEX to join Morgan Stanley in 1994.
    Peter is a member of Social Investor Network, Net Impact and board member of the clean tech investment committee for Keiretsu. He is also a founding member and officer of Renewable Analytics. Renewable Analytics is a research group focused on providing market data on the clean technology industry to financial and corporate clients.

    Stephen Fowler, Venture Partner. Stephen is an international executive with a wide range of experience in investing, finance and general management, and a deep background in sustainability. Currently he is a partner in Terranova Bioenergy, a company focused on developing bioenergy projects in North and South America.

    Previously Stephen was a strategic consultant focused on sustainability and clean tech. and before that, he was the founding partner of BoardSeat, a San Francisco-based strategic consulting firm. Prior to founding BoardSeat, Stephen spent five years as a venture capitalist, firstly as a Senior Vice President with Berkeley International Capital, and later as a General Partner with Aspen Ventures.

    Previously, Stephen was based in Barcelona as the Chief Executive Officer of Chubb Group, Spain. Prior to this, Stephen held a variety of financial and business development roles with UK-based companies, including Virgin Group.

    Stephen has lectured at a number of Bay Area Universities including Stanford, UC Berkeley, Santa Clara and the University of San Francisco on a range of topics including clean technology, sustainability and business ethics.

    Stephen has served on a number of corporate boards and currently serves on the board of two San Francisco-based environmental nonprofit groups, Pacific Environment and ForestEthics. Stephen holds an MPhil Degreee from Cambridge University and an MBA from London Business School. He resides in San Francisco with his wife and two children

  212. I am English and am ashamed to see how that idiot behaved on TV. What a total arrogant pillock he is.
    Send him back to England, he gives us british expats a very bad name.

    On behalf of other fellow Brits i appologise for his ignorance and stupidity.

  213. I usually take these shows with a grain of salt. However, I was fuming after seeing this one. I think ABC aired it to show the world what a pathetic excuse-for-a-(hu)man that Stephen Fowler is, AND hoped there would be outrage by the American public…..or maybe they just did it for ratings!

    One statement I found rather interesting was when Gayla asked him if he thought he was better than her, he responded by saying that he probably made more money in one week than she did in a year. He obviously thinks money makes one person better than another, and as most people know, nothing could be further from the truth. It simply means he makes more money. As for his education, well he may be quite “book” smart, but he is quite ignorant when it comes to the more important things in life–compassion, tolerance, understanding, just to name a few. I have to wonder why he agreed to be on the show. Most people know that you can learn something from anything if you just open your mind and your heart–that is if you have a heart.

    I like the idea from the wife of the disabled vet calling for a boycott of wheelchairs manufactured by MagicWheels. While this is a free country and we definitely should be allowed to say what we believe, we should also be prepared to suffer the consequences of our words and actions if we truly believe what we say and do is right.

    I am having a hard time determining which of his words/actions on that show were the worst–his verbal abuse of Gayla OR directing his children to behave in the childish and thoughtless manner as he did OR his demeaning talk about men in the military (BTW, isn’t Prince Andrew in the military?) OR his apparent loathing for Americans.

    As for his wife, I am quite puzzled. She seemed like a rather decent woman, but she must have some of the same values as he does or she would not be married to him and raising her children with the same attitudes and views as his. I felt that the way he encouraged (or possibly even mandated) his children to act, bordered on child abuse.

    I have no idea what his motivation was for appearing on the show. I would suspect that a rather inflated ego was behind it. But it appears that the only thing Mr. Fowler has accomplished is becoming the new “Most Hated Man in America”.

  214. Thanks isabel, I just sent off a message to noting that their association with Mr. Fowler and Fulcrum is likely to sit poorly with veterans and those who sympathize with our veterans.

  215. That man is a hateful, elitist, arrogant prick and deserves to have his ass kicked. You don’t talk to a woman like that. Calling her fat and a stupid hick was totally uncalled for. What did she do to him? She asked him if they enjoyed the go carts?

    And by the way, who is he to talk about physical appearances? The man is butt ugly. With his skinny little legs and those rotting, crooked teeth, and grecian formula hair…

    What an absolute jerk. Hope he takes his college degrees and money and builds himself a boat to sail back to England. And his wife is a traitor- send her back with him.

  216. Ahh, 24 hours after it aired on the East Coast, it’s wonderful to see that little Stephen Fowler’s career is destroyed.

    Stephen, I am sure you are trolling these forums—you threatened a lawsuit after all like a little baby. I just want to say, enjoy selling stuff on Craigslist for $99 the rest of ya life brah cuz ya won’t ever be doing PE/VC again :)


  217. I just watched wife swap, and feel sorry for the wife of Stephen Fowler. Either she is brow-beaten ( verbally abused) by this ass or she is just blind to what a rude bastard she is married to. I think she showed a lot of heart and compassion while spending time with the Long family and has a soul all be it nearly smothered by her sour husband. I also think the long family is real people who took the posative points of her visit to heart.

  218. It is quite sad that people like Stephen, educated and “open-minded”, can prove themselves so ignorant. He lives here due the freedoms we provide, but then slaps those values that make this such a great place right in the face. Shame on you!

  219. Now it makes more sense:

    Was to launch on 1/31/2009. She writes: “The shift goes with the launch of my podcast show: “Inside Out Weight Loss: Aligning Mind, Body and Spirit for Lasting Change”. Three short weeks after launch it became the #1 Weight Loss podcast in iTunes!”

    She was hoping to use this as a spring board to greater popularity, then her husband submarined her, I bet she’s pissed.

  220. The idea expressed by another poster that Stephen may have a problem with booze makes sense to me. That’s one possible explanation for his behavior.
    Whatever, the fact that he’s associated with any company will taint the company forever so I hope that they publicly disengage with him before they lose their shirts and innocent people become unemployed during this recession.

  221. Everyone keeps saying Fowler is educated, I don’t think he is. I honestly don’t think he is who he claims. As far as having money, I don’t think he does. Why on earth would a so called educated, defined person with money belonging to the “set” who have a “maid” go on a reality TV show for 20k? Fowler and his wife actually belong to the same “set” as Jerry Springer show contestants.

  222. Keep checking back and writing to his companies. I especially like to see the demands for an apology. Stephen should absolutely at the least apologize for his comments through ABC or a publicist.

  223. re: 10minutesaday Fowler friend blog

    Found this from Hollis’ other blog (geez these people have multiple blogs like their personalities):

    “The way one does something, whether it is a person or an organization, is likely the way it does anything and everything.”

  224. BAhAHAH – pro-Fowler blog yanked the post, because I guess she got tired of people saying, “If you’re a Harvard grad, and a psychic w/ 20 years of experience, why could you not warn your friends about this impending bit of disaster?”

  225. Friends of Stephens and Renee Fowler should be embarrassed to be associated with people like this……

    I Am Proud To Be An American

    If tomorrow all the things were gone I’d worked for all my life, And I had to start again with just my children and my wife, I’d thank my lucky stars to be living here today, ‘Cause the flag still stands for freedom and they can’t take that away.

    I’m proud to be an American where at least I know I’m free, And I won’t forget the men who died who gave that right to me, And I gladly stand up next to you and defend her still today, ‘Cause there ain’t no doubt I love this land God Bless the U.S.A.

    From the lakes of Minnesota to the hills of Tennessee, Across the plains of Texas from sea to shining sea. From Detroit down to Houston and New York to L.A., There’s pride in every American heart and it’s time we stand and say:

    I’m proud to be an American where at least I know I’m free, And I won’t forget the men who died who gave that right to me, And I gladly stand up next to you and defend her still today, ‘Cause there ain’t no doubt I love this land God Bless the U.S.A.

  226. I am just an average work-a-day American, not one obsessed with reality TV or posting on sites like this, but I can’t explain my extreme motivation to keep following and acting upon this. I have emailed, I have called, I have am sending hand written letters. It is truly an absolute phenomenon how incensed this man has made thousands (hopefully, hundreds of thousands and then some!) of good Americans from all walks of life. At first I was po’d at ABC, and I still think perhaps they should have canned the show when the imbecile started being uncooperative and ABUSIVE. However, maybe it brought some issues to light that needed to be seen for the sake of many involved with these people, whether relating to business or personal matters. DEMANDING AN APOLOGY FROM HIM IS AN EXCELLENT IDEA! ADD TO THAT A SUBSTANTIAL PUBLIC GOODWILL GESTURE TOWARDS THE LONG FAMILY, most notably of course, towards the courageous and much more gracious and genteel than he,(NO MATTER WHAT THEIR IQ NUMBERS), heroic Gayla. As far as the editing ABC may have done with the program, they could not have altered things to make this monster look “bad”. To echo others points, he did that all himself. Their masterful camera work came at the end of the show at the table when Stephen’s abhorrent behavior towards Gayla is brought up and they cut to a close up of a speechless Renee with her head hung in unmistakable, abject SHAME. She really needs to bolt ASAP with those poor kids while there is a shred of salvation still possible for them all. KEEP ALL THE GREAT SUGGESTIONS AND POSTS COMING!

  227. The people I feel sorry for are Fowler’s wife’s hypnosis clients who are truly seeking help for weightloss. They go to her house ernestly seeking help and her husband is snickering at them behind their backs calling them obese and being disgusted by them. How can someone who has made such a bad decision about a life partner be poking around in people’s psyches while they’re under hypnosis. I were a client, I would never go back.

    She has to do some major damage control after the show if she wants to stay in business.

  228. I just talked to a tree… Tree’s no longer want to have their picture on Stephen Fowler’s chest or anywhere near him. The World Tree Council gathered and has dismissed Stephen Fowler from any tree on earth. His wife too. The consensus is that Stephen Fowler NEVER hugged a tree and is a skinny nasty little wolf starving for tree blood… be afarid… very afraid indeed.

  229. ************************************************************************************
    The internet hivemind is a very powerful thing. Especially when you have many items about yourself on searchable networks online such as Google.

  230. What saddens me is that after time people will let up and forget about it. I say dig in, market it on your calendar every 4 months or so to continue calling his colleagues and continue letting them know what you think.

  231. I have never been so appauled by a wife swap family. I think partly due to the fact Gayla handled herself so well. She didn’t stoop to his level. I have seen some crazy rude people on that show before but most of them come around. Also the fact that he took a jab at our military, a woman who didn’t hurt him or cut him down, they both took a jab at America, she had the nerve to say when she was asked aren’t you proud to be a American and she said, it wasn’t my choice I was born here, and he called her so many names that were uncalled for. I heard he wanted to sue this web site I don’t understand why? What did he expect everyone to think it was funny like him and his wife did? And then at the end they were still laughing 2 weeks later and then they brain washed their child and told the children she was a stupid woman that really freaked me out. How sad for that child she will probably be picked on in school I hope not because it wasn’t her choice to have such rude ignornant parents. That is the only one I feel bad for is the children, I think it’s sad they are going to be raised to be such awful people like the parents. I am so proud of Gayla to be such an amazing woman and kept going even after all that abuse. I guess like myself we are tired of people not born of this country but use this country for money and cut down Americans. He can’t cry foul on ABC because he is the one who said all those horrible things. That was their choice too look a a__ on tv… I hope they pack up and leave this country and go where they are proud to be…not sure if anyone would want them though… I will never forget how they both laughed at the end of the show on how they treated her… I wonder if they are laughing right now… hmmm… doubt it…

  232. Dwane Johnson says:
    February 1, 2009 at 12:31 pm
    also, write a review on google maps for his wife’s business: mindforbody in San Francisco

    GOOD IDEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Since they brag so much about their money …hit them where it hurts the most. RUIN THEIR ABILITY TO USE THEIR DEGREES FOR PROFIT!!!!!

  233. Stephen Fowler you make me so damn mad… you are mean and a gross person… how dare you hurt Gayla so badly… and then jab at our military and Americans and how sick are you to say: I make more money in week than you do in a year and then laugh… she was only there for the experience and too share her life with you family… you are a sick man… I’m so pleased to know you are reading all these posts and your not happy… Still laughing?? I doubt it… you told your children not to talk to her and told your children she was stupid?? You are the stupid person and you are sick!!! I hope you go back to where you were born because you don’t have respect for this country and you both don’t appreciate your fellow man-kind…

  234. Hey Renee’ – you and/or your “BEYOND BRILLIANT” husband should really correct all your spelling, grammar and punctuation errors on your website ( BEFORE you tell the rest of us in this “UNEDUCATED” country just how “DUMB” we all are!!!
    Never have I seen such arrogance within one family – how can you possibly think it is acceptable to teach your children to have complete disrespect for others? Sad, so very sad.

  235. If you want this Fowler guy to suffer, simply make sure as many people as possible know about him. I suggest writing a letter to all the major national news shows recommending that they do a piece on this episode.With investigative journalists doing the work, we may find out all sorts of interesting facts about Mr. Fowler – Did he reallt go to the colleges that he claims? Here are some great ones to write to:

    Good Morning America:

    The O’Reilly Factor:

  236. I watched this episode in complete shock. How one man could be such a total idiot and at the same time be so proud of himself, is amazing. The, “poor, uneducated” mid-westerners deserve kudos for their self restraint and the dignity with which they conducted themselves. There are many things in life (such as poor eating habits and obesity) that we have the power to change, but Mr. Fowler’s character flaws are likely terminal.

  237. This show was so amazing… Those two people freaked me out so bad, I was actually hoping the producers would have stopped the show when she went to the hotel… I have a feeling though Gayla said I want to go back and do it for the kids like she said… I know there was no amount of editing to make this man look bad because he carried his mission out to the end… He and his wife had a chance at the end to make things better but they didn’t… He and his wife were still laughing about the situation and plus, the child said that comment about Gayla just being stupid… That means the Father and Mother talked to the children even after the show was over and told them she was simply a stupid person… I think that is what got me the most was the two week after part it made that whole situation worse… I was hoping that they would have said I’m sorry I treated her so badly I should have gave her a chance I shouldn’t have been so mean… that would have helped some but that didn’t happen… Stephen was very serious about how he felt and that makes me sick.. that dig at the end trying to make her feel worse when he said by the way I make more than you in a week than you make in a year that is a sick sick mind… There are many more Stephen and Renee Fowlers in this world and I hope they see America wont take it anymore… We are sick of bully’s and people who think they are better than others… I can’t stand people like them… snobby stuck up mean horrible people … Every second of this show I blown away with the cruelty he kept dishing out… He had so many chances to stop and he chose not too… who is stupid?? He is and his wife is and that is the fact… I’m so glad I wasn’t the only one freaked out by this mess these two people created… I’m also so glad they are reading the blogs and this web site… that makes me feel so good… I hope they had a great viewing party I can’t imagine all their friends enjoyed it as much as they did… They made there bed now they can sleep in it for a long time…

  238. I’m glad ABC went ahead and broadcast the Fowler/Long debacle. I’ll bet the TV crew were glad to see the Fowler’s exposed.

    Thousands of people are responding immediately because it was such a grotesque spectacal of cruelty and arrogance–who can sit back and say nothing.

    It appears that they also have friends who are arrogant and deluded such as the psychic defender of Stephen. I guess they all got a kick out of the whole thing. My God, do they have any friends that were as appalled as 1000’s of us are?

    They have given alternative modalities and healing paths a terrible name. I want to look into all the companies Stephen and Renee are involved in. They must be fully scrutanized even more so because they are supposed to be “alternative answers”. Stephens grotesque arrogance must be apparent elsewhere. Why do people around him, put up with it? The companies better watch out; their integrity is definitely in question.

    The “Universe” busted these people big time. They are exposed and are “New Age” fools, making big bucks off of people who trust them. This “set” a term from Stephen, of unhealed “healers” is chilling and disheartening and probably runs more rampant than I ever dreamed.

    These are among the most irresponsible, ignorant and corrupt people I have come across outside some of our past “leaders”. It funny, though, in a way, because they really think they are superior “lightworkers”.

    Apparently, they don’t know that kindness and compassion are for all our brothers and sisters. Gayla and Alan Long seem to embody those attributes. So who it stupid and ignorant?

    Oh my God.


  239. How ironic that the family that was supposed to be so backward and ignorant was actually the family to open their minds and hearts. Gayla’s family actually tried to incorporate some of Renee’s suggestions into their lifestyles when they realized that those they care about could benefit from them. We can’t say the same about the Fowlers.

    How sad that Renee says that she is only American due to an accident of birth, so to speak. I tutor immigrants who are struggling to achieve US citizenship. They come for long evening sessions to learn about the US Constitution and US history in order to pass their exams. They come after long hard work days which, in many cases, have been spent at menial jobs. They come because they want it so badly and then we see people like Renee and Stephen spit on it.

    How sad that Renee spends her days helping strangers improve their lives but says that it doesn’t suit her personality to spend too much time around her own children. Then why did she have them? Is it because those in her set all have a couple of little mascots?

    As for the show and Stephen Fowler in general, I kept thinking that this debacle must have been staged for ratings. Could any “intelligent” human being truly be that supercilious and mean-spirited in front of the entire world. Is he truly so arrogant as to think that those in his “set” would support him in this behaviour? Guess so. It is demoralizing to see people with so much be so ungrateful and pathetic.

    Gayla and her family are cute and sweet. Hope they stay with the grilled food and the French lessons and keep growing those veggies in the garden.

  240. I, too, sat back in horror as I watched this reality show. I wanted to jump through the TV. I just cannot believe the arrogance and gross behavior that poor Gayla had to endure. On the one hand, I am glad that ABC aired this jerk’s lack of common repore for another person and exposed him for the monster he truly is. On the other hand, I cannot believe that ABC producers stood by and allowed poor Gayla to be degraded like that simply for ratings. But regardless, Stephen Fowler deserves everything he’s getting right now. I feel most sorry for his children, and only slightly for his wife.

  241. Educated? Perhaps. But one of the most ignorant people I have ever seen. I am quite ashamed of you, Mr. Stephen Fowler. I expect your childish, intolerant behavior will have lasting effects on your life, and career, which is most certainly deserved, but I truly feel sorry for your children.

    May you wake up and realize how foolish you are. It’s the first step.

  242. This guy for being so smart. Does not know how to treat people. For that he is truly dum. Also to make his kids like that is sad. You should not put down people like that. If he thinks he truly better then us all.. He should think again. He needs to go to someone who can teach him how to treat someone.. thats just sad…….

  243. Wow, how mad can his wife be this was a perfect opportunity for her to grow her businesses but he didn’t even care enough about her to keep his mouth shut? I wouldn’t be able to deal with that and I bet she wont be able to in the end. Can you imagine your partner does what he did on TV when you have a life coach business and lose weight business. I see people are putting reviews up on google maps and every where there is to put reviews on them. I would be so mad. But she isn’t that smart so maybe she isn’t and maybe she blaming ABC for this but soon reality will set in the only two people to blame is themselves. Interesting when I checked ABC website and clicked on Wife Swap episodes you can’t get info. on that show but you can click the past ones. I’m not sure why they would do that no one is in fear of being sued because he did this and he agreed and took the money to do the show. I hate mean people and those two are the most hateful you can get. I’m just so glad I wasn’t alone in my feelings. I just want to see a news channel pick this up and talk about it. I’m amazed GMA and The View didn’t maybe they will later it was super bowl weekend. So maybe they were letting that pass. Anyway, Fowlers you made your bed sleep in it… you are really the stupid ones not anyone else…

  244. Well, I agree with much of the sentiments spoken regarding this man and his truly appalling behavior. Behavior that was on full display in front of national television and his young impressionable children. He verbally abused this woman in the most personal, demeaning ways he could find and showed absolutely no remorse for any of it.
    Not only that, but he also took many opportunities to make his contempt for much of America and Americans quite clear. From our armed forces who are adequate enough to protect Mr. Fowler, but still inferior in his eyes, to those of us in the Midwest (I live in Missouri, a college graduate and active in the community). His obvious disdain was amazing considering he has chosen to live and raise his children here in the U.S.(as much as I pity those children). He ought to get on his knees and thank God every day that he is allowed to stay here rather than other less welcoming nations.
    It is despicable to run down a nation and it’s people while you sit and enjoy it’s bounty, and it was disgraceful to treat Mrs. Long as a lesser human being, and worse, to get ones children to do the same.
    I would hope the Fowlers learn some much needed lessons in humility and kindness (and pride in their country of choice as it is, not as the liberal progressive utopia they envision), but it appears such hopes are in vain.

  245. One of my fav moments of the programme — one that truly exposed the incredible hypocrisy of Stephen — is when Mr Long agrees to attend a French language class. He didn’t sneer, nor did he make any comments about the exotic attire of his instructor. On the contrary, he said the experience was interesting and he was glad to take it. But I liked his comment, which I will paraphrase: “It was very interesting, because our teacher is actually French. it’s his language and culture, his experiences, and I learned from it.”

    This is a world of difference from cultural deadbeats such as Fowler, who’s pretentious to worldliness and multilingual know-how are a mere sham, shallow.

  246. from Renee’s yahoo group. (the spin begins)

    Dear Group,

    I just wanted to express my deepest heartfelt gratitude to all of you for
    your support after the show last night. I can hardly express how much it
    means to me.

    I would like to offer some behind the scenes information that might help as
    well. We had not seen the episode before Friday and had no idea how it would
    be edited.

    First and foremost, my husband very much regrets how he behaved during the
    swap. He is sorry for how he treated Gayla, he is sorry for insulting
    middle America, and sorry about the whole thing.

    He did not want to do the show but did it only to support me, but the stress
    of it all got to be too much for him, and he had some extremely bad moments,
    and all on film. So, it’s like having your worst faults, and your worst
    behavior at your weakest moments put together into a show and all of the
    redeeming bits excluded from that show. For the record, he is a dedicated,
    loving, caring father and husband, has a great self-depricating sense of
    humor. He never laughs so hard as when he is laughing at himself. None of
    this made it to the the show.

    Also, I could say nothing on TV. The last thing on earth I would do was go
    on film criticizing my husband, life partner, and father of my children in
    front of millions of people, especially when the ONLY reason he was there
    was to support me. That’s not who I am. If I had something to say, I would
    say it in private.

    Regarding the proud to be an American conversation. That was highly edited.
    For the record, I am proud of things that I have done, not things over which
    I had no control. I was extremely fortunate to be born American, but I
    didn’t chose it, it’s just how it happened. I do, however, greatly respect
    and identify with many American values, and love the way of life. I have
    lived in many countries and I chose to live in the US because I think it’s
    the best place in the world for me to live. I LOVE living here. The
    opportunities here are amazing. The culture respects finding and pursuing
    your dreams, which to me is one of the most rewarding things in life. And
    free speech has it’s upside too, most of the time!

    My husband feels the same way about wanting to live in the US. That’s why he
    chose to become an American citizen.

    Know, as I think you do, that I have deep compassion for those stuggling
    with their weight. I struggled, and have dedicated my life to ending that
    struggle. With your support I can continue to do that. I hope that it’s

    I am not checking email at the moment, but please know how much your support
    means to me. It is a great treasure that I am surrounding myself with right

    With Love and Light,


    Renée Stephens

  247. and then she adds….

    Hi All Again,

    Again, thank you so much for your compassion and for giving me the
    benefit of the doubt.

    I forgot to mention that my husband sent a letter of apology to Gayla
    shortly after filming ended on the main swap (before the follow up).
    He was acting a role for the show, playing a game, and unfortunately
    with the stress of the situation it deteriorated terribly and way
    beyond what he planned. Hence the apology.

    Also, I would like to point out that you can’t tell from the show what
    I did when, even when I put my head down in table meeting-because the
    editors spliced the sequences and a great deal of it is out of order.
    It wasn’t as it appears. The table meeting was excruciatingly
    painful for me. Almost as painful as what I’m going through now. For
    example, I have a security guard in front of my house because of the
    threats we have received.

    Yet I know that the story isn’t over yet, and I can’t see how this
    might turn out positively, but I am setting my intention that good
    will come of it to far out weight the bad. At least I know the Long
    family made some healthy changes to their lifestyle.

    Love and Light,


    I just dont believe this woman. Especially after reading the fortune tellers web blog about that night. She’s just playing her elitist game yet again to the fat people that have been supporting her financially and emotionally. USER!!

  248. Steven does not appear intelligent, but rather insecure. Feel sorry for him, if you will, but don’t hate him. He most likely does not realize that he comes across as a cartoon, a caricature. We’ve all seen people flopping around trying to be something they desperately want to be, but don’t quite grasp. For some men this means dressing as a woman, imitating the thing they wish to be, poor things, but just not getting it. For Steven Fowler, this is an intellectual. Still, he didn’t come across as exactly enlightened or peace loving either, so poor Steven’s consequence has less to do with editing for effect and more to do with being indulged, hostile, and snippy, but not superior. I’m guessing he has some reason to feel inferior, at least inwardly, and this comes across as see-saw behavior, putting people down to put his poor ego up nominally equal with other’s self esteem.

    Pride compromises itself, but humility rises to the occasion. All politics aside, kudos to Gayla Long for her perserverance and polite manner.

  249. Stephen Fowler seems to lack being able to make the distinction between being learned and being open to learning. Somewhere along the line, being right became more important than discovering something new. When appearing “open minded” is really just a way to safely justify offending people, polarizing others emotionally and making drama keeps the real problem off the table – his need to protect himself from ever being wrong. It’s a hard way to go through life, and it worked for him for a long time. Now he stands to lose a lot, because he risked it. It’s more than sad. But it comes from somewhere that can’t be a happy place. The real question is, will he accept his losses, humble himself to his circumstances and learn something new, or become something worse?

  250. Looks like RENEE or someone has copied and pasted a letter she wrote on yahoo groups.
    I would have had a tiny spec. of respect or something??? if she simply would have said we screwed up and we have no excuses for our actions. We watched ourselves and really looked horrible and we are sorry. No excuses no blaming it on ABC or anything. I believe their only regret is that they didn’t realize how much Americans and all people would be upset by their actions. How much we would be upset by the horrible things that he said and you said to support him. Quit using the editing excuse that is not what we saw or heard. Just say your sorry and that’s it and pray that people will let it all go in time. Absolutely crazy you think that your letter is going to be ok with all of us. People make mistakes but that was not just a mistake that was raking someone over the coals to maket them look and feel worthless. Maybe Stephen should have been going to life coach himself. Wow, I’m in shock still… that letter I seen above that was copied and pasted to this site just makes me mad all over again. Grrr….

  251. Do unto others as they shall do unto you! Treat others how you want to be treated. I guess that one is the one Stephen is getting. Treat people badly and then you are treated badly too. Two wrongs don’t make a right but a million wrongs in one sitting is going to far and there are no excuses for that.

  252. After some thought about how to get this onto the Mainstream Media, I decided to write to Bill O’Reilly at oreilly@ foxnews . com. I know some of you don’t like Bill, but he does like this kind of story. I entitled the e-mail “pinhead nomination: Stephen Fowler”. Please join the campaign.

  253. Here is a bit of an update on Steven Fowler.

    I promptly sent an Email to Pacific Environmental about Steven Fowlers behavior on Wife Swap. After several follow ups, this is the reply I got:

    Dear Kyle,

    I would like to follow up to the message you sent in which you raised concerns about Stephen Fowler’s behavior on the show “Wife Swap.”

    Stephen Fowler has resigned from Pacific Environment’s Board of Directors and is no longer associated with the organization in any way.

    We would like to reiterate that Pacific Environment was in no way involved in the taping of the show. Pacific Environment does not condone Mr. Fowler’s behavior on the show, and the behavior represented on the show absolutely does not reflect the values and ideals of Pacific Environment.

    Pacific Environment works to protect the living environment of the Pacific Rim. We support local communities to have a larger voice on environmental issues. We partner with fishermen, indigenous communities, scientists, housewives, students, retired citizens, environmentalists, and others who are striving against great odds to protect their communities. We hope that you will learn about Pacific Environment and judge our work based on our long history of successfully supporting environmental heroes around the Pacific Rim.


    David Gordon

    Now folks, this is a company that cares about the people it is associated with!

    Why don’t you drop them a line and say, thanks….

    Have a great night people,


  254. I’d like to know why Stephen Fowler isn’t man enough to write his own apology letter!!! Renee writing a letter making excuses for him doesn’t cut it at all.
    Many people are under tremendous stress and they are emotionally mature enough to know how to reign in their emotions and their tongue in times of pressure. It is a sign of emotional immaturity for an adult to lambast an innocent person and the country he lives in just be cause he was “under stress”. Give me a Break!
    He is definitely a Malignant Narcissist. I know the signs well as my father is one and it was hell growing up and living under pressure, constantly being put down and verbally abused as my poor mother was. This personality type can be amazingly charming on the outside. Many people would remark and still do as to how lucky I am to have such a wonderful father, or how lucky my mother was to have such a good husband. If they only knew! Stephen was showing his true self and he needs to know that he has to reap the consequences of his actions(nothing harmful though). I doubt it has sunk in as his wife is trying to mop up his mess. I don’t buy it.
    I’d like to see a show where they drop Fowler in a place like New Guinea and let him learn that his “intelligence” is useless and that those undereducated tribes are the only way he would survive. He’d need them to build sa shelter, find food, know medicinal plants, etc. They are intelligent in the way they need to be.
    Will Rogers said, “Everyone is Ignorant, only on different subjects”
    The Bible says, “out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks”
    I think that Renee and all her dippy psychic friends need to get his Chakras back in place. They need to move the head chakra back to where it belongs as the ass chakra had moved up to where the head is.

  255. David Gordon
    show details 10:25 PM (41 minutes ago) Reply

    I would like to follow up to the message you sent in which you raised concerns about Stephen Fowler’s behavior on the show “Wife Swap.”

    Stephen Fowler has resigned from Pacific Environment’s Board of Directors and is no longer associated with the organization in any way. Please note that he was never an employee of the organization; rather, he was a volunteer.

    We would like to reiterate that Pacific Environment was in no way involved in the taping of the show. Pacific Environment does not condone Mr. Fowler’s behavior on the show, and the behavior represented on the show absolutely does not reflect the values and ideals of Pacific Environment.

    Pacific Environment works to protect the living environment of the Pacific Rim. We support local communities to have a larger voice on environmental issues. We partner with fishermen, indigenous communities, scientists, housewives, students, retired citizens, environmentalists, and others who are striving against great odds to protect their communities. We hope that you will learn about Pacific Environment and judge our work based on our long history of successfully supporting environmental heroes around the Pacific Rim.

    Thank you again for your message and raising these concerns.


  256. It seems Renee needs a life coach. She still sees Steven’s behavior as “providing support” to her. Yikes! What does this pathetic, mysoginistic rat of a man mean to you, Renee? Are you weight obsessed because he puts you down all the time? Did you need to launch another enterprise via the show to prove your worth to him? He’s a sick and twisted man. Do yourself a favor and take your kids and run. Their are domestic violence agencies that can help.

  257. Hmmmm…. the “apology” sounds like it came from a battered woman; she takes the responsibility for putting poor hubby under stress, and she just couldn’t embarrass him on national TV. I suppose if dear hubby killed someone she’d be blaming herself and explaining why she just couldn’t embarrass him by asking him to stop.

    Renee needs a life coach AND a battered women’s shelter.

  258. Renee says that he wrote a letter of apology after the show before the follow up, then how come on the followup Stephen was STILL insulting Mrs Long and Renee was still enabling him?
    I’m GLAD that America has decided to take this to the net, even though the media is entirely too timid to approach it.

  259. Dear “Love and Light” Renee —

    Your expression of “regret” on behalf of your vile husband is too little, too late, and is just irritating. YOU have a lot of sympathy for being married to such a beast, so don’t dissipate it. We want to read that you’re leaving him and taking the kids with you. Not self-serving pap.

    You didn’t know how the show would be “edited”? Well, you knew what he said, and should have known how it would appear. You couldn’t publicly call your husband out at the table meeting? Well, you didn’t have to both announce triumphantly in the follow-up interview that you learned nothing from the swap. It should have been the biggest eye-opener of your lives. You feel threatened and have hired a security guard? Well, that’s a pretty ridiculous over-reaction to public oppobrium. He did it for you? Well, then he obviously hates you. He apologized in writing? Oh, that’s all right then, I’m sure the letter was a literary gem. Drop the self-pity, the moral and intellectual pretensions, and try to start a quiet humble life elsewhere. Accept the repercussions and work on changing your family’s values.

    Not feeling the love — jawj

  260. This show illustrates an awful lot about the east-west coast/flyover country divide in AMerica. I think that’s why the behavior exhibted by Mr Fowler hit such a nerve and ignited a such a firestorm. Our country is deeply divided between these two ways of life, and the fly-over people are growing pretty tired of being called the stupid, ignorant ones. I say this as a flyover person. Flyover country people hear this sort of stuff all the time from comments like Fowler’s to Mrs Long, presidentila candidates references to the bitter clingers, the joe-the-plumbers, the oogety-boogety religious people so decried by washington post writer kathleen parker. I think we’re getting pretty sick of it. That said, I think it’s time to take a lesson from Gayla Long and back off, if only for the sake of the fowler’s children, who must be terrified.

  261. sad thing is, that if Renee would ever be in the situation of gaining weight again (for whatever reasons), her husband Steve would make her life a living hell.
    Renee claims that the final meeting was “excruciatingly painful” for her but fails to say why. In that final meeting Stephen was STILL verbally abusive towards Gayla. I guess the pressure of seeing the Long’s just sit there calmly must have gotten to Stephen and caused him to abuse Gayla one more time.

  262. Dear “George Bush”,
    Please do not use a platform against bigotry and hatred to spew your own venom. I am a proud Iranian-American who finds that a comment like yours is no different than Fowler’s ignorant rants. What it all comes down to is that every human being has a right to be treated with respect. That is the principle of which this country was founded on, and that is why I call myself a proud American.

  263. As one of Renee’s clients I want to point out that it took a lot of courage for her to stand up to her husband (he’s an intimidating man), and that’s why it took a little while. I’m very proud of her. She is going through hell right now, questioning everything in her life. Renee is an exceptionally kind and giving person with a real passion for helping people, all kinds of people. Renee and her husband have always been very different (opposites attract?), but she never knew how very different until now (irreconcilable differences?). She failed to respond appropriately when she met with the Longs after the show because she didn’t really understand what Stephen had done to Gayla and she felt some fear of standing up to him. She has no control over her husband, so she finally decided to just speak for herself. She so sickened by his behavior towards Gayla that Renee deserves our sympathy and kindness.

    Dear Clients, Colleagues, Friends and the interested public.

    I deeply appreciate the compassionate outpouring of support many of you have shown as I struggle through this most difficult time.

    Now that I have had a few days to gather the courage, I would like to share with you where I truly stand. I too am utterly appalled by my husband’s behavior during the swap. I had not see the footage until Friday night, so didn’t fully know how incredibly badly he had behaved until I saw it on national TV. I knew he was not proud of his behavior and that he had many misgivings. I did not know he had been aggressively cruel and insulting on so many levels. This has been impossible for me to comprehend.

    While I completely condemn his behavior I feel confused because he has been a loving and dedicated husband and father for many years. This in no way can rationalize his inexcusable behavior. It is simply an explanation of why it has taken me this long to make a statement. I have asked Stephen to get professional help.

    Finally, I know that I created offense as well. When I made the statement about the parents not having advanced degrees, I was responding to direct and probing questions from the director about what level of education I thought the Long’s had. I certainly don’t think people need college degrees to live intelligent and valuable lives, and was not passing any kind of judgment with my comment. My edited comment regarding being an American was actually an acknowledgement that being born here isn’t enough of a reason to be proud. We each need to make meaningful contributions that we are proud of and acknowledge other’s contributions as well. We create community and we try to live honorably and that is what makes us proud but it’s not our birthright. I am grateful to be a part of this country.

    Again, thank you for your heartfelt comments.


  264. STEPHEN FOWLER’S APOLOGY ON ABC wifeswap message board

    Feb 4, 2009
    Posts: 2
    See all posts

    I hope you will take this as a sincere and unequivocal apology. I have been completely taken aback by the response my behavior generated and it has taken a while for me to figure out what to say. I’m not doing this to try and redeem myself. Rather I’m trying to try and undo some of the hurt that people have obviously felt as a result of my comments.

    Clearly I behaved like a complete jerk and I am deeply sorry for all the offense I have caused. I’m not going to hide behind excuses, I showed an extraordinary level of stupidity and arrogance. I will do my best to address most of the criticism directed at me. If I miss something out, however, it is not because I do not deem it important, it is just that there is rather a lot to cover.

    First off, let me say I am deeply sorry for the terribly insulting way I treated Gayla during the show. She is a very pleasant person and clearly did not deserve to be treated that way. In fact, no one deserves to be treated that way. I was a bully, and it was just plain unacceptable. Once again, I offer my sincere apologies to Gayla, Alan, and their boys.

    Some of my remarks obviously made me appear unpatriotic. Well that was just dumb. I chose to become a US citizen because I deeply respect the values upon which this great country is based. For the record, I think the US is an amazing country and I can’t think of anywhere I’d rather live. And while I do not happen to believe the Iraq war is a good idea, I do have a huge amount of respect for all the personnel who serve in the US military. They have the toughest job in the world and I am truly grateful for the sacrifices that they make to protect this country.

    I used gross generalizations about Midwesterners and I am deeply sorry for any hurt I caused with these statements. My comments were just stupid and made me look like the one who is undereducated. Some of my best friends are Midwesterners, which shows how truly dumb my comments were.

    I also deeply regret that my actions reflected badly on the environmental organizations with which I am affiliated, and were of disservice to the environmental movement as a whole. I’ve resigned both my nonprofit board positions and would ask you to not judge these organizations by my actions. I offer my sincere apologies to all the staff and board members.

    Further, I regret that my remarks made me come across as a person who disrespects overweight people. I do not disrespect anyone for being overweight and I deeply regret that my remarks suggested I do. My wife has devoted her career to helping people and my comments reflect poorly on her and her heart-felt work. I apologize for my extreme insensitivity to her clients and her mission. Please don’t judge Renee by my actions.

    I also want to apologize to my family and friends and thank them for their support, which I scarcely deserve. I believe we can all grow from experiences and I will work to ensure this experience teaches me to become a better, more compassionate person.

    Finally I want to be clear that these are my words and I have received no input from anyone else, not even my wife. I hope this apology will be taken in the true spirit it was given.

    My take on his apology:

    Regarding the apology letter from (purportedly) Stephen Fowler that just went up on the Wife Swap message boards. I don’t buy it as sincere for a minute, I think it is a desperate attempt to salvage his financial situation and his social reputation rather than any true remorse. And he mentions nothing about the affect he has had on his children by modeling and encouraging verbal and emotional abuse. So now he is saying that he doesn’t really ascribe to or believe any of the many offensive comments that came out of his mouth? So what was he demonically possessed?

  265. Feewaybill – Where did you get the public apology from Stephen Fowler? I can’t find it on the WifeSwap message boards, although I did find several posts that reference the apology letter. The letter from Stephen is not longer up there. Could it be a hoax?

  266. after 33 people had commented on his “apology” it was removed from the boards, as was Renee’s apology. Comments are being deleted left and right on the ABC wifeswap message board, it has been happening consistently for days and does not seem to be related to innappropriate content. I think it could be some sort of auto delete system that randomly deletes as it fills up. Another thing I noticed as that when comments are deleted, older comments get updated times from when they were actually posted, sometimes many hours difference. Ones I had seen hours or days before are listed as just posted. Could be a computer glitch or something malfunctioning.

  267. It appears the Stephen Fowler apology was a FAKE… due to the fact it was deleted by wife swap board… it’s gone and i had a feeling he wouldn’t apologize like renee did… it sounded to robotic in the words with renee’s 3rd. apology it sounded sincere and it sounded real…

  268. Even google maps has, just this evening, removed the ability to read any reviews of Renee’s business, Mind for Body. One can see her present (1 out of 5 stars) cumulative rating only.

    In addition to her own three public letters in (mounting) abashment, whomever Renee has also hired, coerced into, and/or befriended to participate in damage control has certainly acted swiftly in this task.

    It is a shame it has taken a personal and professional crisis of this magnitude to prompt the Fowler-Stephens duo to examine their words, their lives and their hearts more closely — and, perhaps now, more honestly.

  269. I just read the apologies (3rd from Renee, I think) from she and Stephen’s that was on the ABC message board.

    Renee’s other two apologies were full of exuses as were her “defenders” Hollis Polk and Damo K. which only aggravated many of us further.

    But, I have no reason to doubt the sincerity of either of the two above mentioned apologies. I think Stephen admitted to everything and sees what a catastrophy he created. And Renee, finally, got real and stopped blaming the “edit”. She seems to see just how ugly it was.

    I’m surprised because the reaction to the above has given no relief. Come on people–do give them a break now. Everyone deserves as many chances as it takes and I for one believe them and my heart is open and willing to love.

    Some of us just needed to hear they care–without the exuses.

    Thank you Stephen and Renee for admitting it and showing us you have love in your hearts!


  270. It’s the kids that everyone should be worried about. They’re being brainwashed to believe that this is ok. That bullying is ok if you’ve got a degree; that the way of life their parents lead is the only acceptable way to live. No where in any of the apologies are the children mentioned. And I think the Fowler kids are owed an apology, not just for the show, but for their entire lives of forced fencing and no real fun.

  271. I too read Steven’s apology. The letter was a good start, IMO, but it doesn’t quite get at everything that needs to be done. Steven Fowler was verbally and emotionally abusive to Gayla Long, and I suspect he’s abusive to his family as well. The fact that it took Renee several days to see just how bad his behavior was speaks volumes. That kind of behavior has become the norm to her. The Fowler family needs personal therapy and Steven needs to personally and publically apologize to Gayla and her family. There should be closure on this issue only when he begins to not only acknowledge but deal with his issues.

  272. To Dovepair,

    I know the apologies aren’t perfect. (I guess Renee did resort to the “edit” again Re: the degree, etc.

    But still, who cares what else they “must” learn or do to make it all well. That’s their journey now and if it hadn’t been such a blatant public assault, I would have said it not really my business.

    Some of us needed to hear something “real” come from them both and I think their apologies are truly a good beginning.

    We, the people, certainly made our points and swiftly at that. Too bad act more swiftly and in such great numbers for the many injustices all around us.

    It was a good learning experience and I for, one, must have love and forgiveness in my heart asap and I’m glad this has occurred.

    Love is for us all and who doesn’t need forgiveness?


  273. Anyone “forgiving” Fowler is an imbecile—enough with moral relativism.

    If you behaved like a piece of slime before knowingly and joyfully, you are still slime today.

    His innate nature won’t change—he is clearly just being fake, and you’re all buying it. Maybe he was right to call some Americans stupid.

  274. To TBO

    Have you never needed forgiveness? Do your vicitims call you slime for the rest of your life and say you’ll never change?

    We all need to change. Or maybe not you.

    Come on–be nice! Really!

  275. When somebody attacks our country, our entire value system, and others for things they have no hope of changing—their appearance, place of birth, accent/speech, etc.—they don’t deserve forgiveness.

    Mistakes and negligence are forgivable but a cruel person is in a different category.

    It’s fine if you disagree with me—obviously I’m sure you agree he got what he deserved and was wrong in the first place. We just have different views about him going forward.

  276. Evenstar, how much are you getting paid to craft and routinely post your feelings and ideas about forgiving Stephen Fowler? Fowler, please take back your wolf in sheep camouflage.

    If your not from Fowler Damage Control HQ, then TBO @19:34 hit the target. He’s being fake and typing the word sorry over-and-over because it looks good, and you’re all buying it. “Maybe he was right to call some Americans stupid.” Actions speak louder than words, and words speak a hell lot louder than internet postings.

  277. My husband is from Dublin, and when he says anit-American shit, I say go back to your wonderful country you came from. I’d like to tell that shite head the same thing from Wife Swap. My God, why do people come from other countries and then bitch about this country so much? Oh, I know, for the money. I’m so sick and tired of hearing about how wonderful their countries are, but yet they live here. Leave, please LEAVE! We have too many people here anyway. BYE-BYE! And, don’t let they boat hit you in the arse on the way out of OUR country!! Look, if I was living in another country other than which I was born, I would not bitch about the people like this twat. Why would you become a citzen as well? Oh what did he say? “To have a voice”. He became a citzen to have a voice? True American’s didn’t haven’t had a voice since Clinton was in office, and FINALLY may have one again, but still… England is a free country… C-YA! C U N T

  278. stephen claimed he didn’t learn anything from the experience, but he certainly did teach his children something. you see, children learn what they live, and what these children lived during those two weeks is that’s it’s ok to be disrespectful and rude to a guest if you think they are beneath you and unworthy in some way. they learned to judge someone based on their perceived level of education and intellect. they learned that one should divide ones associations based on ‘class’ or lack there of, and if you feel that someone around you doesn’t measure up they should be berated and then ignored. they learned to not look for the good in someone, and see what they have to offer, but to find every fault possible.

    shame on you stephen, for teaching your children such lessons that will not serve them well in their future lives.

  279. Tbo et al,

    I dunno… all may be right about S & R’s sincerity. On Renee’s Inside Out Yahoo group, she took down their apologies stating for reason’s she can’t disclose and before said the production company said to take it down.

    I feel deflated. It took them days to feel “remorse” and now it’s like “okay, that’s all folks, see ya later.”

    I’m through. I give up.

  280. I am curious why there isn’t anything in the main-stream media about Fowler. I can’t find any news coverage anywhere newspapers or TV. I would like to know how the backlash has effected him. Watch out, some web sights on the subject are loaded with viruses, probably from Fowler.

  281. Stephen from California is the most RUDE, ARROGANT, SNOTTY person I have ever seen in my life!! I am from MISSOURI, which quite honestly I feel is the heartland of AMERICA! And quite frankly, Rene’ can get out of if she is not PROUD to be here! Who do they think they are? I’ll tell you. Tree hugging freaks that think they are better than everyone else! Why? Personally (and not because there is anyting wrong with it) I don’t live in rural Missouri. “Us City Folk” are pretty up to date on things. I realize this is pretty “dumbed down” so maybe those California Liberal Freaks won’t get it. But as far as I’m concerned if you think there is so much wrong with this country and you feel you need to “fix” it so badly…GET OUT. Last time I checked, the “Smart State of California” was BROKE and looking for a HANDOUT from the Government. We don’t want or need your help! You should both be ashamed of yourselves for being so narrow minded and RUDE!!! Especially for people that consider themselves so “WORLDLY”. And P.S. we do have a passport.

  282. Marie from MISSOURI….Are you kidding? You can’t use him as an example of everyone in the entire state of California. If you want to criticize him go right ahead but I’m from California and I am nothing like her and I do not know anyone like him. By the way I’m republican and i have a flag in frint of my house.

  283. Intelligent? Sophisticated? Cultured? Then why the f@ck do you appear on WIFE SWAP! Why even consider such a thing? If it’s to show the rest of us what an asshole you are, mission accomplished!

  284. Dear Anonouys,

    You are absolutely right. I was lured into the same sterotypical thinking that he, “the worldly traveler” was applying to regions of the United States, that I had to wonder if he had ever been to. It’s a shame that such an obviously itelligent induvidal could be so narrow minded, that he would gennarlize the rest of our country. And I regret that I basically did the same thing for California that he did for Missouri. However, I found myself so enraged over his bad behavior, that my typing little fingers got away from me before I realized what had happened. I just didn’t appreciate his behavior or his comments. Sorry if I offended you or any other Californian.

  285. WOW, Stephan, you are a piece of work. I read the article, watched the video and read your apology. I am Embarrassed to live in SF as you represented what America already thinks about us. We have a bad enough reputation in the US, you just made it SOOOOOO much worse. I can’t believe you have the wife that you do. Oh and the fact that you brain washed your kids to ignore this nice lady that tried (with CLASS I might add) to open their minds to a different experience is CRAZY! Yes you may call yourself “worldly”…but wow you missed out on getting to know someone from the mid-west, a part of our country that still has amazing family values without the pretentiousness of what the bay area focuses on ($$$$$). I sincerely hope I never run into you.

  286. It’s been my experience that all liberals are pretty much the same as Steven and his family. It sort of flies in the face of the media portrayal of rich, white Conservatives being so elite and out of touch with the common person, but it’s a simple truth. Liberals have always been the exact caricature of what they painted Conservatives to be. Recently, when that bigoted generalization didn’t work anymore, we become their next most convenient explanation and excuse for their boorish behavior; an under-society of unwashed masses who needed them to show us the enlightened path through life. To them, we are something to scrap off their shoes on the way to their local polling place.

    So as green companies start to flourish under the liberal media pressure of proving to the world that the Global Warming hoax is mans most serious windmill to attack, they’ll get richer and more arrogant. And of course they’ll demand to Middle America that you need to spend twice as much money on a green car for a pittance of fuel economy. It might not make sense to you if you’re skeptical of the imminent environmental collapse to begin with. Just trust them though and open that wallet wide because you probably wouldn’t understand. They have an agenda and agenda is a pretty big word.

  287. Jodi said: “True American’s didn’t haven’t had a voice since Clinton was in office, and FINALLY may have one again, but still… England is a free country… C-YA! C U N T”

    First, nice language. And secondly, where during the Bush Administration did Americans not have a free voice? Was it when they were protesting the war outside Walter Reed Hospital with all the wounded soldiers coming and going on clutches and in wheel chairs and jeering at them? No, you mean people weren’t even once incarcerated during the last eight years for speaking their mind no matter how vile the content? You’re very humorous. Are you excited at the prospect of the “Fairness Doctrine” being reenacted by Nancy Pelosi?

    You are not much less arrogant or clueless towards current events as Steven Fowler. You’re at least a rabidly patriotic liberal. I guess we should be happy that you people have a reason to salute your flag again rather than burn it.

  288. I read Renee’s apology. When she said:

    “I had not see the footage until Friday night, so didn’t fully know how incredibly badly he had behaved until I saw it on national TV.”

    I’m guessing that she meant to use the word seen rather than see and perhaps put an I before the word didn’t. I checked with Stephen and according to him anyone who makes those kinds of grammatical errors are either using “Bad English” or “Red Neck English”. Either way, they are clearly stupid and uneducated and not fit to live in his house.

  289. Looks to me like the reviews on Google maps for Mind For Body are still up. See,-81.627106&sspn=150.145183,204.257813&ie=UTF8&latlng=37749905,-122434516,8334769652797021313&ei=apeHSYPtNaTiiwPR-5HdBQ&cd=1&dtab=2&pcsi=8334769652797021313,1&oi=md_reviews&sa=X

    I found this one very interesting:

    “…she started mentioning in her blog and on her podcast how all the hubbub about the economy was BS and SHE AND HER HUSBAND HAD MORE OPPORTUNITIES than ever, and were doing better than ever, and we should all ignore the news, because it wasn’t real.She was basically boasting. I made a comment to her on the blog and told her she was being ridiculous basically, and she promptly edited it, and deleted my negative comment. You can see what she edited it to here: The comment she made about the other families’ neighborhood “this doesn’t look like its going to be a luxury experience” and “I can see there are no advanced degrees here” were totally elitist. I am definitley not going to be supporting her or listening to her show any longer. I really think there is a reason she puts up with him, I think she thinks they are superior in every way. She DOES reveal a lot on her podcasts about how her father was an alcoholic and yelled at her, and that she has been with abusive men before…”

    So she has been with abusive men before and her father was abusive. That explains a lot.

  290. This guy’s last name fits him well–he is FOUL. I visited the Web site for his wife, Renee that someone here posted, and it is FULL of ironies. Here is an excerpt (she is a “certified” hypnotherapist and a “certified” life coach–ok, there is the first irony):

    “…weight loss can be your door to a more joyous and fulfilling life. And Renee’s ready to show you the way to get there, today.

    To Renée, weight loss is not about dropping a few pounds for swimsuit season, it’s about getting out of our own way, stopping the self criticism, and falling in love with our lives and our bodies. It’s not about self-control; it’s about self-expression…”

    A more joyous, fulfilling life? I doubt that she has either, living with that horrid, horrid man. And “…stopping the self criticism…”? Can you believe that is actually on her Web site? If you saw this situation in a movie: Narcissistic pompous man who cruelly verbally abuses a woman because of her weight is married to someone whose central tenet to her personal fulfillment business is to stop the self criticism…you’d groan at the obviousness, the Hollywood-ness of it.

  291. I really do believe that Stephen is sorry. Sorry that the comments he made on television probably ruined his wife’s business as well as his own ventures. People who say the things he said are never sorry. I’m sure he feels everything that he said was true. Like I said, he is just upset about the backlash and that is what all the sorries are for. You made your bed Buddy. Now wallow in it.

  292. I have a double doctorate degree or otherwise two PhDs. Never in my life have I ever encountered an illiterate like Mr. Fowler. don’t be fooled guys he secretly wishes that he were (to use the subjunctive mood) educated. He is suffering from a disease called “cognitive incapacity”. If he were educated, we would have noticed from his actions. He is pushing his kids to become what he could not achieve, that is, be educated. Unfortunately, they will end up with a life of practiced deceit. Mr. Fowler is simply beyond our consideration, does not deserve our attention. The woman he tried to abuse should perhaps understand that she is more clever and absolutely more educated – in every sense – than Mr. Fowler. I think this man should be sent back to high school to take some lessons in Social Studies and grammar. I wish I could have a public debate with this man!

  293. I just read the yahoo headline and got interested reading online, youtube, and blogs. Really, i was shocked of the words spewed by Mr. Stephen to Ms. Gayla. I can’t stomach the kind of behaviour he displayed and he never even think twice the after-effect that will affect their lives and family knowing it is a national TV shows and millions of audience are watching. The statement of Ms. Renee also added a shocking glitters that she was borned by circumstance only. They must understand and be awaken from their long nigntmare that they are sleeping under the 51 stars (correct me if am wrong). Well, Stephen-Fowler life is so hard today especially we are facing global crisis I hope that this crisis you have faced will be a lesson and hoping to see you in the next chapter of your life with new character, new life, new attitude and new as brand new you!

  294. I just want to say that I am so releived to read most these responses. Whether you are liberal or conservative; from the midwest or the coast (east or west); from north or south or even from another country; no matter what your race, creed or ethnic origin, this man’s behavior should have outraged us, and I am thankful that it did that for so many. The news is filled with negatives on a daily basis about humankind. It is a relief to know that most of us are still decent hard working people who care about each other. I also want to add that I commend Gayla for her perseverence throughout the process. She could have really retaliated, and stooped to his level and she did not. She kept trying, and didn’t engage in his banter. She should feel really good about that. As far as Mr. Fowler goes, well he is hopefully reeping what he has sown. Things have a way of coming back at you–you get what you give, and I hope is is receiving lots of that!!

  295. First this IDIOTS little Children SHOULD be REMOVED from that HOUSE it is certainly NOT a HOME!,WHAT is the difference in torturing a child by starving him from Love and affection and FORCING them to do HIS BIDDING than other neglected Children?, I bet if those Kids could RUN they WOULD,Did you see them Riding those Go Carts HAving a Blast then the ASSHOLE comes in, FUNS OVER KIDS back to the Fencing and 21/2 HOURS of Homework EVERY NIGHT!.This ASSHOLE would had his Face rearranged had I been Mr Long,He would NOT have INSULTED my Wife and walked away without stitches and bruises, I PROMISE!, WHAT AN ASSHOLE FIRST RATE WORSE I EVER SEEN PLEASE GO BACK TO ENGLAND WE DON;T WANT YOU ASSHOLE!

  296. Today Yahoo features Stephens’s bad behavior and also a link to my T-shirts.
    Mind you this T-shirt has been up since the day after show with no problems. Now today when Yahoo features it CafePress pulls my design. When I asked why this was their response:
    Dear Jc,

    Thank you for contacting!

    Your use of Stephen Fowler likeness may violate his right of publicity. As outlined in our Intellectual Property Rights FAQ’s, the Right of Publicity clause makes it unlawful to use another’s identity for commercial advantage without permission. A person’s “identity” includes, for example, his look, voice, name, nickname, professional name, and other distinctive characteristics. For example, the Right of Publicity prohibits you using the picture of a celebrity without authorization on your merchandise.

    Accordingly, we have set the images in question to “pending status” which disables said content from being displayed in your shop or purchased by the public. You may review the content set to pending status by logging into your account and clicking on the “Media Basket” link. The content set to pending status will be highlighted red.

    For additional information on Right of Publicity and our Content Usage Policy, please visit our Help page.

    We apologize for any inconvenience that our actions may cause you.

    Your ticket code is LTK419045124806X. Please use this code in any further communication.

    I promptly called there and asked how they can state this for the following reasons:

    1. There are 244 Stephen Fowlers in the US

    2. He put himself on TV so he has no right of Publicity.

    The woman who answered said I was obviously referring to one in particular to which I argued how an you say that when my shirt made no reference to a middle initial or location or TV show and she stood by her answer that she would not allow it, but with no good reason. My gut feeling is Stephen called and threatened them too.

    Can everyone help me out and contact CafePress much the same way you contacted the people Fowler sat on boards for? It seems to me this woman has a soft spot for Stephen.

  297. They are doing damage control. Clearly, they have been living like this for a long time. If they truly are such a tree hugging, international family, they wouldn’t be so judgmental — they would know what the world is all about. — Go do some REAL international work, shoot, go to New Orleans. Help families — really get back to what matters.
    Of course I wouldn’t want this guy near anyone who needed help.

    Their poor kids seemed miserable. Can you imagine when these kids grow up how they will have to, avoid these pressuring, judgmental, distant, parents.

    For all of this backlash against them. Stephen needs to take full responsibility for himself and his immaturity. Instead of threatening lawsuits.

    His wife Renee laughs with Stephen when he insults Gayla at the end of the show. Mind & Body healer???? Wow. Maybe Renee should do some more negative energy dances.

    They are in this together. No “life coach” can live under a roof like this. At the end of the show they are both saying “we haven’t incorporated anything Gayla brought into our house.”

    We have reached a new low in TV.

    Gayla was fantastic throughout the process. She maintained her control and her sense of self. She was great with the kids you could feel her pain when the kids were ordered not to speak with her. I would take a million Gayla’s to none of the Fowlers.

    I have never been involved with these blogs but this enraged me.

  298. When they were sitting at the table at the end of the show Renee’s husband was just stting there like a lump. If it was my husband he would of had his fist so far down stephen’s throat it would have come out his a-hole. No one has the right to take the abuse that lady got. That man needs to be tied up by his little stones and sent back to England where he came from and his wife needs to go with him. The really sad part is there kids they have to have a father that is such a shallow peice of vile.

  299. When they were sitting at the table at the end of the show Gayla’s husband was just stting there like a lump. If it was my husband he would of had his fist so far down stephen’s throat it would have come out his a-hole. No one has the right to take the abuse that lady got. That man needs to be tied up by his little stones and sent back to England where he came from and his wife needs to go with him. The really sad part is there kids they have to have a father that is such a shallow peice of vile.

  300. Our local San Francisco paper wrote an article about Mr. Fowler. The comments are pretty entertaining. I think it’s fair to say than many of my fellow residents are as appalled his behavior as those from the rest of the country.

    Once again I apologize on behalf of my city for this jerk and want to emphasize that neither of these people are native to San Francisco. I wish people like this were not drawn to San Francisco. We don’t want them here.

  301. I would never take the time to watch such a show like wife swap or comment on it, I now since believe that is was fate. On the heels of such a wonderful election and hope for change; I was flippin through the stations and ran across that British ass and low and behold he mangaged to shit on our American Dream by opening his mouth! I nearly threw up from the shame of this with only the solace that there is still time to ship this guy back to where he came; no wait! Ship him to Afganistan and give his a sling and a marble and some “filtered water” and some of those “crocks” for his little British feet. Maybe some dipers too because he will surely shit having to do any heavy “work” like hiking through the desert in search of Americans to help him. Asswhole!
    Though I have and an advanced education (two degrees), I do not believe that you are devalued in any way because you do not. I go to the bay area quite often and I am usually a very calm and mature person. But if I happen to run into that British Asswhole or his condesending uptight skinny wife surely I will not withhold my tongue and perhaps slap each of them with the palm of my hand that would be a very light punishment butmake me feel better.
    Their truest of Karma will be when their child grows up; realizes what a horrible pair of parents she got, marry someone from Missouri and cut them off completely. I will pray for it!

    Veronica from Portland Oregon

  302. Stephen Fowler Rocks! When I was watching that episode of Wife Swap and saw Stephen Fowler tear into that woman I CHEERED! It was hilarious and a well overdue payback. I said to my wife, “I love how Europeans can unapologetically state their opinions with honesty without being afraid of the bedwetting sensibilities and politically correct right. Stephen Fowler didn’t mince any words.” These Fowler hating websites just goes to show how out of control the bleeding-hearted right has gotten in their efforts to make everyone fall lockstep to their beliefs. For the past two decades liberals have had to suffer under the b/millionaire right wing elitists calling us “bleedinghearts” simply because we believed it was wrong to waste billions of tax payer dollars murdering innocent children and families in order to steal the oil that lay under their land. We were called “anti-American” by a president who could barely speak the national language just because we believed spending taxpayers’ hard earned dollars at home instead of on outsourcing jobs and weapons corporations was the right thing to do. We have put up with years of rightist hypocritical media (like the hysterical drug addict on the radio) that censors everything the voting public needs to know and regurgitates 93% of the same useless nonsense all day long. Media journalism in America is a joke because of conservatives enforcing their political correct controls on America. 3 cheers for Stephen Fowler for saying what was on 80% of Americans’ minds. It’s about time these “we are more American than you” elitist hypocritical conservatives were put in their place. It’s about time someone offered up a balance to what Americans have been through for the past 8 years. Thank you Stephen Fowler.

  303. I LOVE the fact that this finally made it to a MAJOR news network when I listed the name of it on the ABC message board they pulled it… I seen this network listed on their site so not sure why they pulled it.. But it doesn’t matter all you have to do is do a google search and see it.. Shoot that is how I found this website…
    I’m wondering if they will move back to his country I really think they both should…
    I NEVER in my life posted about a wife swap and I have seen some goof balls and jerks on there.. Men and Women but never such a person like Fowler… He shocked me to my core…
    I DONT agree with people threatening them to me that is going to far but America would be a better place if he went back to his country that he was born… It would be awesome to have one less Bully in this country he just needs to move back home…
    I don’t believe his apology it seems very non-emotional but I do believe Renee’s 3rd. apology it was more real and seemed she let it all sink in after watching the show…
    I don’t believe she should be on a high horse acting like she changed the world with the Long Family… The Long Family are just an awesome group I’m not saying they are perfect and Skirt work was not cool but I know that was an easy fix in their family…
    Fowler will be the worst wife swap husband ever in W.S. History…

  304. I can’t believe this is generating such a response. I don’t watch reality TV but this episode has made enough news that even I have heard about it. I agree that Fowler is certainly something of an elitist ass who should go back where he came from – we have enough pompous blowhards in this country already – but he was probably told to overplay his ugly tendencies to make good “reality” TV. Really, anyone who is idiotic enough to go on these reality TV shows in the first place pretty much deserves what they get-on both sides. No one ever comes off looking good on them – the point of all of them is to generate controversy. Someday someone is going to really go crazy and hurt someone. Shows like this should be taken off the air. It’s unfortunate that people continue to watch them enough that they are allowed to continue. I understand that it’s a bit like rubbernecking at a car accident – many people just can’t help themselves even if it slows down traffic – but it’s time to get a life and move on. Watch something worthwhile. Better yet, read a book. Even the phone book would have more value than any reality show on TV.

  305. Re: Stephen Fowler

    Having just become aware of all the furore over Mr Fowler’s recent appearance on “Wife Swap” and reading the comments on this site, I have come to the conclusion that there are some pretty stupid people about. First stupid person is Stephen Fowler; of course he appears arrogant and charmless and for someone who is supposed to be so clever the way he has acted here shows him to be stupid. The whole premise of this type of show (not quite “reality” but near enough) is for entertainment and conflict. After all, Wife Swap doesn’t want people to get on with each other; this would be too boring and not get the ratings! So Mr Fowler is stupid. However, lets not be fooled about the role of the show’s producers who edited the exchanges and set the tone for the show. They undoutedly got him to play a role – that of an arrogant foreigner. So they too should take some of the blame over this furore. Thirdly, all the people saying that Fowler is a “typical” Briton who should relocate back to the UK forthwith at the risk of being abused in the street etc. He’s not a typical Brit. I’m a Brit so I should know! I’ve never been to the mid west but I have spent many happy vacations in the US over the years. The people are friendly and the country is lovely (well the bits I’ve been to). But here are some facts: many Americans are obese; many Americans are patriotic bordering on the extreme. I don’t see that Fowler’s wife should be vilified for saying she’s not a proud American. Lets just chalk this whole episode up to zealous TV execs who want some controversy to get the viewing numbers up on third rate shows like Wife Swap. I don’t feel a lot of sympathy for Fowler but he’s rather been led astray and now has a major hassle on his hands. I hope that no gun toting Yank is going to blow him away. Or is that simply another anti American stereotype from an inferior non American ….

  306. wow!!!!!!!!! you are a really bad example on your children. i am a 14 year old and my parents dont set a bad example for me.i think in my opinion that this episode with you on it was horible. i think that stephen fowler should be deleted off of everything and not brought back up again. now yall may think diffrent but this is my opinion.

    p.s. that was a good example that you decided to put on your children. just kidding it was a really bad example. i am glad that i finally turned off the t.v. when it got about half-way into the show cause what i did watch made me so disipointed.