Wife Swap’s Stephen Fowler Threatens to Sue Reality Roll Call

Wife Swap’s Stephen Fowler Threatens to Sue Reality Roll Call


First of all, I have to say that I didn’t see Wife Swap last night, but I wish I had. Apparently, this guy is real tool because we have never gotten so many hits in such a short time on one post. EVER.

Anyway, Stephen Fowler sent me an email sometime this morning, threatening to sue us if we don’t remove his address from the site. Here’s what he wrote:

Your website lists my home address.  We have already received threats as a result of this.  If you do not remove this immediately, I will sue forthwith.

Please confirm by return or you will hear from attorney.

Stephen Fowler

I don’t know where you all got his home address, but clearly it is public record. So you’re gonna have to get that information somewhere else, because we can’t let you post it. Not because of his threat, but because it is just not the policy of Reality Roll Call to divulge personal addresses of anyone.  Besides, you all know where to get it if you want it.

Don’t stoop down to his level by going to his house, and being the ass that you all think he is. You are always free to comment on any person on any show. That’s one of the reason’s RealityRollCall.com is here. But I don’t want you guys to get in trouble for taking it too far.


  1. Mr. Fowler is a low life piece of snake manure. hes lucky most the country doesnt know where he lives because about 260 million red blooded americans would fry his pea brain. it such a shame his children have to live with trash.

  2. His comments brought tears to my eyes and the show should be renamed to wife abuse. I blame abc! It actually was impossible to believe….I will no longer watch this show because the message in these tough times is really over the top. Do americans really need to hear fowlers feelings about america? Was this a negative hollywood publicity stunt for fowlers business??? I am not really sure what it is all about but I am sure it is a public manipulation for the bigger picture for fowler, abc or the unknown??
    What an affront to the public!

  3. What ever happened to they days of TGIF?

    Sitting down with the family, playing a game of Sorry or Monopoly while watching shows like Family Matters and Step-by-Step.

    Gone are the days of my childhood. I feel pity for the children 10 years from my former.

  4. Stephen Fowler is a dispicable human being. He does not deserve to live in this country, much less have been granted citizenship. Who the hell does he think that he is that he is so much better than most Americans? Go back to England you elitist, racist, sexist, narcissistic arrogant prick and take your traitor of a wife with you. And by the way, you are too skinny, your hair looks like a bad wig, your teeth look like they were rotted out by maggots, and your nose looks like its been broken a few times- probably for being a nasty hateful prick.

  5. Mr Steven Fowler managed, in a sixty or so minute piece of reality television, to do justice to every stereotype ever commandeered in regards to a stuffy, arrogant Brit. We could leave his place of birth out of the equation. We might try to blame insidious editing for mis-representing his character. But the man’s own arrogance would set off richter scales of disgust on both sides of the Atlantic.

    In short, he’s a man of the twenty-first century: he’s made his money by promoting a green-friendly persona, whilst also managing to exploit migrant labour to clean his toilets. He continually preens his ego. His wardrobe consists of three black t-shirts, each with a cryptically environmental phrase. (I suspect he sells them, and took the programme as a chance for free advertising.)

    But worst of all he’s a bully. He denigrates anyone who does not possess a certain level of education in offensive, cruel ways. There is nothing wrong with pursuing higher degrees, nor is there any shame in choosing not to. What was really offensive–I mean disturbingly offensive–is how this man carried on, in front of a TV camera, with gleeful insults towards his swap-wife. He’s literally the kind of person who, even in middle age, gets a kick out of making other people cry. He zeros in on what he construes as a soft-area–in this case, his swap-wife’s weight and lack of a university education–and prattles on about it constantly, with the scorn of a small-necked schoolmaster.

    In short, he’s a paragon of a smarmy-mouthed arse who delights in humiliating other people. If he represents forward-thinking, eco-conscious living, then we’re in trouble. Hearing his snot-nosed pronouncements, I found myself yearning for the days of hippies and flowers. At least a hippie would give you a hug. As for Mr FOWLer, he would bring up the bile in a nun’s throat, so loathsome is his character. Even Dickens couldn’t come up with such a heavyweight asshole.

  6. Well, he is entirely despicable – but that’s why he got on TV, right? Surely, the psych-ops people at ABC can sniff out an idiot when they see one. But not just any idiot. No. An idiot who will act in a reprehensible manner, on national TV, guaranteeing higher ratings. Fowler got $50,000 for his family for being his normal, obnoxious self.

    As long as we watch shows like Wife Swap, and I’m not gonna watch it anymore, we’ll continue to say . . . hey, I like seeing morally bankrupt people act like jerks toward other people. This is what I call entertainment!

    Not anymore. Turn this crap off.

  7. His information is public record by all accounts.
    On Yahoo Answers theres already a few people posted this information and MANY, MANY more who have voiced an outrage. My own personal outcry was removed after having 35+ heated comments.

    Mr Fowler all I can say is this.
    You cannot be ‘that’ smart to go on national TV, talk/act the way you did and truly not expect this type of outcome.
    You not only have Americans outraged by your behaviour but fellow Brits too.
    Try suing WIfe Swap and the TV network who were dumb enough to air the episode…oh wait you cant due to any waivers signed right? again not very smart.
    While I would never want anything physical to happen to you or your family you deserve the verbal bashing you are receiving. You embarrassed yourself/your family and your causes.

  8. Well, for someone so…. educated, he seems to have forgotten one of the golden rules of life. If you don’t anything nice to say, say nothing. Hmmm… maybe I should stop right there, because that says it all.

  9. Hilarious. What a sniveling little crybaby! Actions have consequences, but clearly Mr. Minger lacks even a shred of common sense. Not only did he agree to appear on a tacky friday night reality show, but he also chose to behave like a vile cunt. And now he is shouting foul and threatening legal action because he willingly chose to put his family in the national spotlight? Maybe if he didnt use the show as a platform to spew his insipid, assbackwards bullshit, he wouldn’t be reduced to cowering like the spineless little manorexic pissclot that he most certainly is.

    I would never advocate violence against anyone, but this man should most definitely fear the backlash of the general public.

  10. ABC has removed many postings on their wife swap blog (including mine)and I did not post any of his personal information. ABC did not like my mention that Steven Fowler’s blind and hateful attitude and beliefs towards others who he feels are beneath him is what fuels genocide around the world. His lack of empathy and connection toward other human beings is pathological. I also mentioned that organizations (like ABC who remove postings) who censor opinions and halt and limit discussion of the attitudes and beliefs surrounding genocide are shameful. ABC as a powerful media outlet certainly does not advocate free speech unless it furthers their own selfish agenda….like exploiting the people who appear on their entertaining “reality shows.”

  11. I think this episode touched on a much broader aspect of American society. People are saying Stephen Fowler is liberal. My contention is I have to disagree. I am liberal and Stephen to me is just another capitalist taking advantage of the environment for his own personal gain. The Longs were undereducated in the perceived American educational system, Stephen is right, but a liberal would ask the question…. Why? Stephens answer would be that they are lazy… a convenient cop out for those who seek to take advantage of the system they helped create. Making money works off of scarcity and Mr. Fowler would not hold himself at such a high esteem in America if we all could start with the same advantages I am sure he enjoyed. Much like his way of making money is based off of scarcity, he is making money off of the same environment that others created by making their own individual wealth. I lived in Europe and I noticed a much more open and educated society, but that is because in Europe people can educate themselves no matter their wealth. In America on the other hand most students I know hold down a full time job to pay for their bills. Maybe Mr. Fowler if you want to be truly liberal you should drop the idea of making a profit to help the environment, or you should set up free clinics in Missouri on how to help people understand the impending threat on our world, but sir I doubt you would do that, you just want to say you are liberal because it is the “cool” thing to do and make a profit off of the worlds miseries. I also think it is amazing that Stephen thinks that real workers have the time to exercise or that they can afford a treadmill, an organic diet and to send their kids to bilingual classes. In my opinion sir you are what is wrong with this world. You seem superficial and unwilling to actually look at the bigger perspective of your words and actions. In some respects I think you are what created the Long family.

  12. I’m getting a bit peeved with people writing in and saying they have x number of degrees when they cannot use the proper words (it’s foul the adjective, not fowl, the noun referring to chickens, turkeys etc even though Fowler is also one of those creatures) or capitalize England.

  13. Steven FOWLer just left me speechless during that segment of wifeswap. I never watched the show before but was astounded at his wildly reckless attitude. He should be ashamed at the unnecessary belittlement he put that woman through. She was trying to play be the rules of show and he couldn’t help himself. I guess his “short guy” syndrome was more than he could hide when it came to possessing basic human courtesy. He was so arrogant he chose to tell this woman what he does, what he makes, how dumb he thought she is rather than let it speak for itself. What a dick. I can’t tell you how incredibly turned off I was to Steven and how sorry I felt for this Missouri woman. He did such a job on her for no apparent reason. Hey Steven, I never get on the web and look up the aftermath of a show… Payback is a Bitch. Who is crying now?

  14. The public should boycott all things Steven Fowler from WifeSwap. Don’t donate to him, listen to his causes. They are founded on bullshit. He doesn’t deserve to make a living in a country he and his wife openly despise. Fly your short “bad teeth” ass back to the UK turn your nose at everyone over there.

  15. Apparently the company that Fowler is CEO of is partnered with a wheelchair company that makes millions off of disabled VETS. Apparently he looks down at the military as “fascist and low class” but doesn’t mind making money off their permanent disabilities.

    Heres my note to them at their website magicwheels.com:

    As the wife of a wounded vet, with a number of friends who are disabled from their service to our country, I speak for them when I say that none of us will ever purchase one of your chairs or recommend them as long as Fulcrum and Stephen Fowler is in any way connected with your company. What a disgusting human being (and I use the term loosely) who thinks nothing of trashing and degrading Americans, women and the entire military.

    A Proud military wife and a proud American

  16. I feel so sorry for his wife, who showed to be way a better person and a well manner human being. I have a Phd, I speak 3 languages, I am involved in cultural events, I am European, and I am embarrassed of Mr. Fowler. Please do not think all educated people denigrate others as he did. Shame on you, Mr. Fowler!

  17. Steven Fowler get your skinny, ugly self and move out of this country, you are a disgrace to humanity and should not live here in this country. I hope your business goes down the tubes now that people have gotten a glimpse into your foul JUDGEMENTAL personality.

    How dare you treat that nice woman the way you did calling her names? more so when you look so old, are so unattractive and pompus, you arrogent jerk.

  18. I think Stephen is screwed.

    I am a Canadian and I watched Wife Swap and I could not believe the stuff he was saying. Doesn’t he know better than to piss off Americans? 😉

    Kick this guy back over the pond will you guys?

  19. The guy is probably just mad that his parents named him stephen and has a last name of stephen-fowler.


    guy from wife swap

    Call Stephen on 415-648-0808
    Please egg him, you can see it was his house from google maps street view
    4218 25th St
    San Francisco, CA 94114-3619

  20. Faith,

    I know of no laws that would hold you liability for people posting Fowler’s public information (his address) on your blog. In fact, section 230 would shield you. In addition, Fowler has himself posted his own address on other public accessible sites.

    Mr. Fowler is trying to bully you just as he bullies his family and Mrs. Long.

    I would intensely dislike doing anything this man requests; especially when he threatens. Nevertheless, I do not agree with posting such things as personal addresses.

    So, if you took those posts off for your own reasons, that is great. But if you took them off because you felt threatened by Mr. Fowler, don’t be. He is all bark and no teeth.

    Keep up the great work.

  21. Honestly these days with the internet…everyone has access to your address, your phone number, your business and personal endeavors. I would assume that with the IQ that Mr. Fowler claims that he has, that he would have been aware that people would be able to locate his address. DUH!!!!!!!!

  22. Stephen Fowler
    Please contact and voice your “over opinion” as he so delicately put it.

    415.648.4811 (office)
    415.648.0808 (cell)

    stephenfowler@yahoo.com (personal)
    sfowler@terranovabio.com (work)

    Terranova Bioenergy
    900 Larkspur Landing Circle, #205
    Larkspur. CA 94939

    Stephen Fowler has more than twenty years of experience in a variety of sectors including private equity, strategy consulting and energy development.

    Previously Fowler was the founder of BoardSeat, a San Francisco-based strategy consulting firm. Before this, Fowler was a General Partner with Aspen Ventures, an early-stage venture capital fund based in Silicon Valley and before that a Senior Vice President with Berkeley International Capital, a later-stage venture fund based in San Francisco. Previously, Fowler was CEO of Chubb Parsi, an engineering firm based in Barcelona, Spain.

    He has served on a number of corporate boards and currently serves as Chairman of ForestEthics, a San Francisco-based nonprofit environmental group, and Treasurer and Secretary of Pacific Environment, an international nonprofit environmental group.

    Fowler holds graduate degrees from Cambridge University and London Business School. He is married with two children and resides in San Francisco. He speaks fluent Spanish and passable French.

  23. We can request that Mr. Fowler to be sent back to England but we know that will never happen legally. No one ever gets deported for being stupid. And yes, I mean STUPID Mr. Fowler!!!! I think he has fried all his brain cells with all his education.

    I do not feel sorry for his wife because she could stand up to him or leave him. I do however feel sorry for his children. They have no way out. They are stuck with two parents who have obviously chosen education over love. In my opinion, this is a form of child abuse and this is what we as American should be more focused on. Those children need our help!!!! We all know arrogant, self indulged, self centered, degrading adults. They will get what’s coming to them. But the children are who we need to focus on. Hopefully, someone in an authoritative position will step in and evaluate this family and do what is right for those children. Thank ABC.

  24. From Iowa (fix’d);
    The Midwest’s gift for the West Coast:


    Terranova Bioenergy
    900 Larkspur Landing Circle, #205
    Larkspur. CA 94939

    Stephen Fowler


    Renée is an inspiring motivational speaker, seminar leader, and coach whose focus is on creating positive and lasting change, from the boardroom to the beach. She can be contacted at renee@personallifemedia.com or at 206.350.5333.

  25. I was in tears after watching this episode! I’ve never seen such a cruel, arrogant, abusive, despicable man in my life. It was really hard to watch and I was surprised Wife Swap let it go on. I can’t believe they ever allowed citizenship to a man who despises and shows such disdain for the very people of this country.

    I feel sorry for his children, who he is teaching to be just as cruel as he is.

  26. People who have never responded to a television show are responding, and I am one of those.

    Stephen Fowler was beyond rude to Mrs. Long on the show, to the point of being abusive, and I think the American public is shocked at how abusive! I must say:

    1. If this man were truly as well-educated and worldly as he claimed, he would be more accepting and appreciative of others ideas. (Mr. Fowler was not accepting of anything beyond his own little world.)
    2. An intelligent person does not have to be so defensive and use degrading and abusive language! If anything, education should expand your language beyond childish name calling. (Mr. Fowler used abusive and hurtful language that one would be more likely to hear in middle s chool.)
    3. Smart people learn something from every situation, while not so smart people only take with them what they started out with! (Mr. Fowler and his wife said they learned nothing, which shows the degree of their intellect.)
    4. If a person is so financially capable that he throws the amount of his earnings in others’ faces, why be on Wife Swap, especially when it is obvious that he did not want to be there? (Mr. Fowler shouted at Mrs. Long that he made more in a week than she did in a year. This is very doubtful, especially after the airing of the show, we can all hope!)
    5. A truly intelligent person would never act the way Mr. Fowler acted in front of millions last night! (He knew from the day he signed the contract with ABC what he was getting into, before the cameras arrived.)
    6. Lastly, a true American would NEVER put down our military, and would always honor those who have given so much so we can have so much! Not everyone will agree on the politics of where our military should serve or not serve, but anyone with a soul would agree that those who have served to protect us should be honored! (Neither of the Fowlers feel like they are true Americans, and this is sad.)

    I hope Mr. Fowler will start to understand that a REAL man is not measured by the amount of money he makes nor the degrees on his wall, but by the kindness he demonstrates to others. Welcome to America, Mr. Fowler!

  27. For someone so allegedly intelligent and sophisticated, this guy is an idiot. He wants to sue someone for reposting information that he posted publicly elsewhere? He didn’t think that we ignorant rednecks of the flyover country not only have television – but we’re on the Internet?

    I think Mr. Fowler needs to get out more and quit blathering about the environment while standing on his wood floor among his wood cabinets and near his wood deck. It is so tiresome to listen to an environmental profiteer who keeps an electric treadmill, a plastic waterbottle, and a minivan lecture the rest of us on environmental “responsibility.”

  28. “Your website lists my home address. We have already received threats as a result of this. If you do not remove this immediately, I will sue forthwith.

    Please confirm by return or you will hear from attorney.

    Stephen Fowler”

    Who’s “forthwith” and why is he suing them?

  29. Frankly, I am surprised that he went to Cambridge. Is it possible he is overcompensating…that he’s from a lower class background, but got lucky and went to Cambridge? Then upon graduation from Cambridge and then London Business School (not the London School of Economics?), he found it difficult to move up the ladder because he lacked connections that his upper crusty classmates had?

    One of the most arrogant British folks I’ve met falls into this category, but he graduated from a less prestigious university in Britain. The funny thing is, this former co-worker would have been okay as a friend, but he was trying so hard to make up for his humiliating experiences growing up in public housing that he just came across as a total jerk. To make himself feel better about himself, he often put down others, including me. Once he told me I would feel better about myself if I just had a Phd (as he has one). I explained that I was in a Phd program years ago, but I dropped out after the master’s degree (for family reasons).

  30. Despicable! Stephen Fowler should be removed from ALL the environmental companies that have him listed on their staff or board! If they know what is good for them and want to portray sincere “care”, they better wake up and realize what is right in front of them! Sad thing is, these companies must have some idea what/who Stephen Fowler really is and same goes for his wife! He has disrespected America, women, the other family on the show (wife swap), and his own family! Go back to England Stephen, where they must have no manners or common courtesy. Also, what are they teaching their children? Isn’t that child abuse?

  31. What a classless, ignorant, rude, pompous ass!! Three cheers for Gayla Long for not stooping to his level and for sticking up for AMERICA! Every time that skinny little weasel opened his mouth he showed what a big jerk he is. haha!! I have to admit, it was entertaining!

  32. I believe the children are our future, teach them well and let them lead the way. p.s. whitney – crack is whack.

    …but seriously. These poor children. Two impressionable minds have been ruined by this sadistic, narcissistic mentally ill man. I hope that they can emerge free of these delusions of grandeur. very sad.

  33. Are the ratings of Wifeswap going down? Is ABC hoping viewers will get guilty pleasure in watching men abuse other men’s wives? I used to like wifeswap, it was funny and basically “feel good” but last night I was horrified. First Mr. Long gets in Renee Fowler’s face, demanding she say she’s “a proud American”, leaning into her and practically biting off her nose to the point where she asks if he’s going to hit her…Hello? ABC cameraman…? Step in maybe…? And worse, Jack the Ripper Fowler- as many genuine environmentalists and liberals on this site pointed out – a phony, capitalistic, opportunist “tree hugger”, RELENTLESSLY verbally abuses Mrs. Long. He calls her stupid, fat, an idiot, slams doors in her face…my God that was horrible. She had to endure that torture for a WEEK? Was she given the option of getting out? Obviously, she’s got the midwestern stick-to-it-iveness. You’re damn right she’s going to be scarred. Shame on ABC for running that piece. What was the point of that? I was disgusted.
    I see Mr. Fowler wants to sue. If anyone should sue, it’s Mrs. Long. She’s a nice woman, admits she’s undereducated – I think the producers took advantage of her naevete by putting her in this situation. And to top it all off, she had to endure the humiliation of seeing Fowler’s passive, enabling wife announce she wasn’t going to use any of her suggestions.
    Just when Obama made a call for blue and red states to come together, ABC has played into the worst stereotypes people in the midwest have of the “liberal elite.” I’ve been to San Francisco, and I haven’t seen anyone act like that asshole. I’ve also met expat Brits and none were the arrogant misanthrope he is. Why play into anti-British sentiment on top of everything else?

  34. I could not have been more angry after watching last night’s Wife Swap. Although I have never submitted to blogs about a television show, I felt compelled to vent my feelings at the ABC website. I wrote that Fowler is a morally bankrupt and evil scumbag who treats human beings with no respect and abuses women (verbally and emotionally). I wrote that these two psuedointellectuals were peddling pseudoscience to defraud Americans and that every reader should voice their displeasure to anyone who does business with these charlatans (Pacificenvironment.org, Weight Watchers International, etc). In no post did I advocate violence against these two, I did not post their addresses or phone numbers, and I have apparently been banned from ABC for these comments. ABC has exploited these tools for ratings and apparently does not want to reap what they have sown. I still advocate all readers to make their wishes known to anybody with whom the Fowlers do business. Actions have consequences. Fowlers (and ABC) you bought the ticket, now take the ride.

  35. This Fowler guy is a very insecure man. When was the last time you have told someone that they don’t make as much money as you do? When was the last time you told someone they are fat and stupid?
    If you want to see his house go to google maps and enter “mindforbody, san francisco, ca”. This is his wife’s business. And leave a nice review of her business when are at it.

  36. The more I think about this the funnier it is.

    How does he know the people who threatened him got his address from realityrollcall.com and not where he or his wife posted it?

    Is his argument going to be:
    “Realityrollcall.com is responsible because people would only be able to get my address from that website, they are just too stupid to find it someplace else on the internet.”

    Even if the person read his address off of realityrollcall.com and threatened him, how is realityrollcall.com liable?

    Is his argument going to be:
    If people read something on a website that tells them to do something, they will do it because they are so stupid. So it is realityrollcall.com’s fault.

  37. While Mr. Fowler may have the credentials for employment at Tarranova Bioenerty, they may want to check his DNA for any microorganism of human decency. I pray that they will assist Mr. Fowler to receive the psychological help that he so obviously needs. His proclaimed “respect for the environment” is so contradicting as his behavior didn’t show any “respect for life” at all. His behavior completely contradicts his proclaimed “values” as Chairman of Forestethics. How professionally unethical could one person be? How can they allow someone who contradicts himself in this manner continue to work for their business? Mr. Fowler’s prejudicial attitude is the same attitude that Europeans used to colonize and commit the genocide of indigenous people. If Mr. Fowler is so educated, did he not learn anything from world history? Did his education include a psychology book? If it did, he would have learned that “emotional intelligence” is more important which he is clearly lacking. There is no blaming the ignorance that came out of Mr. Fowler’s mouth on the editing of producers “fitting him into a stereotype.” Actions speak louder than words! Mr. Fowler’s actions and words towards the Long family were despicable and the fact that he did it in front of his children is deplorable. Please understand the gravity of how hurtful his actions were to the human race, Americans, and Britians.

  38. This was like a very bad, unaired episode of Frasier. However, unlike Stephen, the Frasier character had redeeming qualities. He never verbally abused anyone. He even learned from and respected his “less educated” family and friends. But then again, the Frasier character had people around him that kept him grounded, connected with the human race. Mr. Fowler, you did yourself and your family a big disservice in the following ways:
    1. You forgot that you were dealing with a human being. That, in and of itself, should have warranted some respect. The verbal abuse that you inflicted on Mrs. Long was tantamount to physical abuse. The only real differences were that you didn’t leave any physical bruises and you can’t be charged with assault. (You really should be though. Hopefully, the laws will to amended to help jail people like you.)
    2. The US military is filled with degree holding officers and service people. The same holds true for all of the service organizations that you take advantage of as you look down your nose at them.
    3. Meeting one person from the Midwest does not offer enough of a sample set to form a generalization of a complete population of people located in that area. That would be equivalent to saying that you are the sole representation of the entire population of Great Britain. (If this were the case, I could guarantee you that the amount of tourism from the US to the United Kingdom would greatly diminish.)
    4. I say that you represent Great Britain because you act very un-American. You adopted this country but seem to have no love or pride in it. If you don’t like here, you should go back to your mother land. We (Americans) won’t cry over the lost.

  39. And to my surprise, I found this poor excuse for a human being as a distant connection through LinkedIn. Interpersonal skills? Are you kidding me?

    Recommendations For Stephen
    Terranova Bioenergy

    “Stephen possesses great skills in a wide range of areas including management, finance, marketing, business development and strategy. He has a rare combination of analytical, interpersonal, and cross-cultural business skills. Stephen has been instrumental in setting the stretegic direction for companies he co-founded, including Terranova Bioenergy. He is a really good guy to work with – all in all a great colleague.” November 15, 2007

    Flavio Feferman, Partner, Terranova Bioenergy
    was with another company when working with Stephen at Terranova Bioenergy
    Clean Tech/Sustanability Consultant
    Green Tech Strategies

    “Stephen was an excellent manager at Green Rewards, providing the start-up with a long term vision as well as the day-to-day steps needed to get us ready for launch. He exhibits a strong pragmatism mixed with creative problem solving which should be valued in whatever venture is fortunate enough to retain his services. Outside of work, Stephen showed a sincere interest in the personal and career progress of his colleagues and continues to be a key contact for me in the field of sustainable business.” May 28, 2007

    Fred Wu, Business Development Intern, Redefining Progress
    reported to Stephen at Green Rewards

    “I have always found Stephen a great networker and honest. Knows his stuff as well.” May 17, 2007

    Laurence Stybel, President/Co-Founder, Stybel Peabody
    worked with Stephen at BoardSeat

  40. Stephen Fowler is cowardly and paranoid in addition to all his other sins. He now has a security guard parked outside his home, who tries to tell anyone who even looks at his Noe Valley house to move on. Makes me want to exercise my 1st amendment rights to picket “Stephen Fowler Go Home!” But there are probably more effective ways to let his neighbors and colleagues know why he deserves to be ostracized. I’m horrified to read on the ABC message board post that the family actually had a gathering of friends to watch the broadcast. Clearly, this man doesn’t see himself the way America does.

  41. Stephen Fowler and his lame excuse for a wife, should be exiled from our country. They are nothing but a poor excuse for the vile excrement of our society thet we are trying to rid our selfs of. I hope everyone that seen that program and saw that familys anti American ways, discontinues any business with such anti American’s.I currently play an active part in geen energy and I can actively assure you that anything Mr Fowler is invloved with will end in zero. I’m currently and actively notifing everyone in the industry, especially with his lack of understanding and prejudice towards people he thinks are lower than his standards. Lol. Perhaps his lovely wife in her health business could pick up a few bucks on the corner from a few good hearted Americans. I really feel sorry for their children, they are actually lost with no parents. They have parents that think of themselves. MR Fruitloop Fowler is lucky I’m not the husband from Missouri>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  42. The blood of our courageous American soldiers has paid for the peace and security which Mr. Fowler, a British expatriate, has the undeserved privilege of enjoying. I cannot believe the audacity of this ingrate in his statement that the National Anthem is “demeaning and objectionable.” The fact that on top of this, he is managing to PROFIT off our country adds insult to injury. We need to notify any company with whom the Fowlers do business of our feelings. You may contact pacificenvironment.org, Weight Watchers International, and the “View from the Bay” television program.

  43. Lawyers? Ooooh. That’s scary. What’s he going to do with everyone who writes his employer/business? What’s he going to do to everyone who contacts his wife’s businesses? Sue us? Really? Why, I thought he had all the money and the rest of us are poor, pohunk, uneducated trash. What would he hope to gain by suing any of us little ol’ people? I got all the information I need to torment this freak. I won’t post on your sight out of respect for your wishes, but I noticed there that you have an advert for terranova. You supportive of this waste of flesh? I don’t think I like you very much, either. You know what they say about associations.

    • As a Google Adsense affiliate, the advertisements that the readers see on the site are based on a combination of the popularity of the posts and what Google thinks each individual reader would want to see. ( For example, when I visit my own site, I see very general reality tv ads.) I have no knowledge of what they are choosing for an individual reader to see. Apparently Terranova has a Google Adwords account, which is entirely between Terranova and Google.


  44. What an unbelievable scumbag! First he enjoys the benefits of our nation and profits from our economy and political stability. Then, he ridicules and disrespects our country, our national anthem, our military and our people. Then, he displays his disrespect on national, prime time television. Then he gets upset because Americans get angry, so he makes use of our legal system and takes out his tantrum on us for communicating about him. Where do you begin with this loser? How about with a big ole’ can of whoop ass? I would like to say “Go Home!” but I suspect they don’t want him in Britain either. So, how about just “Go Away! Far, Far away!”

  45. Mr. Fowler, I regret the fact that we share so many of the same values and the beautiful city of San Francisco. I was prompted to watch Wife Swap because someone else I know told me I had to see the disgusting behavior which you displayed. I too send my kids to an international school. I too like to keep fit and healthy and minimize my impact on the environment (I have also previously worked in the field). I too have a high IQ, although mine has been measured and not estimated. I too have a passion for international travel and have chosen to raise my kids as citizens of the world. How can two people with same values be so different? I watched in horror as you degraded the woman who was staying in your home. I can’t believe what you are teaching your children in your home, that it is o.k. to be so mean to another human being. Is this how you want your children to treat other children they don’t deem to be as intelligent? You treated another human being as though she wasn’t a human at all. Disgusting. I don’t look forward to crossing paths you.
    I want to echo another poster: Please understand the gravity of how hurtful his actions were to the human race.

    Here is Renee’s website: http://mindforbody.hotdoodle.com/?section=384

    Stephen is currently at Sunlink

  46. I just got done watching this episode and I am floored…….
    His wife’s (Renee Fowler)
    website for her company is: http://www.mindforbody.com, which is rather
    funny after seeing what she married herself too. How could she advertise
    on being someone else’s life coach??????
    Blind Justice from a Blog wrote:
    “His wife, Renee, while not as severe as Stephen, made a comment that rubbed me the wrong way when she said she was not a proud American. The only reason she was an American was a circumstance of birth. Seriously, WTF? Many people want to come to the United States because there are opportunities to suceed! I went on her website and she made a small joke that the Wife Swap editors took some liberties about her family. Well, I went to visit the site again this morning and that entry had been taken down.”

    People are really upset….especially after finding out he is involved somehow with http://www.magicwheels.com, company that makes wheelchairs for vets, the same people Stephen Fowler made a negative comment about on the show.

    Stephen Fowler is involved with pacificenvironment.org. Many people have asked that we should all email them and ask them to remove him from his position. Some other sites are saying he is a COO of http://www.zooqnet.com but
    I am not sure on this?????
    What a wanker!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  47. As a Brit living in America, I was very embarrassed to see Stephen Fowler be so incredibly nasty. He was shameful. Brits are not really like this. He is unique. He was terrible to Gayla and it is scary that he might be abusing his wife. It was strange how she looked down when they told her what he said to Gayla. He acted like a repulsive person and it was disgusting. He was the one with no intelligence or class. He was relentlessly nasty.

  48. Mr. Fowler is the extreme Asshole that our society has to put up with day in, and day out. Vile, repulsive, degrading, abusive. The list could go on and on. I have never been so pissed off after watching a tv show before. The question I kept asking over and over was “WHY did this man CHOOSE to go on this show?!” If he had no intentions of changing and constantly complained….why go on? And now say you’re going to sue? Hey man, you put yourself out there. Now deal with it.

  49. I have read on another post that he works at Pacific Environment(pacificenvironment.org). Go to the website and you can contact him via email. He must of thought that we Americans are too stupid to find this information for ourselves. Contact the company and let them understand your outrage of this ignorant fellow. Here is a list of the company’s financial supportors. Contact them also. Use your rights, make this man’s life hell as he did for Mrs. Long.
    Black ball him from U.S. jobs and he may move to another country, he does not deserve to live on this soil!! Pass this information to everyone you can.

    The California Endowment
    Cisco Systems Matching Gift
    Earth Share of California
    Ford Foundation
    Global Greengrants Fund
    Global Travel
    Goldman Environmental Prize
    Google Matching Gifts
    Richard and Rhoda Goldman
    I Do Foundation
    JiJi Foundation
    Joby Inc.
    The Laurie Foundation
    Lawrence Foundation
    L.P. Brown Foundation
    McKenzie River Gathering
    Gordon and Betty Moore
    Charles Steward Mott
    MYTWO Fund of Give2Asia
    National Endowment for
    Oak Foundation
    The Ocean Foundation
    Open Society Institute
    The Pew Charitable Trusts
    The Philanthropic
    Redwood Creek
    Rockefeller Brothers Fund
    Sigrid Rausing Trust
    Trust for Mutual
    Wallace Global Fund
    Weeden Foundation
    WestWind Foundation
    World Wildlife Fund

  50. This is my first post regarding reality TV “entertainment” I’m a bit riled up about this. Regardless of his nationality, education and wealth, Steven failed at minimum in being a man, in that no woman regardless of education should be treated so, so poorly! An honest attempt to show her other better ways could have made an impression upon her. Instead, she’ll remember him as the SOB arrogent person he is. So his professional contacts like him, they have a vested interest..what I saw was a very poor example of conduct for any human to teach a child.

  51. I just talked to a tree… Tree’s no longer want to have their picture on Stephen Fowler’s chest or anywhere near him. The World Tree Council gathered and has dismissed Stephen Fowler from any tree on earth. His wife too. The consensus is that Stephen Fowler NEVER hugged a tree and is a skinny nasty little wolf starving for tree blood… be afarid… very afraid indeed.

  52. Friends of Stephens and Renee Fowler should be embarrassed to be associated with people like is……

    I Am Proud To Be An American

    If tomorrow all the things were gone I’d worked for all my life, And I had to start again with just my children and my wife, I’d thank my lucky stars to be living here today, ‘Cause the flag still stands for freedom and they can’t take that away.

    I’m proud to be an American where at least I know I’m free, And I won’t forget the men who died who gave that right to me, And I gladly stand up next to you and defend her still today, ‘Cause there ain’t no doubt I love this land God Bless the U.S.A.

    From the lakes of Minnesota to the hills of Tennessee, Across the plains of Texas from sea to shining sea. From Detroit down to Houston and New York to L.A., There’s pride in every American heart and it’s time we stand and say:

    I’m proud to be an American where at least I know I’m free, And I won’t forget the men who died who gave that right to me, And I gladly stand up next to you and defend her still today, ‘Cause there ain’t no doubt I love this land God Bless the U.S.A.

  53. “I just talked to a tree… Tree’s no longer want to have their picture on Stephen Fowler’s chest or anywhere near him. The World Tree Council gathered and has dismissed Stephen Fowler from any tree on earth. His wife too. The consensus is that Stephen Fowler NEVER hugged a tree and is a skinny nasty little wolf starving for tree blood… be afarid… very afraid indeed.”

    Thank you for this funny post! Made my day! He has already killed off many trees to build that lovely maple kitchen and gleaming wood flooring in his home…I wonder how many board feet are being used up to fuel his upscale life style? I’m sure he checked to make sure that none of wood came from old growth or virgin forests…dosn’t that just make you feel better? He’s an environmental hypocrite!!!!!!

  54. Hollis Polk, who wrote the following article defending the Fowler’s just pulled it. Considering she is a “Psychic”, I’m surprised she even posted knowing she would have to pull it…


    Saturday, January 31, 2009
    Wife Swap, or The Global Village Still Has Mobs
    So my friends, Renee and Stephen, were one of the couples on Wife Swap (TV show) last night. Stephen is from the UK, Oxford-educated, with an MBA and a Masters in Environmental Studies. He is a naturalized US citizen (which means he consciously chose to beome a citizen, unlike those of us who were just born here), but of course retains his accent and, more to the point, his acerbic British wit and reserved demeanor, which mostly expresses emotions verbally. He does not suffer fools, not gladly, in fact, not at all.

    ‘Wife Swap’ is set up to foster conflict, so, of course, the woman who was his new ‘wife’ was not especially intelligent, and had only a high school education. Very good hearted, though, and persevering. I guess “an idiot” telling Stephen what to do is a hot button for him. Stephen took the bait — hard. You got to see very little of how good he is to his kids, how smart and talented he truly is, and a lot of him dissing this woman for being “overweight, under educated and over opinionated”. [Everything in quotes are Stephen’s words, or at least his words, as best I can remember them.]

    As the show was aired across the country, Renee and Stephen began to get hate calls from each time zone, until they finally had to unplug the phone. Renee’s email box began filling up with hate email. (I was at their house to watch the show with a lot of their other friends.) Stephen had to take down his Facebook profile. By the time the show was over, someone had called his boss’ cell phone to ask him to fire Stephen. A few minutes later, another friend, a former business partner of Stephen’s, was answering nasty phone calls on Stephen’s cell phone (Scott was pretty funny, so this was actually hysterical, even though I only heard one side of the conversation). By this morning, there was a Facebook page, entitled “Go Home Stephen Fowler” (leaving aside that he is at home, as he is a US citizen). By this afternoon, someone had published a street address for them, and someone in the Bay Area was sugggesting that they be picketed.

    I am beginning to worry for their safety, at least for Stephen’s. And what I’m learning is that

    forget privacy — information about all of us is ridiculously public, and

    the global village still has mobs — I’m still waiting for the pitchforks and spears.

    Posted by Hollis Polk at 9:48 AM 0 comments

  55. Saturday, January 31, 2009
    Wife Swap, or The Global Village Still Has Mobs (Hollis Polk)
    So my friends, Renee and Stephen, were one of the couples on Wife Swap (TV show) last night. Stephen is from the UK, Oxford-educated, with an MBA and a Masters in Environmental Studies. He is a naturalized US citizen (which means he consciously chose to beome a citizen, unlike those of us who were just born here), but of course retains his accent and, more to the point, his acerbic British wit and reserved demeanor, which mostly expresses emotions verbally. He does not suffer fools, not gladly, in fact, not at all.

    ‘Wife Swap’ is set up to foster conflict, so, of course, the woman who was his new ‘wife’ was not especially intelligent, and had only a high school education. Very good hearted, though, and persevering. I guess “an idiot” telling Stephen what to do is a hot button for him. Stephen took the bait — hard. You got to see very little of how good he is to his kids, how smart and talented he truly is, and a lot of him dissing this woman for being “overweight, under educated and over opinionated”. [Everything in quotes are Stephen’s words, or at least his words, as best I can remember them.]

    As the show was aired across the country, Renee and Stephen began to get hate calls from each time zone, until they finally had to unplug the phone. Renee’s email box began filling up with hate email. (I was at their house to watch the show with a lot of their other friends.) Stephen had to take down his Facebook profile. By the time the show was over, someone had called his boss’ cell phone to ask him to fire Stephen. A few minutes later, another friend, a former business partner of Stephen’s, was answering nasty phone calls on Stephen’s cell phone (Scott was pretty funny, so this was actually hysterical, even though I only heard one side of the conversation). By this morning, there was a Facebook page, entitled “Go Home Stephen Fowler” (leaving aside that he is at home, as he is a US citizen). By this afternoon, someone had published a street address for them, and someone in the Bay Area was sugggesting that they be picketed.

    I am beginning to worry for their safety, at least for Stephen’s. And what I’m learning is that

    forget privacy — information about all of us is ridiculously public, and

    the global village still has mobs — I’m still waiting for the pitchforks and spears.

  56. Hollis Polk (Psychic and friend of the Stephen Fowler and Renee Stephens) who was defending them, just pulled her article and blog. Being a psychic, it is too bad that she couldn’t warn them of what was going to happen when they appeared on Wife Swap.

  57. It is funny that Stephen Fowler and Renee Stephens threaten a law suit for posting their address, when they are the ones who have posted their address, home, cell numbers, email addresses all over the web. Don’t these people take any responsibility for themselves? First they blame ABC for making them look bad and now you are responsible for publishing their address.

  58. Haha, wow. The Fowlers are SOFT. By that, meaning they are cowards. That turn to money and “attorneys” FTW? To get out of situations caused by themselves. & Miss Hollis-ter Polk-a Dots, if you were really willing to defend your “friends” then you should’ve kept that post there in your blog. Pfffff.. “We have already received threats as a result of this” you deserve it. As if it’s not enough you deserve more. And since you have friends, I bet they treat others the way you treated Gayla. Because no one should have to put up with such asshole behaviour. I am utterly disgusted by you, and your wife. Fortunately for your young children they are totally innocent. It’s sad.

  59. Mr. Fowler is obviously IN THE CLOSET. That’s why he’s so angry. If he would admit to who and what he really is, he would be a much happier person with no need to be so mean to others.

  60. Hey Renee’ – you and/or your “BEYOND BRILLIANT” husband should really correct all your spelling, grammar and punctuation errors on your website (http://www.mindforbody.com) BEFORE you tell the rest of us in this “UNEDUCATED” country just how “DUMB” we all are!!!
    Never have I seen such arrogance within one family – how can you possibly think it is acceptable to teach your children to have complete disrespect for others? Sad, so very sad.

  61. Here’s to Gayla Long and her family. You seem loving, kind, fun-loving, capable, contributing, hard-working and skilled Americans. Steven could have learned something about real ethics and character. But he did not. Steven did teach America about the Mean Green Movement. His hatred is an expression of not only his contempt for the Midwest and America, but for the entire human race. No doubt he shares the common ethic of his kind that human population should be drastically reduced. He is positively a hitlerian, vile and dangerous.

  62. Below are numerous direct quotes from Stephen Fowler from the show. I included as much context as possible so that people can see that Stephen was largely unprovoked (in some cases Gayla was certainly antagonizing him, but his responses where incredibly cruel):

    “I think the worst thing that James could do is to tell me that he wants to move to Missouri. What is wrong with the United States — people in the middle of the country frankly (laughs) are just like you. It’s amazing – uneducated, simple and without a clue about what’s going on in the world. You’re undereducated; over opinionated and you’re overweight. It’s not a good combination Gayla. (In response to Gayla criticizing Stephen and questioning how much time he actually spends with his children. Gayla was also implying that the they push their children too hard and it’s more about the parents than the kids. Gayla’s direct question was what would Stephen do if James told him he does not want to go to college.)

    “Yeah, [tomorrow is] rule change. That means starting tomorrow we have the pleasure of pretending we live in some Podunk town in Missouri. That will be interesting, won’t it?” (At the dinner table in front of the kids, in response to Juliette’s question if Gayla is doing the rule change the next day)

    Gayla says, “You keep degrading me in front of your kids.” Stephen laughs and says, “That’s easy.” Gayla says, “You think you’re so much better than me”? Stephen says, “I probably earn more in one week than you do in a year.” He walks upstairs and point his finger at Gayla and says “You’re not invited up to the office.”

    “You read that so well. Congratulations. I didn’t know that you could read.” (At the rule change ceremony.)

    “Agenda? That’s a big word for you. Clearly your two languages appear to be bad English, and redneck.” (At the rule change ceremony.)

    “She’s a very rude lady, isn’t she? But that’s okay, she just doesn’t have an education.” (Stephen says this to the kids during the rules change ceremony after Gayla had told him to “shut the hell up” in response to the quote above.)

    “Unlike most Americans, I chose to become a citizen and I did this because I wanted more of a voice on helping influence the direction of this country because I really care about it.” (In response to refusing to follow one of Gayla’s rules – singing the national anthem.Stephen felt that this rule was designed to humiliate.)

    “Look you dumb redneck, I’ve already told you once.” (In response to Gayla asking him if he would bring the kids gokarting again. Gayla had already asked Stephen this question several times and Stephen had ignored it – at least that’s what we saw on camera.)

    I’ll tell you my net take on this [paintballing] – fascistic, militaristic . . For a lower class family like yourselves that has young boys, perhaps with aspirations to join the army, if that’s the extent of your ambition as a young man in your family I can see how this is a perfect fit. We need folks like your family to feed it, so you’re a perfect fit.”

    I’ve said that you’re underachieving, under educated, over opinionated and overweight.”

    “Have a nice life. Don’t send any kids after me with a shotgun. Alan asks what Stephen means by his comment and Stephen says, “That’s just a final insult.”

  63. Hehehe Stephen Fowler’s little venture cap & private equity career is over;
    not that he was doing anything more than working at sh*tty little small-cap firms anyways :) What was your AUM @ Fulcrum buddy, 10 mil? LOL. Boy I’d LOVE a 2% carry on *THAT* big amount.

    Anyway have fun little buddy you’ll never work on the buy-side again, hope ya enjoy peddling sh*t on Craigslist.

    Oh yeah—and swallow slow brah.

    Hhahaha but in all seriousness I am truly happy that this American-hater got RETALIATED against by good, honest Americans… and now he knows that you can’t run your mouth against us without career and reputational repercussions.

  64. Did anyone consider that the Stimulus Bills they are trying to pass through the senate might contain benefits for Biofuel research and developement. The same industries he is involved with. Our tax paying dollars which might line his pockets. It is just one thought that really made me sick to my stomach.

  65. This guy Fowler is kidding himself…He made feel me ashamed to be British if thats what people think we are like….They should kick his ar@e out of the US…..who does he think he is…..He is a nobody…..and deserves a disaster in his life….hope he gets hit be a fire truck ..

  66. Hi, I work for an environmental justice nonprofit organization in the Bay Area. We are appalled at Stephen’s behavior on the show, and hope that people don’t start to think that he represents the spirit of the environmental movement or the people of San Francisco. I would like to make a point though, in the case of the organizations Pacific Environment and Forest Ethics, Stephen is not listed as an employee or an investor, he is listed as a member of their boards of directors. BIG DIFFERENCE! If you are a member of a board of directors, all you are doing is contributing some money and time to this nonprofit organization, you are not drawing a salary or benefiting in any way. It is not a for-profit “company.” The beneficiaries are not at all the board directors like Stephen, they are little groups around the world that are fighting for forest protection and are funded by groups like PE and FE. They have positive reputations here. So don’t throw out the baby with the bath water. That would be like deciding to stop contributing to your local soup kitchen (and hurting the homeless people who use it) just because you don’t like one of the other contributors! Anyway, I agree with you all about Stephen but just had to say my piece, if you want to impact him please at least don’t let other innocent people get stomped on on the way.

  67. The people who run Forest Ethics, where Stephen is on the board, were appalled at his behavior. He was wearing one of their shirts throughout the show. They wrote me back saying they found his behavior and treatment of women to be upsetting… looks like he might not be on that board for much longer!

  68. I guess I need to check my email box too because someone from San Fran is obsessively crawling my tv review site. Have a feeling it’s him. But it’s nice having super high hit numbers. Come on commission check from the ad revenue!

    Almost feel sorry for Stephen. Being a twatwaffle in public really turned around and bit him in the ass hard. Karma is a hateful old biddy with a long memory and sharpened fangs.

  69. Thank you for your kind message. Because of the volume of emails I am
    recieving right now I am unable to respond to each of them, but I
    appreciate you taking the time to write.



    Take care,

    Renée Stephens

  70. Thank you for your kind message. Because of the volume of emails I am
    recieving right now I am unable to respond to each of them, but I
    appreciate you taking the time to write.



    Take care,

    Renée Stephens

  71. Is anyone at all surprised that an individual like Stephen Fowler would invoke the protection of a body-guard and the legal system? He’s a sissy with no balls. He beats up on people he perceives as weaker like his children, his wife and Gayla Long. I’m no pyschic like the Fowler/Stephen’s ridiculous friend, but I predict the following for this poor family in 2009: bankruptcy, divorce and further public/private ruination.

  72. Has CPS thought to drug test this elderly blazing arse hole yet? He has no business being a parent and publicly bullying a much younger and much kinder guest that way! BTW, I lived Noe Valley near Castro about 10 years ago, and it is absolutely not the isolated posh district this megalomanical poser seems to think it is. It borders the Mission and the Castro districts, was once very low-rent before the 80s gentrification, and now has a massive drug and prostitution scene, despite the brainless “environmentalist” dweebs who now vote to keep out cell phone towers on their teeny tiny patch of a very few psuedo nuevo riche blocks. So– this guy flames out on TV and has 2 whole weeks of uninterrupted manic act outs– without his usual soothing comfort of his own codependent mommy/wife. He is the very model of a modern major crackhead– take that to the bank.

  73. Why would Stephen’s wife Renee ask Gayla’s husband “Are you gonna hit me?” That speaks volumes to me about her twisted expectations about men AND about her provocative/accusatory arguing style.

    It’s ironic to me that she was so damned offended by the “skirt work” attitude in Gayla’s family. There is NO shame in Gayla making a home, feeding and cleaning up after those she loves. To me, the Fowlers delegate the loving, caretaking routines of motherhood and homemaking to paid strangers, household maids, while she completely abandons her kids to her husband’s nasty volatility, just so she can be a hypocritical “weight loss” coach to the same chubby clients her own husband reviles.

    It would be interesting for the Fowlers to compare their total “carbon footprint” with the Longs’. Who pays more for and wastes more gas overall? Who chooses to live in the big city of daily traffic congestion instead of living in the country, riding ATVs for sport, using a couple of gallons once in a while instead of commuting many miles to work and school and lessons every day?? Paintballs are so biodegradable.

  74. The reality about Steven Fowler is that he is far smaller minded than those he belittles. Anyone who could actually be characterized as “world citizen” would know that Gayla Stephens is undoubtedly more educated than 80, perhaps 90% of the women in the world. She is loving, kind, resilient, and strong — things that Steven completely lacks.

    And his wife’s attitude about America not being anything special just because she was randomly born and a piece of land. Bizarre. What makes the USA great are our freedoms, the people, and our system of government.

  75. Angel @ 6:22 “Why would Stephen’s wife Renee ask Gayla’s husband “Are you gonna hit me?” That speaks volumes to me about her twisted expectations about men AND about her provocative/accusatory arguing style.”

    Angel, that is very observant. The other scene I’d point out is the post-swap meeting, where she is asked about her opinions of Stephen’s behavior. Rather than say anything, she buried her face in her hands. One can only wonder if Stephen is so controlling and psychologically abusive to her (and their children) that she knew she should not respond. And of course there’s his instructions to the girls to ignore and not respond at all to Gayla. Nice.

  76. What a toolshed. NOBODY WANTS YOU HERE!!

    Would you have bullied someone that looked like Lennox Lewis? No, because you are a sniveling, lilly-livered, yellow-bellied, sap sucking pussy. I am not surprised you want to hide your address, because I am sure there are pletheras of beatings in store for you.

    Just a heads up, your low self esteem is so evident, not too smart, not too successful, and pretty ugly- no wonder they didnt want you in the UK. Go home CandyAss, 100% of this country would rather hang out with that women then a little sniveling wuss like you.

  77. I received and email with the message below in reply to my email to Pacific Environment:

    “Stephen Fowler has resigned from Pacific Environment’s Board of Directors and is no longer associated with the organization in any way. Please note that he was never an employee of the organization; rather, he was a volunteer.

    We would like to reiterate that Pacific Environment was in no way involved in the taping of the show. Pacific Environment does not condone Mr. Fowler’s behavior on the show, and the behavior represented on the show absolutely does not reflect the values and ideals of Pacific Environment.

    Pacific Environment works to protect the living environment of the Pacific Rim. We support local communities to have a larger voice on environmental issues. We partner with fishermen, indigenous communities, scientists, housewives, students, retired citizens, environmentalists, and others who are striving against great odds to protect their communities. We hope that you will learn about Pacific Environment and judge our work based on our long history of successfully supporting environmental heroes around the Pacific Rim.”

    Thank you again for your message and raising these concerns.

  78. Ok, Now having read all of the latest gossip about Mr Jerk Off F***Face I’d like to ask this.
    Now that he has resigned from all of his so called high paid positions, does that mean that Gayla now earns more in one week than he will in a year? Just a thought!

    Also, I would like to apologize for his behavior, Us Brits are not all tarnished with the same Brush.

  79. I am a fan of wife swap. I watch it because it is entertaining. I know that Stephan Fowler made a lot of people mad. He kind of made me mad, too. I guess since he apolozied and the show is edited somewhat, than maybe he is not as bad as he is protrayed to be on the show. I have never seen such a strong reaction to what one man said on a show. Still, he did not have to insult Rednecks.

  80. “This page is being updated.” is the message you get when you go to Fulcrum Fund (as listed above.) Yippee America!! it appears Fulcrum has seen the light and realize any further association with Stephen Fowler is detrimental to their business, and has ceased. Perhaps there are some that might go by his house if they live nearby but the majority of us can only call or send emails to his business contacts, mentioning his appearance on Wife Swap and the “fowl” things that repeatedly came out of his mouth. He wore fancy-trendy t-shirts but when he opened his mouth he destroyed any good his t-shirts provoked. Personally, I’d never picket in front of his house, he was like a vicious pit-bull on TV so I wouldn’t put anything past him if someone was picketing in front of his house. As for hiring security, I don’t believe it for a minute. He should be hanging onto every penny so he can keep his children in private school, and pay his $9,000/month mortgage (information available from Zillow.com) Renee’s business is MInd for Body, which is at their San Francisco home address. Read all her “less than glowing” reviews on Google Maps, Mind for Body, San Francisco.

  81. Val D: WOW what a mouthful your comment was!! Precise, harsh, succinct, goes right for the gut. I loved it, and wish I could think and put to print the way you do. I pity the person that makes the mistake of getting up in your face.

    Like many of you, I was outraged by Stephen Fowler’s behavior on Wife Swap on 1/30/09. As a result, I have e-mailed anyone who would listen, and blogged as much as I can stand. So here’s my question: Clearly we have gotten Stephen and Renee’s attention. They are well aware of our complaints and have been forced to pay some heed. Now what? Quite frankly, if our objective was to make the Fowlers as miserable as possible, for as long as possible, well, then I think we’re being as bad as him. Personally, I don’t think that was the goal of the thousands of people who have responded, like myself, with e-mails to employers, blog entries, and word of mouth. My impression is that all of us who were outraged, reacted in that way because of our sense of empathy for Gayla Long and her family, our sense of pride in our country and our military, and our general disgust and indignation with the arrogant, pompous, holier-than-thou attitude of a real jackass. All of those emotions and reactions were rolled into one tidal wave of response, triggered by Stephen “Butthead” Fowler. Again, my question is, now that we’ve caught his attention, where do we go from here?
    Here’s my idea: We make three demands (which can be arrived at by open discussion and a vote) which demands are then posted on this blog (StephenFowlerSucks.com). All other known blogs which have addressed this issue will contain a link to this blog, so that this particular blog will be a sort of “central registry” of input. We can even snail mail a hard copy of the 3 demands to Fowler in case he’s not reviewing this blog. Once we communicate our set of 3 demands to Fowler, if he agrees to them, and complies with them, we call a truce. If not, the war of words rages on. My suggestion is that we open the floor to suggestions for 3 demands until Midnight, Friday, Feb 13th (the two week anniversary of the famous show). Then, some designated individual (perhaps the webmaster of this sight, if she/he agrees) reviews the various proposals, and gleans the top three. Those three are then communicated to Fowler. He then has 3 days to reject or accept. Once an accord has been reached, we suspend the “attack”. In 30 days, on March 13, we confirm that he has followed through. If yes, it’s all over. If not, we strike up the band again. If this procedure seems reasonable (or unreasonable) to the masses out there, please voice your opinions here. Here are MY three proposed demands: (1) Fowler issues a WRITTEN apology addressed to Gayla Long, her family, the U.S. Military, the inhabitants of Missouri, the U.S. as a whole, and his own two kids. (2) Stephen Fowler makes a verbal apology to Gayla and her family, in person, which is video taped and distributed. His own family should also be present. (3) He seeks professional counseling to address his attitudes regarding the treatment of others whom he considers “lesser beings.”

    Feedback on the procedure or the 3 demands?

  83. You have to question the motives of Stephen Fowler and his wife for appearing on this show. They’re too “sophisticated” to even be watching television, right? How the fuck do they even know about a show like Wife Swap, let alone apply to appear on it!

  84. In spite of all his pseudo-erudition, Mr. Fowler made a major grammatical faux pas, “…I will sue forthwith.”

    To be grammatically correct, he should have stated: I SHALL sue forthwith.

  85. No surprise to find hateful, pseudo-new age hypocrites in Noe Valley. I lived there and witnessed plenty of drama by its residents (road rage, falsely reporting cars into city tow, tiffs between neighbors way out of control/proportion to the issue at hand, lack of support for the natural food store that finally closed (Real Food), etc. etc.). I’ve lived in many places (London UK, Toronto, Chicago, West Philly, Silicon Valley) and Noe Valley was the worst I’ve experienced, a perfect neighborhood for this sorry couple.

  86. It’s pretty sad to think that this Brit wanker gets to live the good life in our country and spit on its people. I am not saying to take violent action into your own hands, but if I were one of his neighbor, his co-workers, his casual friends….I would make life so unbearable for this prick and his family that he has to leave the country.

  87. Shame on ABC for airing this swap, the “intelligent” Stephan Fowler is the most arrogant, rude and disgusting person I have ever seen. To ad insult to injury, he did every thing in front of his two children. Intelligence comes with some amount of humanity. He berated, humiliated Gayla Long and was down right rude for someone who professed to have an IQ of 155. Being intelligent doesn’t entitle anyone to be as heartless as he. I guess ABC is endorsing intellectual racism. I was always told that you can learn something from anyone. But I guess not so with this intelligent individual.
    The show has always shown that a lesson can be learned from experiencing different lifestyles, and each swap does bring about change. Not so in this case.
    I think the most disheartening thing was to see what this California family is teaching their children. The father didn’t even have the decency/manners to allow his children say goodbye.
    But this most disturbing comment was by the female child’s ending comment “She wasn’t intelligent”.
    Is ABC trying to keep people from experiencing change and acceptance of others by this episode?
    Any way it was the most disgraceful episode I’ve ever seen, and they should review the shows before airing. What message are they sending?

  88. After watching the entire episode the so called ignorant close minded redneck mid westerner turned out to be the open minded one. At the beginning Alan was being a tool but as the show went on he seemed to start to open up and accept some of Renee’s suggestions.

    Stephen however seemed to be a classless assclown to the very end. The obnoxious self righteous elitism that some in the bay area espouse was not a good template for Mr. Fowler to learn from.

    In the end the “ignorant” mid westerners turned out to be the bigger people.

  89. Whoa joeb!!

    I don’t know what Noe Valley you lived in but this Fowler jerk is not the majority of what I’ve experienced in my 10 years of living here…and that’s probably because he doesn’t shop local. The neighborhood is sleepy and family-oriented with a mix of blue-collar and white-collar workers – and yes, the minority are self-important clowns that don’t support our neighborhood retailers but they are the minority.

    Real Foods did not support the neighborhood so get your facts straight. They just went up and closed without telling anyone (including their workers!) and it’s been a blight on the street for almost FIVE years. Please, don’t trash Noe – there are lots of cool/friendly people here….along with some misfits like any other place. heh.

  90. I just want the world to know that that mr. Fowler is NOT representative of San Francisco, nor our liberalism, nor our educational values, nor our eco-environmental values, nor anything else for that matter!

    Mr fowler is just his own personal-idiot and not to be mistaken for where he comes from or where he currenlty resides.

    I am ashamed that my family has so much in common with this family!
    kid goes to the same school his kids’ attend, also from brit-expat family, and we live less than 2 blocks away! YET, I am NOT ashamed to tell you that we HAVE NOTHING IN COMMON with his beliefs, his verbage, or his influences,

    please america, please realize, that this is just one idiot, in an ocean full of people who would want us all to live in peace!

  91. Does this Fowler actually work/make money? Or does he live off the wife. Wife Swap pays those that appear, but I hope they don’t pay him. And why would he need Wife Swap money if he is so successful? And they both probably have the genes for being thin (too thin if you ask me). Having no sense of humor is also a crime. Go home to the UK pease!

    And he doesn’t even have a true upper class address (just moving to a gentrified neighborhood doesn’t mean much to the true upper class who live in the neighborhoods that have always been top drawer).

    He should have his US citizenship taken away ASAP, his comments about the USA were treason. He married an American to get it any way.

    And FYI Mr. Fowler, we New Yorkers with prep school/ivy/seven sisters backgrounds are snobbier than you and we would look down on you for (1) not living in NYC and (2) being laughable and such a jerk and (3) for not being a gentleman (isn’t that valued in the UK).

    I don’t even think he gets this country at all.

  92. To Stevetta the ignorant and all other snobs who feel and act the same way,

    You are a terrorist with terrorist values. You spew rot fueled by a demon sole that is feeding on you own ideals of self worth. Your freedom to speak freely is one provided to you by this country, as are the ones saving you from my country’s wrath with laws restraining us from acting out. You say you are a victim of being born to this country, if that is the case and you are so wealthy you need to relocate yourself before the USA becomes wise to your terrorist value and does it for you. If there were to be a civil war between me and you I would enjoy watching you stroll down the meadow with your bright red uniform and drum as I wait for you in my camouflage from behind a bush.

  93. I think i know why stephen fowler and Renee were judgemental, assholes.. BECAUSE THEY NEED SOME MCDONALDS OR SOMETHING. it could be possible that all that grass and shit they eat gave them a disease or something. who knows, maybe thats what causes mad cow disease or something

  94. jjcul:”Feedback on the procedure or the 3 demands?”

    I don’t really think that it is the publics position to make “demands” on people, no matter how vile they are. And your suggestion is pretty much blackmail. It would seem as though it would be in Fowlers best interest to issue a real apology to Galya and her family, and forfeit any profit’s the Fowler family received from the tapings.

  95. im Not Fat. Im Pregnant<3 and I FRIGGIN LOVEEEE SNACK CAKES. TWINKIES ARE THE SHIT :D. Im glad to not be super skinny. i used to be anorexic. and i think that thats bullshit that stephen would talk shit on fat people, when if its something that his wife totally believes in, youd think hed support her. and by making that comment hes not supporting her or her business. i bet he was a fat kid. too bad noone has any kiddie pictures of him. he thinks everyone should be sent off to boarding schools, have no fun, and perhaps look like all the models who’s ribs and backbones show. thats real mature:) i wonder if he knows, and his wife knows, BOOBS ARE FAT. not muscle. so she’s got a little fat on her too.;) and if shes really that great at helping people lose weight, she’d know that its actually healthy to have some food with fat in it. it’s not healthy eating like a fucking rabbit or a bird. you DO need fat.

  96. i will never accept the apology from stephen fowler about our military..my uncle was in the air force, great grandfather in WWI, grandfather in the marines in korea, dad in the 101st two tours in vietnam, 2 brothers in the marine infantry one tour in ramadi iraq and leave in may ’09 for afghanistan, and i leave march 10th for marine boot camp at parris island..

    the following will pretty much sum it up..

    -It is the soldier, not the reporter, who has given us freedom of the press.
    -It is the soldier, not the campus organizer, who has given us
    freedom to demonstrate.
    -It is the soldier, not the lawyer, who has given us the right to fair trial.
    -It is the soldier who SALUTES the flag, SERVES under the flag,
    and whose COFFIN IS DRAPED by the flag,
    who allows the protester to burn the flag.

  97. If you cannot handle reality, stop watching reality TV because one day, you may get a slice of real life on it!

    Stephen Fowler has every right to berate anyone he pleases in America because of the 1st amendment! Don’t like it? Leave America!

    No one has to like what Stephen Fowler has to say but they have to let him say it. Can’t handle that? Too bad that your sensitive feelings are hurt but he still has the right to say it. That is what America is all about.

    Why should some have the 1st amendment freedom to criticize people like Stephen Fowler and while he does not have the right to speak his mind just because he says things that are disagreeable to most? Get used to it hypocrites!

  98. RE: Steven’s sex kitten,
    Freedom to speech and verbal terrorism are very different threaten a cop or anyone for that matter and see what happens. It’s freedom to speak not speak with no consequences. You are an idiot for implying that was ok

  99. It apparently hasn’t struck Mr. Fowler that he’s an absurdly cliched parvenu. (Perhaps his children can tell him what those last two words mean.) I suspect that if we looked into his background we’d find that he was born into a lower-middle-class London family, with all the attendant social insecurities and resentments that that entails. I’d say the man is clearly terrified of slipping back towards, or being tainted by his ostensibly “common” origins. Many have referred to him as an “elitist”, but he certainly lacks the breeding or nobility of the securely well-born and truly elite — indeed, “noblesse oblige” is something that this “highly educated” (but utterly unsocialized) man is light-years away from comprehending. Someone mentioned his “acerbic wit”; I see only arrogant rudeness. Evelyn Waugh he’s not. And another thing: one can’t simply correlate an IQ score with a GRE score in the way that Mr. Fowler does. His naivete in that matter gives us a glimpse of just how “educated” he really is.

    In closing, let me add this: Some of Mr. Fowler’s comments put me in mind of Theodor Adorno’s smug criticisms of American life, but Adorno was also scrupulous enough to observe that “there is an inherent impulse in American life toward peaceableness, good-naturedness, and generosity, in the sharpest contrast to the dammed-up malice and envy” that exploded in Europe between 1933 and 1945. It is precisely people who thought and acted like Mr. Fowler does today, who found no difficulty whatsoever in dismissing entire categories of persons as sub-human and unworthy of respect — or even life. I’ll gladly live with “undereducated”, “overweight”, “fascistic” and “militaristic” Midwesterners any day. Their mindsets are not nearly as dangerous as Mr. Fowler’s.


  100. My wife just told me to watch what this excuse for a man did to this poor woman. I would be willing to bet that the show didn’t let her husband see the tape prior to the meeting. Probably to protect the Idiot from getting the beating he deserves. If this had been my wife he would have been gumming his responses. I think its great that his kids have all the their needs to succeed fulfilled. But, from the way they are going about it they will be emotionally lacking in the skill needed to handle tough situations on their own. I know a lot of British people who came to make a life here and with the exception of one or two just like in any group they are fine and honorable people. If you came to this country for a better life then welcome to it. But, to degrade the military and the families that support them. While you live under the freedoms that they provide. You are a useless punk. Just like in the final meeting you make your comments as your beating it out the door. You Stephan Fowler are a coward! I really would feel sorry for your wife but her views on the country or just about the same.(she is just smart enough to know when to drop it). With all the response that you are getting from the rest of the country I guess you realize that you should have used that HUGE IQ to think before you really damaged the future success of your family. Since your such a fan of the facts lets see how you add up.

    IQ= 158 (according to you)
    Common Sense= 0

    So, If we take these and average them that would put you at about a 79 for overall intelligence.

    It’s really got to burn your elitist mind to know that you fall in the almost functionally retarded level. Well I’ve seen the show highlights and I can see the truth in it.

    Well, hopefully you have learned your lesson. I wouldn’t recommend any traveling to the heartlands any time soon. People take their country and common courtesy very seriously. If you made one of your comments to someone’s wife where their husband could hear you, you might be eating a lot of soup for a while.

    I would say if you really feel this way about us just go back to England but I can’t see them wanting you back you spineless sissy.

  101. To The “go stephen” person…

    You are fucking ignorant. Yes he has freedom of speech. in a country that hes so disgusted with. he hates everything about america. if he hates it that bad, he shouldn’t use any of our freedom, he should pack his shit, and go back to england and choke on his tea and crumpets :). if Everything about America is horrible, why is he still here, and taking advantage of our freedom :)

  102. The American People and Immigration should deport this flea since he can be considered as Persona Non Grata. He has no absolute right in Downgrading any people of whatever race nor social status.His social status does not give him a special ticket to heaven. Instead of using his gift from above he literally use it in the most unhumane manner. See now who is more educated and well mannered, DEFINITELY NOT HIM. You are a disgrace to your children and the human race. Is you brother HITLER????? Then probably you can join him in hell now, you are just a waste of air and space here on earth.

  103. I see why he left England…He didt leave at all, he got kicked out. You embarrassed not only you,but your wife who honestly tried help Longs and be compassionate,your children will never be part of the normal social food chain,England is no doubt appalled about how you think and treat her sister country I hope the Queen exiles you as a countryman. Your a coward, you think your so superior, when in fact your a cyst in today’s mainstream society. i hope you have your passports ready and new accommodations ready because this will never go away. And if you were half as smart as you think you are you’d know that it was the cold wars hundreds of nuclear test that screwed up the environment. I will however praise you devotion to Eco-friendliness and personal health and your discipline to work is fanominal but you lack emotional health. May God have mercy on your soul.

  104. You got me I‘m retarded and gay Stevie just got done giving me his ini-mini-wini. The plan was to create this hype to get on the Steve Wilkos show I’m a wife beater and child molester too.

  105. Seems to me the best way to get back at this puke is to do the exact opposite of what he wants us all to do. for presidents day weekend I suggest another “national carbon belch day” google it, they have a calculator and everything. I’m going to do 206 pounds per day over the long weekend. 4 times the average American.

  106. First of all, Stephen Fowler comments are deep words but also full of folly. Don’t be angry with his family and friends, they had nothing to do with what he said. For that, if you have to be pissed at something be pissed at the insults which are full of stupidity, Stephen Fowler expressed words of hatred and is already paying for it (which is justified). I was and still VERY offened and thank god not all people are like this. The pharse,” if you have nothing nice to say, then say nothing at all.” SO does apply in this case.

    I am a American and proud of it. Considering the fact, that if one were to turn the clocks, they would remember that America is made by people from all over the world, coming here for various reasons. So by saying that Americans are unintelligent, you didn’t insult one nation, you insulted every nation that has one person here, of that nation’s ancestry. Especially Britian because, Britian controlled the 13 colonies until of course, the America Revolution and in those areas, you could see how those areas and our government was affected by the British. So way to go, Stephen Fowler just insulted Britian for which he has came and every single nation that has one person of which his/her ancestry reaches back to that nation.

    Also most people in this world like fast food because it’s good and fast, even getting a salad from Burger King is fast food. Ice Cream from Baskin Robins is fast food because it didn’t come from the store or a sit down restraunt.So I have no more to say about that.

    People in the military are NOT brutes, of which he so described. Unless you consider operating a boat, tank or a plane to be stupid. It also takes stadegy and cunning in order to seek by an enemy, to survive or to stop them and win. Plus most military students have completed high school and college. Also people in the military have the passion, desire and inner strength to protect the citizens in the nation they serve, they do alot more than some (not all) business men have. And of course, their families will support them, DUH. It’s what a kind, loving family does.

    Plus it appears, that Rednecks have more intelligence than Stephen Fowler because most do try to not express their hatred to their kids and on National TV about things and types of which over millions of people are or like.

    Go carts are awesome. End of story. :)

    Over weight people are still people and have feelings, the minute S.F. is one pound over the norm., he will be over weight and his words will haunt him. Just because a person is over weight, that DOES NOT give him the right to make fun of them.

    Ummmm hello, dietitians and nutritionists are supposed help people stay healthy and fit, what’s wrong with that?

    So look people, I know that the words of folly fell from Stephen Fowler’s lips were very hurtful and insulting but don’t be pissed at his family, they weren’t the ones that said the insults, they are just trying to be a good family and support him through the times of his cave man intelligence on National TV.

  107. (Copied from the Google cache of renee.personallifemedia.com)

    A Message from Stephen Fowler

    February 6, 2009 at 8:29 am · Filed under Uncategorized

    Stephen wrote this of his own volition, without input from me. I offer it without comment.

    I hope you will take this as a sincere and unequivocal apology. I have been completely taken aback by the response my behavior generated and it has taken a while for me to figure out what to say. I’m not doing this to try and redeem myself. Rather I’m trying to try and undo some of the hurt that people have obviously felt as a result of my comments.

    Clearly I behaved like a complete jerk and I am deeply sorry for all the offense I have caused. I’m not going to hide behind excuses, I showed an extraordinary level of stupidity and arrogance. I will do my best to address most of the criticism directed at me. If I miss something out, however, it is not because I do not deem it important, it is just that there is rather a lot to cover.

    First off, let me say I am deeply sorry for the terribly insulting way I treated Gayla during the show. She is a very pleasant person and clearly did not deserve to be treated that way. In fact, no one deserves to be treated that way. I was a bully, and it was just plain unacceptable. Once again, I offer my sincere apologies to Gayla, Alan, and their boys.

    Some of my remarks obviously made me appear unpatriotic. Well that was just dumb. I chose to become a US citizen because I deeply respect the values upon which this great country is based. For the record, I think the US is an amazing country and I can’t think of anywhere I’d rather live. And while I do not happen to believe the Iraq war is a good idea, I do have a huge amount of respect for all the personnel who serve in the US military. They have the toughest job in the world and I am truly grateful for the sacrifices that they make to protect this country.

    I used gross generalizations about Midwesterners and I am deeply sorry for any hurt I caused with these statements. My comments were just stupid and made me look like the one who is undereducated. Some of my best friends are Midwesterners, which shows how truly dumb my comments were.

    I also deeply regret that my actions reflected badly on the environmental organizations with which I am affiliated, and were of disservice to the environmental movement as a whole. I’ve resigned both my nonprofit board positions and would ask you to not judge these organizations by my actions. I offer my sincere apologies to all the staff and board members.
    Further, I regret that my remarks made me come across as a person who disrespects overweight people. I do not disrespect anyone for being overweight and I deeply regret that my remarks suggested I do. My wife has devoted her career to helping people and my comments reflect poorly on her and her heart-felt work. I apologize for my extreme insensitivity to her clients and her mission. Please don’t judge Renee by my actions.
    I also want to apologize to my family and friends and thank them for their support, which I scarcely deserve. I believe we can all grow from experiences and I will work to ensure this experience teaches me to become a better, more compassionate person.

    Finally I want to be clear that these are my words and I have received no input from anyone else, not even my wife. I hope this apology will be taken in the true spirit it was given.


  108. In reply to Go Stephen,

    First, off the 1st amendment, as with all amendments, have restrictions.

    Yes, you have the right to free speech, but you are restricted to things you can say. You can’t give threats, or say anything that can cause harm to others.

    I do agree that it is reality tv, so it’s expected that such words and stupidity go along with it. But, as for America being upset from his words, shows that they did hurt people. It made others upset, which in turn takes away that right of his, and he deserves consequence for his actions.

    Learn your rights a little better.

  109. I stumbled across this randomly as I don’t watch the show. I think Gayla played it quite smart by setting Stephen up to be himself and ham it up for the camera. It wasn’t until the end meeting where she applies the coup de grace: “What will your clients think?”

    It’s the simplicity of his evil and her goodness that makes this whole thing work so well. Sure, the show was edited, but the apple falls not far from the tree with something as natural as this. Stephen thought he could use the show and Gayla’s presence to further the [certified] neurolinguistic programming of his children, who will now grow up in the Internet age with this little snapshot of their family for all to see and reference for their entire lives.

    Tori Fox Hunter had it right about noblesse oblige and the feudal responsibilities that come with entitlement, which lie somewhere between reality and metaphor.

    One last comment: standardized tests that measure IQ rely on the prior education of the student. That is why poor people must understand that being poor has nothing to do with intelligence and capacity. India, and to a lesser extent Pakistan, is a good example of this. What Mr. Fowler demonstrates is high intelligence, high capacity, and high willingness to play ball and go through all the motions.

    Some of us are unwilling.

  110. Fowler isn’t nearly as smart and enlightened as he thinks he is or he wouldn’t have felt the need to prove it by belittling others, but he did make some valid observations about the other family. Yes, he was arrogant and insulting and I want to punch him in his mouth for laughing in the woman’s face, but in all fairness, who pins their children’s college dreams on a paintball scholarship? Make them study! How Missouri dad can believe that paintballing once a week is “getting their exercise” is beyond uneducated, it’s just plain delusional.

    I grew up midwest and moved to the coast and personally like the educated world citizen lifestyle better, but I still have my roots back there, and I know that there are good, intelligent, perhaps uneducated people back there who wouldn’t trade their situation with mine or Fowler’s, even if it meant having all the money in the world.

    The fact is, not everyone can be a mover-shaker, and not everyone wants to be, and the world couldn’t handle it if everyone aspired to that anyway. If you were such a cosmopolitan, you would understand that everyone trades off to be where they are, and when all is said and done, family trumps money every time. Who are you to say that making millions is better than being there to watch your kids grow up? When you tell them you love them, do you feel it? Somehow I wonder.

  111. For every action there is a consequence. I have no issue that his address was posted, and he should have been aware that this might have been coming. People that are true intellectuals would realize that their words should be chosen wisely and carefully when the world is listening. He did not do so, and now he has to suffer with the consequences. Where is this education he claims he has and values?
    You hate America, yet you are willing to use her court system and sue this web site. You are a pathetic hypocrite. For the love of God (whom I’m sure you don’t believe in because God forbid someone is better and greater than you) please leave our country. We do not need scum like you here…I would be more than happy to sponsor an airline ticket for you to any place in the world.

  112. I am one of the rednecks this man speaks of…and I think he should be taken out and tarred and featherd in front of his kids and whore wife. Man this guy may as well move now…hes jacked in this country, Americans have good memories for this kinda thing. You have 25 Millions rednecks pissed off you stupid bastard, half of em dont have jobs and plenty of time…dumbass.

  113. Go Stephen wants to talk about hypocrisy? fowler is criticizing those who secure his rights to free speech..you can have soldiers without the first amendment but you cant have the first amendment without soldiers

    on another note…i know its somewhat off topic but if people are gonna talk about what others are willin to fight and die for ill stand up and defend them..no wonder he doesnt agree with the war in iraq..he hasnt been there, big surprise. ive got 5 friends currently there, 2 brothers and 6 friends who were there (all infantry)

    iraq had two types of illegal missiles, the al fatah and the al samoud 2, both of which were violations of article 586F of UN sanctions because iraq was not allowed to have a missile that could travel over 150km and more than 600mm in diameter (Samoud-range 183km/760mm Fatah-161km)..sarin and ricin which are chemical agents were found in iraq and under UN resolution 687 it is classified as a weapon of mass destruction by the united nations..only 500 micrograms of ricin, equal to one grain of salt, is a lethal dose for humans..iraq also conducted experiments to convert Mig-21 aircrafts into UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicle) capable of carryin 2000 liter spray tanks..Saddam’s cousin Ali Hassan Almajid aka Chemical Ali admitted to usin chemical weapons durin the Iran-Iraq war and durin the “Anfal” campaign

    over 100 mass graves have been found throughout iraq and that includes genocide..anyone who opposed him was either killed or ran out of the country..one of the most documented cases was the torture of iraqs Olympic soccer team..sarcophagus, long nails pointin inward from every surface, they would be punctured and suffocated..metal frame designed to clamp over a prisoners body, footrests at the bottom, rings at the shoulders..attachment points for power cables, so the victim could be hoisted and electrocuted..Sharar Haydar “I was tortured four times after matches. One time, after a friendly [match] against Jordan in Amman that we lost 2-0, Uday had me and three teammates taken to the prison. When we arrived, they took off our shirts, tied our feet together and pulled our knees over a bar as we lay on our backs. Then they dragged us over pavement and concrete, pulling the skin off our backs. Then they pulled us through a sandpit to get sand in our backs. Finally, they made us climb a ladder and jump into a vat of raw sewage. They wanted to get our wounds infected. The next day, and for every day we were there, they beat our feet. My punishment, because I was a star player, was 20 [lashings] per day. I asked the guard how he could ever forgive himself. He laughed and told me if he didn’t do this, Uday would do it to him. Uday made us athletes an example. He believed that if people saw he was not afraid to beat a hero, that they would live in greater fear.”

    Sec. 586 F. (Declarations Regarding Iraq’s Violations of International Law – Iraq Sanctions Act)
    1. the government of Iraq has demonstrated repeated blatant disreguard for its oligations under international law by violatin the Charter of the U.N., the protocol for prohibtion of the use in war of asphyxiating, poisonous or other gasses, and bacterialogical methods of warfare (done at Geneva, June 17, 1925), as well as other international treaties
    2. the government of Iraq is a party to the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights anf the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights and its obligated under the Covenants, as well as the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, to respect internationally recognized human rights
    3.the state departments country reports on human rights practices for 1989 again characterizes Iraqs human rights record as “abysmal”
    4.amnesty international, middle east watch, and other independent human rights organizatoins have documented extensive, systematic and continuing human rights abuses by the government of Iraq, includin summary executions, mass political killins, disappearances, widespread use of torture, arbitrary arrests and prolonged detention without trial of thousands of political opponents, forced relocation and deportation, denial of nearly all civil and political rights such as freedom of association, assembly, speech and the press, and the imprisonment, torture and execution of children
    5.since 1987, the government of Iraq has intensified its severe repression of the Kurdish minority of Iraq, deliberately destroyed more than 3000 villages and towns in the Kurdish regions, and forcibly expelled more than 500000 people, thus effectively depopulatin the rural areas of Iraqi Kurdistan
    6.Iraq has blatantly violated international law by initiating use of chemical weapons in the Iran-Iraq war
    7.Iraq has also violated international law by using chemical weapons against its own Kurdish citizens, resultin in tens of thousands of deaths and more than 65000 refugees
    8.Iraq continues to expand its chemical weapons capability, and President Saddam Hussein has threatened to use chemical weapons against other nations
    9.persuasive evidence exists that Iraq is developin biological weapons in violation of international law
    10.there are strong indications that Iraq has taken steps to produce nuclear weapons and has attempted to smuggle from the United States, in violation of US law, components for triggerin devices used in nuclear warheads whose manufacture would contravene the Treaty on non-proliferation of nuclear weapons, to which Iraq is a party
    11.Iraqi President Saddam Hussein has threatened to use terrorism against other nations in violation of international law and has increased Iraqs support for the Palestine Liberation Organization and other Palestinian groups that have conducted terrorist acts

  114. I think reality shows like wife swap show how bad America’s education system is. Why do we need reality shows at all when there is so much to do in this wonderful country.

    Lets get back to real shows like house on the Prarie, Lassie, Bonanza, etc where life’s valus are taught and displayed!!

  115. I believe that should should admend the rules. When someone acts like that and is in violation of those rules they get a HUGE fine. That would hurt is BIG EGO, that wanna be rich but isn’t and doesn’t know what REAL monay is, SNOB!!! Cheers for Gayla that tried to tuff it out!!! She is the winner in my book. He is the JACK……..

  116. don’t really know the whole story. but if he can’t respect a female or this country he should swim his ugly ass all the way to southhampton, uk, where he might be better recieved. there’s not one true blooded american that needs him here. we’ve fought our own battles since april, 1775, if you think we’ve forgotten what it means kick the ever loving sh*t out of your ass think back to THAT day. ever since that day at lexington you can bend down and lick the fecal matter off my sole. you wouldn’t have a country if all of our “redneck” boys didn’t give it all for you 140 yrs later and then again 24 yrs after that mr. fowler. you’d be nothing but a small anex of national socialism. but your countrymen are SO much more than you and i’m sure you might have had an ancestor or two that fought along side my courageous fathers, but it obviously means nothing to you mr . fowler because you have no idea what it means to fight for anything. you are the epitome of chicken shit and i would love to meet you face to face. you put people down because you have absolutely no pride in your self (understandable if you own a mirror you ugly frog). you’ve exposed yourself for the cowardly nothing you really are. stay the f*ck off my land. if you don’t love it ,leave it …better yet get the f*ck out, you havn’t been welcome here since april 1775. we really don’t give a f*ck about your opinion anyway. you fucking turd.

  117. Education is very important it does give you additional options of what type of lifestyle a person would like to live depending on their career however it does not identify as if you are a better individual or human. As seen with this animal “Fowler” Education does not always make you polite.

    How can this animal say he became a citizen of this country to have a voice to make it better when as seen on national TV he showed otherwise! Can anyone tell me of a perfect country in the world? I have not hear of one! and if there is such a thing please dont let this asshole “Fowler” move into it because he might be the one who Fucks it up! America like any other country has its Ups and downs, however to me it is a better country if not by far the best country to live in.

    This man has been the worst ignorant, educated piece of trash I have ever heard speaking. This man spoke out of his ass and didnt even think about the well being off his family! Now he tries to sue on his actions when people have the right to say what they think. I dont think Americans just woke up one morning and said “Lets gather up against this asshole Stephen Fowler” Of Course not! Stupid Fowler said spoke his mind, now let America speak theirs.

    See at first it was personal with Gayle, but then when you start talking about America, Military and degrading people only because of their appearance and status in America! Wow you might as well pack your things and fly to where ever is that you came from. Its really sad that this guy is representing the British. If he doesnt like America MOVE OUT! AND STAY OUT!!!


  118. Stephen Fowler,
    “Sprechen Sie Deutsch”? You would if it were not for those po-dunk rednecks and them volunteering to come to your rescue in 1943. Just in case he forgot, it was the second time in 30 years that the rednecks came to your rescue. So why don’t your and your bitch wife head back to little Germany (a.k.a. England) and we will stop by the next time you are beat up on by your neighbors.

  119. This Fowler guy is one sad excuse for a human. I may have missed it, but did he actually do anything during the show that illustrated or even hinted at his alleged high intelligence level? The inhumane comments he makes towards everyone illustrates his ignorance and lack of any smarts at all. He and his wife can only dreaam of having as much grace, class, heart and humanity as the “redneck” Longs. Sad stuff.

    I almost feel that the network should issue an apology for letting that creep loose on the airwaves. I do feel sorry for the sad and almost drone-like kids. They seem like nice kids but they are unhappy and I do wish them the strength and luck they will need to grow up and out of that house. Hopefully leaving the horror of their childhood behind. They will need the kindness of strangers to shed the sins of their parents.

  120. My husband and I watched this show in horror a few weeks ago. Can there really be men out there like this? Go back to Europe. Get out of this country you TREE HUGGER t shirt wearer. You are so FAR removed from GOD and the true meaning of life. WAS THAT SHOW FOR REAL? WAS THIS MAN FOR REAL? He is so removed from Christ and think he is the Anti-Christ. How can a man with so much intelligence (supposedly) have so much disdain for a pure and simple woman? He was so aggitated and hateful toward this woman. It only showed me how aggitated and hateful he is toward America and Americans. GO BACK WHERE YOU CAME FROM YOU SMUG SUB-HUMAN!

  121. Mr. Fowler’s behaviors, mannerisms, heightened linguistic proclivity and deadened reactions manifest very much like my Aspergars’ Syndrome students; though I beg their forgiveness, as all of them are far kinder.

    It is my sincere & professional sense that he is not JUST the “Asshole” that many of you are calling him; I suspect there may be huge synaptic gulfs in his mental processing. That level of obsessiveness, redundancy & insensitivity are hallmarks of the syndrome. If so, he can’t be blamed for some of his approach, as it’s psychobiological. If his wife is in fact demanding he get treatment, and if the practitioner has a shred of ability, s/he will be able to identify the Syndrome & it’s symptoms.

    More troubling to me was his wife’s willingness to remain in his orbit. I too know something about NLP, and her body language and eye movement in the Table Meeting gave away a great deal about her sense of him.

    Bottom line: who in their right mind would pay for or heed “Life Direction” advice from a woman who doesn’t have the sense and strength to leave this very unfit husband and father?

    And if it turns out that he is just blatantly cruel, one has to hope CPS gets involved. While some might not agree with or understand the way they choose to raise their kids, that doesn’t make them the first parents to put overly large demands on their kids; many survive it and go on to be very capable and contributory citizens, and it can be a productive thing. But living in a home where belittling and cruelty is the order of the day is a FAR more unhealthy & dangerous foundation than paint-balling & some extra pounds!

  122. This man has no respect for women. He treated Gayla this way with no qualms about it. Sadly, this tells me he treats Renee the same way or even worse and no one knows except Renee. Unfortunately, we tend to keep what goes on in our world quiet so no one will know because we’re embarrassed. Embarrassed by the fact that the man we loved and trusted could treat us so bad. As far as his lawsuit, he has no grounds. His actions were widely publicized with his knowledge. He acted this way knowing full well that it was going to be aired on tv for all to see. He even threatened one site because he thought they were the ones who posted his address. He really didn’t think his actions through because his address is public information. Even I found it when I looked online at the white pages. He’s really not as smart as he thinks he is.

  123. My only question is why didn’t the other husband just grap him around the throat and then tell him “Now how is your education going to get you out of this”? I don’t know how he let that man walk off the set without kicking the cr@p out of him. I would have been in jail for the way he treated my wife, the armed forces, and my country.

    GOD bless America,

  124. Stephen Fowler is a horrid human being but I think something very important is being not just overlooked but denied. We live very much so in a society nearly destroying itself with a very active caste/class system that not only exist but has grown and evolved to include far more people than it did before. Stephen Fowler has embarrassed educated people for all of the wrong reasons. One being that he got caught saying what many people think, feel, and act on everyday. Many of these people have the power to hire and fire people and do so for many of the wrong reasons. They destroy what flickers of hope that those less fortunate than they are have for no other reason than they have the power to. That is right many many people get off on having the power to look down and cast dispersions on others… they are actively bias, prejudice and bigoted toward others who have views that do not mirror their own,,, or do not come from the same socio-economic background. He represents what so many people aspire to be. His tirade is no different and is no less offensive and devastating than what we have seen many times over in Wife Swap, American Idol, The Biggest Loser and a host of other reality TV shows. Since when is it OK to insult people for not being as educated or not being an ideal body weight? Even on daytime TV on shows like the View television personalities are irresponsible of what they are saying about what they are saying about people. So why is Stephen Fowler the enemy here? Is it because he highlight the real attitudes that people have about each other and it looks ugly when you actually see it?

  125. Well at least you can all be sure he will never succeed in politics. Much of the points he made actually have value, its the insulting way he managed to put them across that is embarassing. it IS true that many Americans do not know much of the world outside their borders and that so few have passports. While I cannot criticise those who are proud to enter the military in order to defend their country, I have to take issue with those that use that to enlist cannon fodder under the guise of ‘Patriotism’. These are all things which sensible people can discuss in a friendly and understanding way. Unfortunately an A$$£ole like this stifles those sorts of discussion by making it an issue about their own ‘ego’ (of which he excels). Please do not assume that there are many such gits in England, there are not. I do have to wonder why so many people have seen the offensive nature of his comments when there are many ‘neocons’ in the US with similar attitudes but of course being American do not seem to offend as much.

  126. this comment is for mr. fowler’s wife. I just want to know what your thinking? how do you walk out your door now, knowing that everyone in this country is laughing at your family. do you stick up for your husband? and how did you ever look into his eyes one day when you got married and said ” I DO” how did you say it? i bet you regret it now. I think we all need to keep on talking about this maybe someday we will see ann curry interview this family on the today show

  127. Hello America! I am European, have lived in America for 16 years, but am now back in Europe. I am embarrased that anyone who behaves and portrays himself in such light comes from Europe. Yes, European culture is quiet different from the american, not better, not worse, but trust that Mr. Fowler’s sad “performance” on this show does not reflect the values & views of people living on this continent.
    I hate for Americans to live next to such premature unintelligent human being, but we don’t want him back in Europe!! There is no place for such hatred here.

  128. Ahh – you see thats exactly what I was referring to. So what if he was American born ? Of course we dont want him back here but thats not the point. The point is FREEDOM OF SPEECH – something America defends over and over. No matter how arrogant a person is and how foolish they make themselves thats their choice. I have no doubt whatsoever that the TV show were over the moon when they discovered someone more arrogant than Simon Cowell.Once they found this twit there was no way they were going to miss out on the publicity. They must bear some responsibility for the insulting nature of it all. They decided to screen it regardless of the hurt it caused the other couple. Please dont go assuming that because he’s English he’s a good example or that he is not like other Americans either. It does go to show that an I.Q. of 158 may mean high intelligence but he managed to score 0 for common sense and tact.

  129. I saw this episode, and he was very disrespectful to everyone. However that is what made the ratings go up,that is what the producers wanted. Now you all are responding in the manner that would give him more publicity. He is not worth that at all, it is much better to just ignore, because there is only so much you can do with stupidity and disrespect, either you are smart and respectful or your not. He clearly does not respect himself or his wife and children, as well as this country that has allowed him to be here and enjoy the freedom that we have. So just let it go and be the bigger person in all of this, the producers are the ones that could have stopped his behavior, but they chose to milk it for what little bit of money they could get. They should be held accountable for allowing a man to speak to a woman as he did and for allowing him to disrespect our country as they did. They were in control!
    Oh and one more thing, spell check people, spell check.

  130. Stephen Fowler is proof that money and education cannot buy class. Perhaps he’ll learn something from the backlash from the show. As for me, I would rather befriend the Long family. Ms. Long is a compassionate, kind-hearted, patient woman. She gets my vote!

    At the end of the day, Mr. Fowler might want to contemplate who is truly the better person?

  131. One commenter made a very good point that Fowler may have Asperger’s. We don’t know for sure, but that might explain his horrible treatment of Gayla Long. Then again, it looks like Gayla wasn’t getting exactly fair treatment at home. Her husband did not help her much with housework in the beginning of the show, although that might have changed at the end.

    Fowler fouled up the image of those who want the environment cleaned up, he ruined the image of educated & wealthy people, etc.

  132. This is exactly what keeps coming to America wanting to speak their minds to change our great nation into a tree hugging salad-eating country. Had that been me he would have been hugging my knuckles. I love America that much to put a fist in his 150 IQ mud hole of a head. If people like Fowler don’t like America stop coming here to change it. Stay in your own country and speak your mind. INS needs to send him out of here for his own safety. Do America that favor.

  133. For all the people saying he was acting upon his right to free speech there are limits. EX: In 1985 Joel Feinberg introduced what is known as the “offence principle”, arguing that Mill’s harm principle does not provide sufficient protection against the wrongful behaviours of others. Feinberg argues that the harm principle sets the bar too high and that some forms of expression can be legitimately prohibited by law because they are very offensive. Because the degree to which people may take offense varies, or may be the result of unjustified prejudice, Feinberg suggests that a number of factors need to be taken into account when applying the offense principle, including: the extent, duration and social value of the speech, the ease with which it can be avoided, the motives of the speaker, the number of people offended, the intensity of the offense, and the general interest of the community at large. (wikipedia)
    I would be willing to say that the “number of people offended and the general interest of the community” is VERY high considering he insulted our whole country and way of life. Therefore, he is not protected by free speech.
    According to 4women.gov yelling and name calling are just 2 examples of verbal abuse and is a sure sign that physical abuse will soon follow. Did you hear him telling those kids “Do you not understand plain english?” In Texas that is considered domestic violence. I did not get to see that episode. I did ,however, notice another possible sign of being an abusive individual…the wine. I saw him drinking glasses of wine like a parched man in the desert drinks water and that was just on the clips! Also, I could be wrong, but I saw a glass in his hand when he went into his office and all of those kids were in there and it looked like a glass of scotch b/c it did not have a stem. He bitches at the kids including the ones that don’t belong to him. Then, he leaves the room and he moves an almost empty wine glass around on the dining table. Five seconds after that he goes into the kitchen and gets ANOTHER bottle and wine glass, lifts them both up and says “Cheers!” and walks out. At dinner, when he says they will have the opportunity to pretend that they live in a podunk town, there was ANOTHER bottle of wine on the table. I think I speak for everyone when I say who wants a drunk watching your kids?
    As I stated before I didn’t get to see the episode and I have a question. I, as did many others, took notice of the t-shirts he wore through out the show. He claims that he cares sooooooo much about the environment, but what is he doing to help? The rest of my questions are as follows:
    Where are his solar panels?
    Where is his windpower?
    Where is his rain water harvesting system?
    Where are the low flow shower heads, toilets, and faucets? Appeared to be the same old wasteful bullshit to me.
    Where are the energy efficient windows? From the video they look single paned.
    Where is the sustainably harvested flooring like cork or bamboo? His appears to be plain old wood or possibly laminate.
    What about that big wooden fence around the pathetically small back yard was that sustainably harvested?
    What about the van they drove to the go-kart trak? Is that the Wife Swap Van or their own van? If it is their van they only have 2 kids so why do they need it?

    I’m calling bullshit shennanigans on this fuck-tard! He doesn’t give 2 shits and a fuck about anyone but himself.

    When Mr. Long entered Renee’s personal space and she asked if he was going to hit her I knew she’d probably been hit before and more than likely by her husband. Karma is a cruel, boomerang of a mistress and I think it will be hilariously ironic that THEY will be living right along with us “hillbilly, redneck” commoners when they’re both out of a job and pennyless. Let’s hope for the kids sake that S. FOULer doesn’t pull an Ervin Lupoe. If you don’t know him he’s the guy in Los Angeles, CA that murdered his wife and five kids after he lost his job.

  134. I could not beleive my eyes as I watched this show! I was not aware there where sick people like this in the world! I honestly cannot understand his hate, stupidity, and ignorance, I guess there are some things IQ just cannot make up for.
    This country, and the world would be better with out him.

  135. FOWLER SUCKS!!!!!!! just because the swap was bad doesn’t mean he should file a lawsuit! The point of the show is swaping the wives! (hence the name “Wive Swap”) The producers make money of this type of stuff!

  136. I really feel sorry for his kids. What a terrible environment to grow up in, they may have all the opportunity in the world for higher education but what good is that if you can no longer sympathize with other human beings? Disgusting.

  137. HE IS AN ASSHOLE and does NOT deserve the freedoms that the military fight for and give their lives for. He doesn’t have to bash the military most due it out of respect for our country, which this POMPUS ASS has none of. He likes to run his mouth, belittle people, and talk about his intelligence but he really needs to be made to serve this GREAT country with the military service men and women and see what it is like. MOST are educated and strive to earn degrees while deploying, training, raising families and being separated from families for extended periods of time. If he does NOT like what our country stands for and does NOT respect the history of the country, WHY IS HE HERE??? Get to packing your bags MR. FOWLER (AKA SCUMBAG) and move somewhere that doesn’t have uneducated red necks defending your rights!

  138. Dear Embarrassed Brit,

    You said he was right about everything he said but just made his point poorly.

    You, sir,are just as arrogant, ignorant and as big an a$$hole as Mr. Fowler.

    FYI, 25% of Americans have passports, that amounts to about 80 million people.

    Cold that be why Europe is dependent on the US for tourism?

    Mr Fowler is actually a good example of the kind of classless arrogance of the typical european. I can say this because I’ve been to the UK, France, Germany and Italy. The people there have been manipulated and brainwashed by their lefty masters to believe the most vile and untrue things about America.

    It’s Europeans, sir, who are uneducated and unworldly.

  139. I was trying to figure out how a score on the GRE is equivelent to an IQ score. Mr. Douchbag claims to have taken the GRE (whilst complaining that coollege entrance exams are designed to humiliate) why would someone with “advanced degrees” even take the GRE, as he states he did four years ago. Furthermore he claims to have obtained a score of 99.9999999. Doubtful at best but how does that correlate to an IQ of 158? That would make him the master of all Mensa and a member of the Triple Nine Society. To claim a IQ score off a GRE exam of 158…..AND multiple times on national TV….rates him a total windbag score of 1000……

  140. America has no tolerance for Hitler, Bin Laden nor Stephen Fowler. He should pack up his degrees, money, family and get the hell out of here. His family will endure the consequences of his mouth for years to come, I truley feel sorry for the children and hope the mother does the right thing and gets them away from this lunatic. Which she does not seem much better than him. His words truely reminded me of Hitlers rants from the 30’s before the genocide of the jews began. Mr Fowler is full of hate and arrogance and should forever be shunned from the rights of TRUE AMERICANS and those that take the oath to be TRUE AMERICANS, GOD BLESS THE U.S.A.

  141. Good thing it wasn’t me and my husband sitting at that table or smug Mr. Foul-Mouth would have found himself waking up on the floor the following week with a broken jaw/nose! My husband would never have stood for another man speaking to me the way Foul-Mouth did to Gayle. How sad it was to see those beautiful children being used as pawns to further Foul-er’s insulting tirades. I’m a Midwesterner, I’m overweight, I’m intelligent, I’m college-educated, I juggled a job, a home AND a family all without needing a maid or housekeeper (as did my mother and both my sisters). My husband is ex-Navy, my Dad is ex-Marine and we’re damn proud of it!! The next time Mr. Foul-Mouth puts something in that big mouth of his to chew on, he better thank us “Midwestern podunk rednecks” for growing it, harvesting it, raising it, and slaughtering it not only for him, but for a good deal of the rest of the world! This man would never be able to keep up with the hard work and hours that Midwesterners put in. There’s a reason we are known for our work ethic. Good thing Mr. Foul-Mouth lives in SF…he would never cut the mustard here!

  142. Several people have pointed out some things that I missed in the episode, his drinking, he is drinking in nearly every scene, I would seriously bet that he is an alcoholic, and yes wine is alcohol. 2. Renee asking if Mr Long was going to hit her, this one slipped right by me, she was fearful of that, which means she has been there before, so we have a physically abusive alcoholic, which doesnt even touch the tip of the verbal and mental abuse that this man is dishing out to his wife and children. I strongly think that Childrens Services should look into this family and interview these children. The young boy is basically crying out the few times that he is interviewed, for help. This family is being controlled by one possibly two very abusive parents. Renee even said that she can not tolerate to be around her kids for long, and all of this is in a 40 minute episode, just imagine what goes on 24/7 in this upscale household…

  143. Stevie Wonder wants his kids to be children of the world. Perfect, maybe they can learn that the whole world wants to punish their dad for being an idiot. I hope his kids come home and tell him to shut up…. “everyone at school told me not to listen to you, ’cause you suck”.

  144. I took the GRE years ago, got a Ph.D., have studied at a University in France, have traveled the world…..and I was still horrified to see Stephen Fowler treat his children and Gayla in such an awful manner. His education does not give him the right to be abusive. What I cannot understand is why he agreed to be on the show if he was unwilling to really participate. He was so narrow minded that he failed to learn anything. My prayers go out to his wife and children.

  145. “it IS true that many Americans do not know much of the world outside their borders and that so few have passports”

    Here is this ridiculous statement again! I DO know, but the question is who says that I have the obligation to know? People say that we are centered around our country? Well then stop welcoming our businesses into yours and broadcasting our movies and television shows on your airwaves!

    As for Stephen Fowler, I give him 6 months in this country. He has proven his ignorance, but I don’t think he is stupid enough to stay here.

  146. Everyone’s upset over Mr. Fowler’s display is well placed and an investigation into his home life is warrented. I certainly would hope that no one would hire him to represent this country in any way after such a display.
    I would like to quote one of the artists from the BFC site. “If you can’t stand behind our troups, feel free to stand in front of them”.

  147. Yes Stephen Fowler is an idiot. HOWEVER, he has the VERY SAME attitude as all the same wealthy elitist people who are on Wall Street, who are running Financial Institutions, Lobbying Firms, the Treasury Department, and Congress. They all have the same ‘chosen people’ mentality and a gross inability to relate to people who do not move in their circles. These idiots however have way more influence on you, your pocketbook, your job, your home, than any Stephen Fowler will ever have. WHY are you wasting your time raging at Stephen Fowler when there are the same kind of idiots out there who are running this economy into the ground. PLEASE if you’re going to sit here and trash Stephen Fowler, please spend 10 minutes trashing the banking and Wall Street CEOs on the Wall Street Journal’s or New York Times or Washington Post’s comments section. Contact your state representatives in Washington as well. Wouldn’t you rather see these guys get their comeuppance and finally take some actions to turn this economy around??????

  148. I Think he said exactly what alot of people think. He pissed off alot of dumb people by saying the truth. I personally had the pleasure of comanding a squad of rednecks and sending them into towns to see how many of them would be killed. They too used to wave the flag around and talk about how patriotic they were and yet couldn’t spell the word. Dumb people show their fear with aggression. They need something to be angry about in order to make them do what we order them to do. They cling to government propiganda and that’s why we make it up. To control the masses. Believe it or not, the economic crash is a government plan. It is designed to grow the military so we can protect people like Stephen Fowler. So go ahead and focus your anger on what the media drums up. It keeps you from seeing the big picture and rebelling.

  149. Bocefus, you are truely demented and If You lead a squad in our military then I truely feel sorry for these men. Your attitude and view of things in my mind are way off course, but then again they are MY views and you have the right to yours. Even as cold as your comments were they still are no where close to the spinechilling remarks made by Fowler. Everyone seems to have this misconception of our military and where the men and women come from. They come from Kentucky, backwoods and they come from Los Angeles’ big city, they come from all walks of life, all backgrounds, and for Fowler to stereotype OUR military is just ignorant in my view. Revolutionary, Civil, WW1 WW2, Korea, Vietnam, Desert Storm, Op Freedom, all were fought by a mix of culture, We owe our Freedoms to all these men and women who sacrificed their lives, for our way of living, regardless of our thoughts on Government.

  150. My mother and i watched this episode and received it with horrible shock.I applaud Gayla for her determination and her willpower to make things right when EVERYONE was against her.It is truly pathetic the way such an “intelligent”man would act;to treat someone that cruelly and unfairly.What is even worse is how he brainwashed the kids into ignoring Gayla.I hope he ends up in a Red-Neck town(I am not trying to offend anyone,so please excuse me if i do happen to offend you)Penniless and Homeless.

  151. …i’ve never seen this wife swap episode..never heard that this reality show exists..maybe bcoz i’m from the philippines..but when i opened yahoo it got me curious to see the headline “worst husband ever” i made a few clicks and read the angered thoughts of american(most of them fr san francisco’s) and i thought is this stephen Fowler really exist or just a reincarnation of some elites who never cared about other people..we have a very high respect to americans and for that fowler to tell all those horrible words not just to gayla but to all americans is just so insulting bcoz if that’s what hew thinks about USA what’s more to asia? fowler’s a asshole!

  152. Fowler is a self-absorbed control freak who thoroughly convinced himself that his shit smelled like roses, at least until he burst his own bubble by appearing on reality television? … Moron?

    Had he not done this, he could have continued driving his fossil fuel burning BMW to his save-the-earth job one dollar at a time day job. His wife is quite a work to, she couldn’t even part with her shame of being an American. Can you imagine going through life as an American?

    Honestly, these two are the archetypes of “progressive” San Francisco thinking, a crowd who generally use the mode of misery as a means of social interaction. If you’re not miserable, they’ll bring you down to their level, and once you’re miserable like them, you’ll finally be “smart.”

    These snots usually never get what they deserve, but I think in Fowler’s case, their may be a few surprises on the menu. Certainly, any sane, reasonable person with any remote pangs of morality, should avoid doing business with this Nazi in “green” clothing.

  153. I am going to watch this episode now. i am sure its on that other website that shows videos. *wink wink* First of all this moron apparently isn’t aware that there is a thing called the internet. If anyone wants someone’s number all they need to do is a search, if someone is more persistent they can go to another website and pay 3 bucks to get alot of info on a person. His threats about a lawsuit are just that, threats. No court is going to award this jerk a cent much less hear a ridiculous case such as this. Good luck to you on that one Mr. Fowler. you put yourself out there on public Tv and left yourself open to all you are getting. Deal with it.

  154. You admit to hamming it up. Did you think there would be no backlash? How stupid can a person be. Now you have to suffer with your choices. Go back to your country and stay out of mine if you don’t like it. You are the ignorant one and have just proved it by stating you are going to file a lawsuit against a website that has your address listed. You are obviously very ignorant if you think no one can just look your name up and the town you live in. DUH!!!! what an idiot!!

  155. The episode aired a couple weeks ago and I am still in shock.

    First, I would like to thank everyone on all of the various website comments regarding this episode on Wife Swap. Keep them coming!
    Like many other people, I was called into the family room to watch this episode as it was airing on TV. Being from Iowa and hearing all of the disrespectful comments toward midwestern residents I was irate. Immediately I wanted to get onto ABC.com and blast them for airing the episode, but apparrently so did the rest of the nation because the website was busy.
    Even though I was irate I felt sorry for his kids who never get to play with friends or spend much “family time” with their parents. Education is very important, I completely agree but if you do not know how to interact with different personalities than the real world will not be a happy place for them.
    I felt sorry for the wife because she doesn’t have the self confidence to stand up to her husband and now she (and the kids) are going to feel the emotional pain caused by his ignorance
    I did feel sorry for Steven Fowler only because I will not be surprised when the day comes where we read that a stranger from the midwest walks up to Mr. Fowler and physically abuses him and tells him to go back to England.
    An apology to the people of America, which he complained about continuously, more specifically people from the midwest may help but I think its best for Mr. Fowler to get counseling and stay away from the midwest for a few years because his name alone will trigger reminders of this episode.
    Again, thank you to all for making these websites available to make Steven Fowler’s actions and comments known to the rest of the world.

  156. Just because someone may be more educated, does not mean they are a “better person”. After watching the episode on youtube, it was disgusting to watch Mr. Fowler’s arrogance, rudeness, unpolitefullness. It is more important to be a good person, who is not judgmental, looking down on others, putting them down. To build himself up, he feels and thinks he is better than others. Shame on him!

  157. I think that Fowler should just agree to go into a ring with a couple of what he calls “red-neck” chicks and have them whip his ass in the ring. If the ladies win, then he should publicly apologize on TV after his beat-down.

  158. Tonight I was informed that people were outraged by Stephen Fowler’s behavior on Wife Swap! THANK YOU GOD!!! I have never been so upset watching a show that I had the power to turn away from. However, I couldn’t believe that the episode even made it to TV. It was just that bad and the Network should never have allowed it. Stephen deserves everything he get’s as a result of his terrible behavior and the worst part is that he has kids. He should not only resign from two boards for bad behavior but he should be shipped back to where every the heck he came from. He should not be allowed to breath in America! He is just that aweful! God bless Mrs. Long for surviving this horrible experience with grace, dignity and love for the children of bad parents. Now, tell the Fowler’s to feast on that. It will keep them healthy as they shouldn’t want to eat due to upset stomach.

  159. I now have just added a new word to my vocabulary (Oxford’s or Merriam-Webster’s– HA!). It is: a fowler, to fowlerize, fowlerism, fowlery,… found them at the StephenFowlerSucks.com website.

    Go check them out. I’ve been using these terms left and right to describe such an UNGRATEFUL, POMPOUS ASS WHO BENEFITS FROM THIS GREAT COUNTRY AND YET SHOWS UTTERLY NO RESPECT FOR ITS PEOPLE.

  160. Disgusting, all the years of living with this arrogant, disgusting, rude, sorry excuse for an “American” and human being has rubbed off on his wife, Renee. They both have issues, especially Stephen. Are there any psychologists out there to tell us what disorders he may have? I’m sure his children are rotting away being exposed to this animal. As far as the empty threats in regards to the law suits. Again what an idiot. Last thing he needs is more negative publicity. Can you imagine how many people would show up to that court hearing? And how much more negative publicity that would give? This jerk has a chip on his shoulder and just wont learn. What a BULLY. Now he has some BS apology on his wife’s website, as if we are supposed to buy into his remorse. The only remorse this egotistical fool has is remorse for himself and the negative impact it has caused on his life. Clearly someone who is capable of such venom is unable to have remorse for others. This animal should be caged.

  161. I believe that our country is in the state it is in do to people that are exactly like Stephen Fowler. These people criticize the masses for their uneducated lifestyle and yet in the same breath they limit their ability to an affordable education. In simple terms most Americans have to scrape out a living in order to survive. Also these same affluent educated people also dreams of new gimmicks in order to swindle the masses out of their monies and criticize them when they want a decent living. They give a no win scenario. No PAY for the uneducated and no ability to get an education. As far as patriotism you will not find many educated people that are willing to give their lives for this country,but they demand the undereducated to fight and give their lives. I dont know if it is going to take a revolution in order to straighten these evils out or what but something has to change.

  162. The Corporate America has played the shell game with all Americans and they are just like Stephen Fowler. They have sent millions of jobs overseas and then wonder why there are so many foreclosures. They know why. They blame the Banks. The banks have nothing to do with it. They are only trying to confuse the uneducated masses. The reason for foreclosures is directly linked to the job loss that is directly linked to the export of American jobs which is directly linked to NAFTA which is directly linked to Bill Clinton which is directly linked to CHINA which is directly linked to his million dollar speeches after his leaving office and after signing in NAFTA. These are all linked to the Rich and Affluent and educated taking away the wealth of the underclass for their own evil purposes with no regard for anyone but their self serving self centered mentality just like Stephen Fowler. So YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEHAW

  163. I believe that people that have been in charge of this country are just like this person. They have gave exported jobs to less fortunate countries do to they think the American people have learned to much. Our foreclosure crisis is directly linked to the job loss in this country. This is directly linked to NAFTA and directly linked to China which in turn is directly linked to human rights abuses,which in turn is directly linked to educated people like Bill and Hillary Clinton signing in Nafta all in order to undermine the half way educated AMERiCANS that want a decnt living and to be treated decently. What is uneducated about wanting to survive decently. Nothing. Unless you ask an educated person that only wants to leech off the less fortunate that do not make enough money to send their kids to college because the educated dont want to let them make enough to educate them.

  164. I can’t believe this is generating such a response. I don’t watch reality TV but this episode has made enough news that even I have heard about it. I agree that Fowler is certainly something of an elitist ass who should go back where he came from – we have enough pompous blowhards in this country already – but he was probably told to overplay his ugly tendencies to make good “reality” TV. Really, anyone who is idiotic enough to go on these reality TV shows in the first place pretty much deserves what they get-on both sides. No one ever comes off looking good on them – the point of all of them is to generate controversy. Someday someone is going to really go crazy and hurt someone. Shows like this should be taken off the air. It’s unfortunate that people continue to watch them enough that they are allowed to continue. I understand that it’s a bit like rubbernecking at a car accident – many people just can’t help themselves even if it slows down traffic – but it’s time to get a life and move on. Watch something worthwhile. Better yet, read a book. Even the phone book would have more value than any reality show on TV.

  165. Everything that Stephen Fowler said is the truth. Clearly, truthfulness hurts but just accept it. She was an overweight, uneducated, over opinionated women. Unfortunately, these are the least of the issues with the Longs. This is not about a crash of cultures or stereotyping people. We as Americans should not take the Longs as the typical American family. In fact, if that was the case then our country would have collapsed a long time ago. We would have succumbed to be a poor redneck country. We are the people making this a great a nation. Americans with a passion for culture, entrepreneurship, knowledge, innovations, sports. We are moving our country forward competing against Europeans, Asian countries. Not the Longs, they represent what is wrong with America. I don’t care about their eating habits, but I do care about their lack of vocabulary, no common sense and limited productivity. They have no appetite for knowledge and no thirst for progress. They don’t want to improve their modest ways of living but keep it. They cultivate HATE and ignorance in their children to past it from generation after generation. Am I supposed to be ok with that?. NO. I believe in America. I believe we are better than that. We have our own culture, values, and unbounded vision. We are the greatest nation because we pushed forward the barriers of ignorance. Are we moving backwards now?. I am NOT proud of the media trying to portrait our nation being represented by the Longs and starting a witch hunt against the Fowlers. This is not about them, this is about what is the truth and what needs to be changed in America. I hope we are better than that.

  166. I see a divorce in their future, also thought an AA meeting might help Stephen. This couple must have had, despite their careers, little sense of what appearing on a reality show would do to them..
    I feel for their kids, their lives will never be the same, I see a geographic move soon as the Noe Valley Community seems unhappy to be somewhat misunderstood.

    He is an ass, but Wife Swap did originate out of the UK, so is it our bad taste, Stephen…?
    Go home and eat an organic banger…

  167. I think he and his wife should go back to England.I don’t think they deserve to be in this country. I would like to know what both he and his wife’s IQ is.
    It seems they can’t get a real job. He and his wife are both in need of some psych care. I would not be affilated with any company they have anything to do with.His wife is a lazy bitch. I think he is a worthless asshole.

  168. The British evidently didn’t want this guy and he must have blown Barney Frank or some one else in power to get into this country. He has about as much charm as a terd in a punch bowl. His neighbors in the wife swap episode didn’t even seem to like this self pro claimed enlightened one. If this guy was so brilliant how could he not see what his antics would do to his business, his wife’s business or their home life. This is the kind of guy that Santa Claus would have put dog droppings in his sock instead of coal just to make sure he got the point. I would be willing to donate money for a one way ticket back to England for this misfit. I bet if you went to England and interviewed people that knew him they would say that he was the biggest A-hole they ever met and thank God he went to America. I hope ABC sues him for defamation and trial costs.

  169. I just watched the online show featuring the Fowler family. I have a few comments on this episode.

    1. Clearly, Mr. Fowler is blissfully unaware that his behavior has probably sterotyped other followers of his causes into those of elitist jerks. This could have provided a widespread opportunity to demonstrate his viewpoints and way of life in an approachable light. However; it certainly appears that he has turned ‘outsiders’ to his causes into those mistrustful of those who follow those issues due to his bahavior and inability to see another point of view.
    2. Having struggled with my weight for my lifetime, I can say for certain that I will continue my struggle alone and do my best to get healthy. I would never enter this family’s home to partake of Mrs. Fowler’s services as a matter of principle. If she is able to tolerate her husband’s actions, words and disrespectful behavior then how can I assume that she would not share those same views and is just happy to cash in on others’ shortcomings and then bash them behind closed doors. I hope her business is seen as a sham as a result of her tolerance of this situation.
    3. If Mr. and Mrs. Fowler feel that America is ‘just a place’ you are born and that there is no pride to be taken in the privilege to live here, then I suggest that they drop her daughter off in Taiwan, Middle East or another place where women are treated in hideous manners. I’d bet that her daughter would learn an appreciation for the privilege of ‘just being born’ in America. For such ‘educated’ people, they certainly are narrow-minded in their views and appear to approach opportunity to reach others in a poor manner, to say the very least.
    4. I do see that some of their thinking and ways of life have value, as do some of the values of the ‘swap family’. But in the end, Mr. Fowler, you truly came off as the unsophisticated and ungracious one. As a result, your viewpoints are completely lost on the viewing public-what exacly was your point of participating in this show?

    Shame on you and your family for wasting such an opportunity to give and to learn something. Could it be that all those hours without a glass of wine with the cameras on put you on edge for a good portion of the visit?

    As a reality show would seem to define your dreaded Middle America-then why on earth did you participate? You and your family are welcome to head home or to another country–but be aware that many other countries would not allow you to bash the government or it’s way of life with such tolerance as our country has shown you…sadly for you though is that freedom of speech works in both directions and now you have responses such as this to deal with after your ‘fifteen minutes’ of wasted words and poor behavior is now over.

    Shame on you.

  170. Stephen Fowler, you are an elitist prissy wanker, a snob, and a piece of human filth. What is wrong with you? You don’t deserve to live in San Francisco. Get out of here, you useless piece of trash. Jerk offs like you create a negative stereotype of this city.

    I hope this blaze of negative publicity exposing you for what you are causes you to lose your job. You should also be deported as an undesirable alien, because you don’t deserve to live in this country anymore.

  171. Stephen Fowler and his wife think they’re better than most Americans. He thinks that because he has a good education…he knows better than most people. That because they have this degree or that degree they are wiser than most people.

    They may be educated folk…. but you can’t teach a FOOL how to be wise.

    He’s apologizing now because he can’t stand the heat. His comments came from what was in his heart. He’s an arrogant, selfish, unloving, foolish man. His wife thinks she’s something extra special too….and they’re passing their crappy attitudes on to their children. But I’ll bet that they don’t even see it that way. I hope their children learn to be better people than their father is.

  172. I have always enjoyed wife swap until this episode aired. Stephen Fowler is the rudest, arrogant, closed minded, wannabe snob ever to appear on this show. Your kids will continue to suffer as a direct result of your actions. You may have a college degree but you should have learned to think before you speak.

  173. Well first of all, your a dirt bag for posting his address. So what he is tool but should his family suffer their safety because you did not like his behaviour. I agree he is a pric but you are by far a ruthless slime for putting his family in danger. Don’t you care about children? Obviously not you care more about your hate for this person. Dont use this spineless excuse anyone can get public info. You just made it easier not caring about the consequences for his family. You are voted the bigger ass wipe.

  174. Ok, Linda, Mr. Fowler is the real prick. He’s the one that put his family in danger by offending just about everyone in this beautiful world. You can take him back to the UK with you and have him for tea. Public info is just that- public.