TLC Documents the Police Women of Broward County

TLC Documents the Police Women of Broward County



Some Moms pack lunches. These Moms pack heat. TLC introduces POLICE WOMEN OF BROWARD COUNTY, a new 10-part docudrama showcasing the fast-paced action surrounding a remarkable group of women working at the Broward County, Fla., Sheriff’s Office. From gang busts to car chases to undercover sting operations, TLC’s cameras capture the harsh and harrowing reality of females in law enforcement, with unprecedented access to the agency’s inner workings.

Premiering Thursday, August 6,at 9 PM (ET/PT), POLICE WOMEN OF BROWARDCOUNTYfollows the lives of four women as they juggle the needs of their families with intensely demanding — and often dangerous — jobs. Each hour-long episode is packed with adrenaline, bringing viewers along for the ride as these women risk their lives to keep the streets safe. But danger is only part of the job — off-duty, the POLICE WOMEN OF BROWARD COUNTY are mothers, sisters and wives who maintain homes and raise families. Each day is a delicate balance between their personal lives and a career that comes with real risks.


Andrea Penoyer: A smart, 26-year-old single mother with a spunky attitude and a passion for her job. The only woman assigned to South Florida’s most effective elite street crimes unit, Andrea knows how to use whatever tactical methods are necessary to clean up the streets.

Julie Bower: A 48-year-old detective who raises three kids by day and solves sex crimes and missing person cases by night. Julie loves what she does and will not give up until the case is solved.

Shelunda Cooper: For this 25-year-old rookie, being a cop is all in the family. Her twin sister is on the force, and Shelunda is also newly married to another Broward Sheriff’s Office deputy. She works the graveyard shift, historically the most dangerous, responding to unpredictable calls in a diverse seaside city. Whenever something goes wrong after midnight, Shelunda’s on her way.

Ana Murillo: A tough, straight-talking, 29-year-old who will stand up to anyone except her two-year-old son.Ana and her team patrol the toughest parts of BrowardCounty, conducting surveillance operations and stakeouts, looking for drug deals to go down. In a world dominated by men, Ana is determined to prove she’s every bit as tough as the next guy.


  1. Yea!!!! the show is almost here. I am so proud of u ladies. U all handle ur selves very well and are taking ova. After I bounce back from having this baby I’ll be out there with u. God bless & I look forward 2 the show to be a success.

  2. Congrats to all of the ladies that is a part of the show. I have to give a big heads up to my big sister Shelunda who I admire so much. Sis, God has blessed you and he is going to continue to bless you. I AM SO PROUD of you for all of your accomplishments throughout your life. Thanks for being a great sister and a wonderful best friend to look up too…I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!

    Shanda~ I am so proud of you and all of your accomplishments as well. Thank you for being a great sister and a wonderful best friend. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!

    May God continue to watch over both of you and all the officers that are out there protecting our world across the globe. I really honor and appreciate all of you female or male.

  3. I think it’s great this show will be airing.I am really looking forward to it.

    I am hoping that women (who are not even in LE) will be watching this and decide that it’s time to take saftey into their own hands and decide not to be a victim and go get some training, get their permit to carry and carry everyday.

    We all have to remember that LE (who I respect greatly) are the 2nd responders, we are the first.

  4. I’m psyched about this show. I talk to these ladies all the time on the radio and can only imagine what the action might be like. I hope to join them one day on the ‘road’ if life keeps me in the path of the Broward Sheriff’s Office. From memory, of the female deputies that I specifically remember, they have been extremely professional on the radio and handle calls accordingly. I’m proud of you all and I pray God’s riches blessings over your lives and the lives of your family and friends. It is by God’s grace by which we are able to maintain. Thank you for being great examples to the communities..nay.. the world, both men, women and children alike. On behalf of the Communications Division (CDC1) of the Broward Sheriff’s Office we salute you and give you the respect and adoration which you so richly deserve.

  5. Just wanted to say i am so excited for this show to air… I am so proud of Ana who is like a sister to me…She has come a long way.. It’s very exciting to see the commercials…I admire every single one of these ladies for each of their unique abilities…

    I am counting down the days and can’t stop talking about it…

    TWIN I LOVE YOU SOOOO MUCH,,, I know I speak for all of us when I say it’s amazing to see the things you have accomplished… YOUR A WONDERFUL MOTHER, FRIEND, SISTER and SHERIFF…


  6. I am proud to see women from my agency show how it gets done.. We all know hard it is to prove to the boys that we never hold back…they should show our women working in the jails too…We kick butt there too…

  7. Why is it that there is always that one individual who has to negatively comment on something when they see individuals doing something positive never the less women with their lives. It truly amazes me how one can say the commercial is annoying yet takes the time out to actually come to the website and leave a comment.

    How about you get out of your recliner with your soda in one hand and your bowl of chips in another and actually do what these women do 24 hours a day 7 days a week oh yes and holidays too and then come home and care for your family!!!

    Obviously when you where growing up your parents never taught you the saying “If you don’t have nothing nice to say don’t say nothing at all”.

    Ladies I think your an absolute inspiration to all women with the exception to the one who is obviously probably living off the system and wishes she could get a JOB… Or probably tried and failed the Academy…


  8. I love a woman in uniform,It takes a special woman to do that job.And anna wow she’s hot.Andrea is hot as hell also. But if any of you ladies haten and your not police officers please stop hating!



  11. i am pround of my cousin shelunda. she is doing her job out there. i cant wait till i become a police officer. i love when ladies are police officer lol. i look forward to the show. i love you cuz.


  12. I am anxious to see the episode. I know how hard it is trying to juggle being a female cop and handling the family too. We do it and we do it well. Great job ladies! If you’re passing by a small town of Palatka, stop and say hello. We would be honored to see all of you. Good luck with the show and stay safe. Lynn

  13. Trying to prove that they have testicles.These women will sooner or later come to their senses and realize that the biggest criminals are in Washington D.C.,and that the greatest strength of all is gentleness.People that need guns are cowards,they are scared.So,a gun gives them the courage to deal with their fears.A true man of courage and strength relies on god not on a gun.By the way,God is a man and not a woman!!! God the father(the sex of a father is male and not female).And by the way, some laws are unjust,unfair and ungodly.Unfortunately, many in authority are ungodly(Saddam,Bush,Mussolini just to name a few in history).Power corrupts absolute power corrupts absolutely.

  14. I’m so excited to see this, I never follow shows but I think I will follow this one. I live in broward county and it’ll be interesting to watch this. And as for that comment by samson, that sounds like a bunch of random BS. I don’t think you can apply the idea that these women are trying to prove they have balls to a job like that. its irrelevant cause who needs balls? Try child birth and tell me about internal fierceness and power. Being a cop isn’t about being a ‘man’. Are you saying that even the men don’t use their brains only their physical capabilities? Its about justice and doing what’s right and anyone can do that if that’s their priority. And if a cop needs a gun its because of the disgusting civilians who do ridiculous damage with thiers. If no one had guns, then authority wouldn’t need it. Oh and I am a chrisitan and what’s so funny is that some people forget that the devil runs this world so you can’t expect a paradise at this point in time! and arguing about whether God is a man? Of the more powerful things you can do and say to represent our father with truth, you choose that? choose your battles man.

  15. Heat!!!Right away Heat!!!!does someone have PMS?….If you must blame anyone blame Bush!!!!Do something more positive and jumpstart our economy.Prosecute Bush,Cheney, Rumsfeld just to name and few,and Oh…I almost forgot the biggest criminals (Congress,all of them).These women have been abused by men at some point in their lives and are trying to get even.Pretty pathetic.Usually women cops are insecure.Reminds me of Police Academy Part 1.Please, you can see that the women are always accompanied by big men and back up.That is, when they are not filing their nails that is.And oh,by the way….these womens would be better off doing a lee press on nails, or an aromatherapy commercial.Grow up ladies, hide behind your gun and badge and run when you get shot back at.I always thought women cops are cocksuckers anyway.

  16. To whom it may concern.Chauvinistically pig seems unfortunately right on!!! As if anyone really cares anyways.If they are so tough then send em to Iraq and see if they last one round with those A-rabs.Bush did lie about WMD’s and made billions.Besides, Hey Kim…heroes are completely vulnerable and open to manipulation.Heroes are pawns of the New World Order.Hey Kim….your ancestor(EVE)from the garden of Eden received a curse…remember what god said,you will give birth in pain.After she first ate from the forbidden tree.Hey,Kim Men are stronger.Hey Kim, men have bigger penises.Hey,Kim…Men run faster…Hey KIM…You wish you could look like my wife who is in Victoria’s secret catalogs.Hey Kim…I made 100 Million in profits from selling Extenze penis enhancers that don’t work at all.I always thought that women cops are cocksuckers anyways…Ha haa haaaaaa…Hey kim,why don’t you make like a tree and be gone!!!!!

  17. Just for the record,the comments from “Soldextenzeproductsthatdon’twork”, “Malechauvanistpig”, and “Samson Babayan” all originate from the same IP address. While all opinions are welcome on RRC, posts coming from the same IP address that are supposed to be from different people will always be exposed as what they are.

    Carry on…

    – Faith W., editor of Reality Roll Call

  18. To my uptown girl Ana. I had the honor of working with you in the past and how determined you were then and what you did, now seeing this should motivate and inspire people. That is what you do and who you are. To the other lady officers thank you for all that you do.

  19. Ana your the hottest of all, your husband is nuts to leave out of town, be safe. Just calm down andrea you dont need to beat up old men who arent resisting to prove yourself, tactically your gun should not be that close to the bad guy ever pull it in close like you are hip shooting when you get that close that is if it need be out. Not your fault your range guys dont teach much. You should be training to transition to hip shot as approaching a target you can easily put rounds into the pelvic gurttle from there disabling your opponent. When doing pros deals you guys should lure them into a one exit driveway not half arse block them in with cross fire. I know these are new tactics for you guys at bso. We’ll see if shulanda does anything remotely useful or just fills a car, as i suspect. The older chic seems like the best cop of them all. You really must ask yourself why most of them have f ed up personal lives. Its hard to beleive all these tattooed wanna be bad guys steroid addicts are back on the takedown team n-i-c-e.

  20. How stupid! cops are out of control nationwide since the advent of the taser and now you have this big mouth blonde cop instigating and bullying people that are already compliant. Gerry Larrivee – Salem, Or

  21. I observed one the the female police officers training and she doesn’t possess real punching power and she is not as strong as most trained men who are involved in weight lifting. However, she brags about out running the “bad guy” – so what? Most of the individuals she runs after are not athletes and are street bums; they are in poor physical condition, and she has backup. However, she does have some courage.

  22. I saw the show for the first time today. The female officer who arrested the man for abuse—what a joke. She hates men who hit women. Yet the man was telling her the women hit him. She could care less. She is on a power trip which makes the worst kind of cop. I am a female and I can tell you from experience the women are just a vicious as men when it comes to abuse. The difference is the man always gets arrested and the blame. The cops always believes the woman. Cops who are close minded shouldn’t be cops. Cops who are blantantly prejudice shouldn’t be cops. The female cop on this show shouldn’t be a cop. She’s has a bullying attitude-the worst kind of cop.

  23. I think these women are inspiring, especially Andrea. Anyone who comments negatively, I believe, are just jealous that they do not possess what it takes to be as driven as these women. I hope this show NEVER gets removed from TV!!!

  24. I really enjoyed watching these shows. I didn’t realize that there would only be a certain amounts of shows to be aired. I turned my TV on to the show on last night and the show was gone. I was very dissapointed. I am a senior and I was so excited watching these women and they juggled their careers and family life. I am so very proud of all four of them. I hope that they will continue this show making it a regular.
    Be safe ladies.